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7 Replies to “Did Joe Biden really say this?”

  1. musta been speaking to a group from Haiti
    many Haitians in my area, but can’t vote because they have TPS (temporary protected status)


    (that website describes a condition of child servitude found in Haiti)

    By the way, I saw a debate clip that has former VP Biden responding to Mr Trump with “Inshallah” in a that indicates sarcasm (“when hell freezes over”). He’s sharp as a tack if he can pull out a foreign word and insert it into an idiomatic usage on the fly.

    • LOL
      You meant the expression, which is not uncommon in the US as a metaphor
      site:washpost.com “coup de grace”

      It’s also the name of a racehorse, at least one film, and an album.

    • ojalá isn’t foreign/exotic (to my ears).
      But he didn’t use the common Hispanic version; his was clearly Arabic-ish.

      Which means he’s likely to have rehearsed for the debate with tardish advisors. They programmed his talking points, his responses were pat. “Lies, liar” and “Inshallah”.

      Not reassuring at all. Nope, uh-uh.

  2. What a terrible shame that Dr. Kary Mullis, the biochemist who discovered the polymerase chain reaction technique, is not alive today. Not only did he not agree with climate change, he also said the CDC agenda is all about the money. Beliefs are not facts. Follow the money- just like politics. He was not a fan of Fauci

    When speaking of scientists, the Academy of Science, he said there were no wise men at the top.
    He received the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1993. He said “Being a Nobel laureate is a licence to be an expert in lots of things as long as you do your homework. When everyone treats you like intellectual Royalty, however, it becomes EASIER TO PASS OFF MERE OPINIONS AS DUE DILIGENCE“.

    The cream does not always rise to the top in politics, science, communications, medicine……….


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