Erdogan claims Jerusalem: Links 1, October 2, 2020

1. Rebel News does a segment on a Quebec Radio station who teh CRTC tried to cancel over their opinions on things political

2. China Uncensored does a worthy piece on how the Covid response policies have been rather good for some people.

3. Tucker tells us what happened at the debate so we don’t have to try and remember that car wreck.

On mail in ballots

4.  So if we have to wear masks to stop the spread of this disease because saliva is such a deadly vector of this thing, then why this?

Woman with skull defect leaks cerebrospinal fluid from her nose after a nasal swab COVID-19 test

TORONTO — A woman with an undiagnosed skull defect started leaking cerebral fluid out of her nose after she received a COVID-19 test administered with a nasal swab, according to a new case report.

The report, published Thursday in the journal JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, described a singularly unusual situation, where the nasal swab disturbed a mass in the woman’s nasal cavity containing cerebrospinal fluid and brain tissue.

For the patient, a woman in her 40s, it started with a COVID-19 test ahead of an elective hernia surgery. The test was done using a nasal swab that reached deep into the nasal cavity, a common form of testing for COVID-19.

(Why can’t they just test your spit instead of a 15 CM stick into your brain?)

5. AG of Kentucky understands the difference between truth and narrative

6. Erdogan claims Jerusalem

(It would appear the sides for what could be a broader war are being expressed)

7. Pot-Kettle-Black

Thank you C., Wrath of Khan, Richard and MANY more. We all know by know that President Trump has tested positive for Covid, whatever that means at this point. Will see if there is anything meaningful out there on that and post it. Meanwhile, the NYT explains to us why that particular test is, well Bullsh*t.


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5 Replies to “Erdogan claims Jerusalem: Links 1, October 2, 2020”

  1. If the Dems/LIbs/Radical Left are their usual self they will celebrate Trump testing positive, their glee will translate into a large number of vote for Trump.

  2. 6 – Yes the sides are forming for a bigger war in the Mideast, given the number of military aged Islamic men in Europe any war in the Mideast is highly likely to spread into Europe.

    If/When it does spread into Europe Putin will get his wish and NATO will fall apart as the various European Governments decided if they are going to fight the Islamic Invaders in their nation or fight on Turkey’s side.

    There are a lot of people who are saying that there will not be a major shooting war in the Far East or in Europe. They are saying that the modern weapons are too sophisticated, deadly and powerful for major wars to occur. They are not taking human nature into consideration or the desire of some people to have the ability (and to exercise that ability) to force people to live the way the bully wants them to live.

    • ARABS don’t want the filthy Turk, loathe the neo-Ottoman posturing. This isn’t a Mideast thing, for a change.

      He’s got more support in Euro-Turk-ville than anywhere else. The MB has a Southeast Asian fan base. Turk and Paki are developing brotherly feelings.

  3. The Republicans should put out an ad’ asking why Joe Biden gave the eulogy at the Grand Cyclops of the KKK funeral.

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