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One Reply to “Two short videos of President Trump of note”

  1. If Biden and Obama aren’t indicted and put on trial the rule of law will be dead in the US, we will officially have a two tiered justice system and this will quickly turn into a multitiered justice system with different rights for different groups. An example of this is the cast system in India that is causing troubles to this day, the gang rape of a young (19 years old) untouchable (Dalit) cast woman has for the moment brought the rape and abuse of the untouchable women to the forefront. The Dalit community is saying that there are 9 Dalit women raped daily in India and most of the time the police don’t do much if any investigation.

    This is where the US is headed if we don’t go after the top people in the Russiagate Treason Scandal. The rest of the Western Nations are having their own problems with the selective enforcement of the laws in effect creating a two tiered justice system.

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