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4 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the Biden Laptop”

  1. I agree with all of it, it would be impossible to fake the laptop, plus the Dems are very careful not to claim that anyone item is fake. They know there is too much evidence that the emails are real, the Bidens are toast and with luck there will be enough evidence to take down the Obama’s and the Clintons. Once the Dems house of cards starts collapsing the entire power structure will collapse. This is why the left is so intent on setting things up for a contested election and massive chaos after the election.

    • We need to give our Prez the Congress he deserves.
      Hopefully Demonrats will sit this one out. I just wish we could’ve done this before early voting started.

      • I agree, this lap top has the potential to destroy the left and get a Congress of people who will work hard to restore the foundations of our society that the left has severally damaged or destroyed. It won’t be easy and it won’t be as quick as either of us would like but it can be done, in fact if we are to exist as a free nation that doesn’t descent back into tribalism it must be done.

        • No where is tribalism more intense than in the govt and media clan. It’s tightly integrated with certain universities.

          The Demonrat urban plantation is another tribe, with its chieftains and rituals. A mostly white, liberal, loser class clings to the fringes.

          Those are just examples.

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