Former Le Pen advisor belts out the truth about Islam, and Islamic terrorism

It is really past due that someone says the truth about Islam and the West. Its good that this guy did it, and maybe in the wake of the decapitation of a history teacher for showing a drawing, it will get some traction at last. But this should have been the prevailing description of the reality of Islam since the Barbary Pirates. In fact, since the time of the founder of Islam, the warlord Mohammad.

Jean Messiah was an advisor to Marine Le Pen. Read the whole story over at RAIR Foundation.


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10 Replies to “Former Le Pen advisor belts out the truth about Islam, and Islamic terrorism”

  1. You’re talking about Macron, right?
    If yes, I fully agree.

    A few years ago, they beheaded a priest in a church. No shock waves.
    But this time, it’s a teacher. That affects everyone.
    Add to that the fact the Islamic community openly aided, abetted, and even applauded the killing. Thus, no school teacher feels safe.

    And finally, Islamic nations are now on the offensive, as an Islamic entity.
    Enough tiptoeing around these people. They need us, we don’t need them.

  2. If you and your internet masters are not ready to say that the reason that islam is not treated as the same religion followed by white men would be, then I think we have A ways to go before the death and suffering ends. In G-d I trust.

  3. In UK 2010 a Gary Smith a religious studies teacher (when it was comparative religious studies) was attacked by the dhimmis for islam.

    “…Mr Smith had been head of religious studies at the school for eight years and was “by all accounts an able, enthusiastic and popular teacher”.”

    “Hussein, who had a niece at the school, was heard to say: “He’s mocking us and he’s putting thoughts in people’s minds.

    “How can somebody take a job to teach Islam when he’s not even a Muslim himself?”

    Hussein was also recorded as saying he did not care if he had to go to prison over the attack as he was doing it for the sake of Allah.”

    “Judge John Hand QC said he believed the four remained a danger to the public because of their extreme religious beliefs.”

    Nothing new to see here.

  4. Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Bahia have survived as dhimmis. So have Communists.Can secular humanists? Turkey is probing to find out.

    • Secular humanists can give it a go, why not?

      Afraid I’m all dhimmied out.
      Been there. Done that.

      Throughout the Middle Ages more Jews – numerically – survived in the ummah than in Christendom. They lived better in Baghdad than in Barcelona, Cairo than Gascony.

      Mid-20th century, they did worlds better in Ankara than in Salonica, Tabriz than Paris. Dhimmi beats Untermensch.

      But I wouldn’t settle for either anymore, and I wouldn’t counsel any body else to lie back and enjoy it.

  5. Islam, is nothing more than a Slaves shackle on the stride of Mankind.
    The only thing Islam has ever done was stealing other Cultures Ideas and Inventions to sell them to the world as their own.
    They are Frauds.

    Miss Piggy did send me this some weeks back;

    Allah, Meaning “The Only One to be Worshiped” is the god of Islam.

    YHWH, Meaning I AM THAT I AM” is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Creator of all, the Father of Jesus.Islam teaches that Jesus is NOT the Son of God.
    Biblical Scripture tells us that anyone who denies that Jesus is the Son of God is working in the spirit of anti-Christ.Bible: The Serpent (Satan) is the first creature CURSED by God.

    In Arabic, “Allah” is drawn like a Serpent.In Hebrew, the original language God gave humanity, “alah” means CURSE.

    The name of Lucifer in the Hebrew Bible is Heilel ben Shahar which means “crescent moon & morning star” – the symbols of Islam.
    The Bible says Satan = “terror” | The Qur’an says Allah = “terror”

    • The name of Lucifer in the Hebrew Bible is Heilel ben Shahar which means “crescent moon & morning star” – the symbols of Islam.

      Do you have a link for that?
      (malca – do you know where this is?)

  6. I’ve have finally a 3S downloaded to this stupid tablet. BitChute is processing it now…

    I’ll upload a link when the process is done.

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