YouTube removed Brad Johnson’s video on the Biden laptop. See deleted video below

Brad did an interview on the McFiles show about the Biden laptop which was somewhat jocular in nature but covered the important aspects of this serious crime by the Democrat presidential candidate and his son. Youtube saw fit to delete the video as a ‘Terms of Service’ violation. Please see that video below:

Below, the video we did with brad yesterday on the same subject.

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4 Replies to “YouTube removed Brad Johnson’s video on the Biden laptop. See deleted video below”

  1. Second video, at 9:40: He means slippage in the Black….. vote for Biden, I hope, and not for Trump.

    Biden’s mental health, for sure, they have him all pumped up on meds. I remember he held one event where his wife, Jill, showed up and he said “Nice seeing you again”. That spoke volumes. Do they even live together? And if yes, do they have meals together?


    What a Wonderland we live in. Maddingly, the cop who got shot in the leg in the Brionna Taylor incident, explains what happened and it’s not even close to what the mainstream media is saying. Just like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and George Floyd and all Professor Gates and all the other recent “police brutality” cases, the problem is with violent people resisting arrest and choosing to fight with the cops, not with police brutality.

    Brianna Taylor’s boyfriend is 100% responsible for what happened and I simply can’t understand how anybody could see it differently. If the cops pound on your door yelling “POLICE!!!” at the top of their lungs, then smash the thing down with a battering ram, do not greet them with gunfire if you don’t want to get shot at. I’ve known that since I was six-years-old. The idiot boyfriend killed Brionna, not the cops. Now watch him get $20,000,000 from the lawsuit…

  3. The two laptops are our best chance of destroying the Deep State and the massive leftist control of our educational system, it won’t be fast and it won’t be easy but the evidence of the crimes of the left will cause many of their supporters to run for cover.

  4. I wish they cross posted to bitchute…. With the app BitSlide you can listen to it in the background and still surf…. I’m listening to Tim Pool while typing this…. #TOOBISM! LMAO!

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