Attacks on individualism and the Nation State reach a crescendo: Links 1, October 27, 2020

1. Red Pill Germany: The concept of the nation state, Federalism, is under increasing attack by the internationalist German leaders

2. Turkey has managed to make pretty much all news, state propaganda for Erdogan and the Brotherhood. Geert Wilders tweets out the cover of a Turkish daily which mirrors the post from last night where Turkey released a sort of TV commercial showing people wiping their feet with Wilders and Macron.

3. Erdogan accused of wanting to build a loyal ‘militia’

  • The “nightwatchmen” will now be allowed to carry firearms and have the powers to stop and search people

ISTANBUL: Turkey’s parliament passed a controversial bill on Wednesday giving neighborhood patrols greater powers, with critics accusing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of wanting to build a loyal “militia.”
The new law gives “nightwatchmen,” who walk the streets at night to report burglaries and disturbances, almost the same powers as police.
They will now be allowed to carry firearms and have the powers to stop and search people.
With more than 28,000 members, the nightwatchmen institution — which is attached to the interior ministry and dates back more than 100 years — has grown considerably after an attempted coup in July 2016 against Erdogan.

4. There are actually people voting for this guy to be the commander in chief of the most powerful military the world has ever seen.

5. This is the real Democrat campaign.

6. This is a 90 minute video from the people who released the sex tape of Hunter Biden and some as yet unidentified girl. In this video, the claim is that the mysterious photo that appeared yesterday of Hunter Biden in the Oval Office with Barack Obama, was in fact when he made a deal with Obama for 1B$ with the Chinese Communists to allow the militarization of the China Sea with all those artificial islands come military bases. Treat it as you would any other propaganda. Use your best reasoning and discretion. I have no clue if its true. but I do have a lot of questions about how the Chinese managed to build those islands in international waters. Its pretty boring though. You have to really want to know this stuff.

7. Islam really is the religion of peace. Unless of course you fail to submit to any Islamic precepts or demands. Then they cut your head off.

8. Geert Wilders: “Erdogan has close ties with terrorist orgs”. Well yeah. He is the political head of the Muslim Brotherhood and official Caliph of the new Ottoman Empire.

9. More Geert-Erdogan back and forth

Geert Wilders tweets cartoon of Erdogan and calls him terrorist:


Lots of jingoistic, threatening and all-round disturbing reactions:


Erdogan now wants to sue Wilders:

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an is suing Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders for posting a cartoon of him on Twitter.
The state news agency Anadolu reported on Tuesday that Erdo?an’s lawyer filed a criminal complaint to the Ankara prosecutor’s office for “insulting the president,” a crime under Turkish law.

On Saturday, Wilders shared a cartoon depicting Erdo?an as wearing a bomb-shaped hat featuring the logo of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), along with the headline “terrorist.”
Erdo?an already hit back at Wilders over the cartoon this weekend, saying: “There is this so-called Dutch deputy who speaks ill of us. Unlike him, we don’t condone racism, and fascists have no place in Turkey.”
Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavu?o?lu also condemned the cartoon, saying that “the racist losers of Europe have shown their true colors when faced with reality.”
Wilders — whose far-right Freedom Party (PVV) is the biggest opposition force in the Dutch parliament — in turn called Erdo?an a “loser” on Twitter. “So the man who calls me a fascist and previously called the whole of the Netherlands fascist and a remnant of Nazism is now going to press charges against me? The world upside down,” he added.

The row comes after Erdo?an sparked a fierce backlash from European leaders this weekend when he questioned French President Emmanuel Macron’s mental health over his stance on Islam.
Since Erdo?an took office as president in 2014, thousands of people have been sued and convicted for “insulting the president.” Last month, Turkish news outlet BirGün put the number of people put on trial for “insulting” Erdo?an at more than 29,000.

10. A Chinese city is handing out $1.5 million in digital ‘red envelopes’ to lottery winners to trial a cashless society

Authorities in Shenzhen, southern China, have handed out $1.5 million of a new digital currency as part of a trial of a cashless society.

Last Friday authorities gave 50,000 lottery winners the equivalent of $30 each to spend digitally by October 16, the state-run China Daily reported Monday.

The digital currency is not like a cryptocurrency, and is issued and controlled by China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China.
The PBoC said it plans to formally launch the digital payment system in late 2020, according to the BBC.

Thank you C., M., ML., Xanthippa, Malca, MissPiggy, Hellequin GB., Johnny U., Maplewood, and all who sent in materials for  what this turns out to be quite a significant set of news links.

Bolshevism is to be reckoned with Mohammedanism rather than with Christianity and Buddhism. Christianity and Buddhism are primarily personal religions, with mystical doctrines and a love of contemplation. Mohammedanism and Bolshevism are practical, social, unspiritual, concerned to win the empire of the world.

This post from our site is a few years old but never loses its importance in understanding the strategic relationship between Islam and Leftism since the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood

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  1. 7 – Related

    Major mistake in getting German Citizenship, Scared Swedish Liberals and a Magnificent Trump Quote
    Sanity 4 Sweden – October 23, 2020

  2. 6 – We need more evidence then this video. We have all had our suspicions about why China was allowed to build those islands but the building started before Obama too office but the militarization didn’t start until after he took office.

    • They’re all crooked, hairy, and twisted. The PRC is at least as labyrinthian as the Soviet Union, and we’ve lost too many greedy Americans in secret passages.

      Bannon’s billionaire Chinese friend is almost certainly another crook with a portfolio of ambitions we’ll never fathom. If his some of his interests align with ours, we’re in luck.

      Oligarchs who looted the Soviet Union came West, splashing donations on widows and orphans. None of them were clean. I don’t trust any of them, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth, either.

      Some liked stage-managing countries, like Kolomoisky in Ukraine. Zelenskiy may be a good President, a fine and decent statesman. If so, Kolomoisky would’ve given the country a gift.

    • Jeffrey Sachs Tells Vatican Conference: Trump’s Re-election Would Make US “Absolutely Dangerous”
      Edward Pentin – February 5, 2020

    • Jeffrey Sachs – KeyWiki

      “One Green World Under the UN? CFR Globalists Push UN Global Pact for the Environment”
      William F. Jasper – October 8, 2019


      Dr. Sachs is well known as the protégé and agent of billionaire globalist George Soros, who has generously funded Sachs and boosted him throughout his career. Professor Sachs received a $50 million pledge from the socialist mogul when he launched his Millennium Promise organization and has appeared on-stage with Soros at many UN events. The greening of the Vatican was a major triumph for the Soros-Sachs tag team, as they played a central role in orchestrating Pope Francis’ radical environmental policies, including his encyclical, Laudato Si. George Soros is a longtime member of the CFR and a former director of the organization. His investment company, Soros Fund Management, is a “President’s Circle” corporate sponsor of the Council.

      • The Deep Church
        Archbishop Viganò Addresses the Catholic Identity Conference 2020 (Francis & the New World Order)
        The Remnant Video – October 26, 2020

        • Thank You EB

          When the Pope speaks of building bridges, I quote Sayyid Qutb:

          “The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam, whether they reside in a so-called Islamic country and consider themselves Muslims or they are outside the ‘Islamic’ country, in order that they may come out of the darkness into the light and may rid of their miserable condition, and enjoy those blessings which we have tasted — we who have understood Islam and live in its atmosphere. If not, then we shall say to them what God commanded His messenger—peace be on him— to say: For you your way, for me mine”. (109:6)

  3. Geert has been a hero for a long time now
    Over a decade of standing tall against the scourge
    At Fisk of life and limb
    Sued and beaten to the bone even by his own government
    He continues his valour

  4. 3/ The Rise of Paramilitary Groups in Turkey
    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has extensively consolidated his power through massive purges and a constitutional referendum that granted him sweeping dominance and authority over state institutions since the coup attempt on July 15, 2016. While restructuring formal institutions, Erdogan instigated an irregular and Iranian-like militia structure that helps him control streets, inflict oppression and carry out covert operations against dissident political groups.

    Erdogan’s paramilitary structure has three distinct layers. The first layer includes pseudo-military groups that function formally as security contractors (e.g., SADAT A.S. International Defense Consulting) and informally as secretive armed forces that carry out clandestine operations that formal state institutions legally cannot implement.

    The second layer includes gang and mafia groups and their leaders (e.g., the Ottoman Germania, a Turkish nationalist boxing gang in Germany, and convicted mafia leader Sedat Peker).[i] Erdogan aims to use such criminal groups as a deterrent against his opponents and perceived enemies both within Turkey and among the large number of Turkish descendants living abroad to gain leverage over the host countries.

    The third layer includes youth clubs and hearths (e.g., Ottoman Hearths, a pro-Erdogan youth organization, and the People’s Special Operations Squad, an association founded by a former special-forces soldier)[ii] from which Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) recruits adolescents and young adults with the goal of ensuring their loyalty to Erdogan and his regime.

    To consolidate his power, Erdogan has supported the emergence and growth of these groups and emboldened them to inflict fear among the Turkish people and to oppress political dissidents by granting immunity for the youths’ criminal offenses against Erdogan’s political “enemies.” Erdogan’s strategy to empower pro-government paramilitaries, however, poses grave risks for Turkish democracy and institutions.

  5. It’s all pretty much according to plan. This article explains a lot.

    Erdogan’s Chief Advisor and former General Tanr?verdi presents vision – reflected In Turkey’s policy – of a United Islamic Superpower based on Shari’a comprising 61 countries and with Istanbul as capital

    …draft of a constituion for a planned shari’a-based confederation of 61 Islamic countries. This constituion declares that “sovereignty belongs to shariah,” that Istanbul is to be the capital of the confederation, that the Arabic language would be taught in all of its schools, and that its name will be “Asrica,” which is formed from a combination of Asia and Africa.–-reflected-turkeys
    When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.
    – Elie Wiesel

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