Dhimmitude and the expanding war in central Europe: Links 2, October 2, 2020

1. Bill Warner feels that now that Biden has used the phrase, “Inshe’allah” it is time for the following video: (85 seconds)

2. Geopolitical alliances changing in East Asia

3. Swiss arrest 4 suspected of ties to Islamic State, al-Qaida

BERLIN — Authorities in Switzerland say they have arrested four people on suspicion of having ties to the Islamic State group and al-Qaida.

The federal prosecutor’s office said police searched three houses in the western canton (state) of Fribourg early Friday as part of two criminal investigations into alleged extremist activity.

The suspects are alleged to have violated Swiss law banning involvement with al-Qaida, IS and related organizations.

Prosecutors said the four people detained are also suspected of having “supported or participated in a criminal organization.”

They identified the four suspects only as a 28-year-old Kosovar woman, a 29-year-old Macedonian, a 26-year-old Kosovar man and a 34-year-old Swiss-Kosovar dual national.

4. HUNDREDS killed and dozens wounded in Azerbaijan-Armenia war

5. Armenia hints that Pakistani fighters are on the ground on the Islamic side of the conflict

6. French leader Macron, actually refers to “Jihadist fighters” in the Armenian war, accuses Turkey “of sending in jihadist fighters”. France has also taken sides with Armenia

7. It is critical to understand that while President and first lady Trump tested positive, they are not sick.

8. Sensitivity training is rebranded communist brainwashing:

9. California attempts negation of 2A

10.  Wonderful to hear people who actually get the reality of BLM tactics. “As you can see, Black conservatism is the new punk rock”.

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BLM has roots in African witchcraft


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14 Replies to “Dhimmitude and the expanding war in central Europe: Links 2, October 2, 2020”

  1. 1 – At times nations move slower the Glaciers when they are making up their minds to stand up to the regional bully. I remember how the Smaller nations in the Far East stalled and hesitated to ally with each other towards the end of the Obama administration. (You know when everyone was predicting that Hillary would win.). The main reason given for the reluctance was that Japan was taking the lead in trying to organize the alliance and most of the nations remembered suffering under Japanese occupation in WWII. Now that the pollsters are predicting a Biden win India is taking the lead in building an alliance to stand up to China. India is talking to the Island Nations and Japan is working on Nam by offering them Naval ships and the potential of the Japanese Navy patrolling the disputed waters near Nam to back the (much smaller) Vietnamese Navy and help protect their fishing fleet.

    It is interesting the way the TFI headlines talked about the Quad but doesn’t mention the US or Australia in the body of the story. Is this an effort to placate the people who are still obsessing on the Colonial period and don’t want anything to do with any Nation that has a population of European descent?

    • This is deja vu all over again. The Japanese used the same anti-white “pan-Asianism” argument back in the ’30s and they, well…sort of have a point now just as they did then, don’t they? But that was a long time ago and the “colonialists” really have no desire to colonize anybody’s country anymore and are very sorry about the past and China is now the one you’ve got to watch, not the West. We really have no intention of colonizing China or anything like that…

  2. 6 – The video in the hot link is interesting in how it talks about the friendship and alliance between France and Russia to oppose Turkey and how NATO has two members about to go to war with each other. It then talks about how NATO has served its purpose and really has no real reason to continue.

    The video was created and uploaded to You Tube by “The Frustrated Indian” who (in my opinion) is a propaganda organ for the Indian Government. Was the part of the video about NATO done at Putin’s request? Russia is a friend of both India and China so India would be eager to do something for Putin that would (hopefully) bring him further into the Indian side of the Ladakh issue. I don’t think Modi has any expectations of pulling Russia into the mess as an open ally of India but he does want to keep Russia setting on the sidelines instead of helping China.

  3. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/rick-moranis-attacked-sucker-punched-new-york-city

    This might not be international news but it sort of should be. I can’t think of any better way of getting non-African people to flee New York in droves than the image of that big muscular black guy smashing the little, aging Jewish-looking Rick Moranis for no other reason than sheer racial hatred. After what we’ve seen on video over the last months prove beyond a doubt that there are literally thousands of blacks in New York who hate white people with a vengeance and think the race war has begun, ready or not, here I come…

    What’s the fun of going out for a Coke and a slice and running into a gang of “teens” and ending up in the ICU with permanent brain damage, which is what they always try to achieve when the beat you up. NY is going to look like Detroit very soon as the no-go zones proliferate. It can’t go any other way. It’s just not safe. That subway goes everywhere and you could be defenseless outflanked dead meat at any time. And if you try to fight back they call you a “far right white supremacist”. It’s hopeless…

      • “Mamma, Pappa, we’re selling the store and moving to Tennessee no matter what. We know how to run a business; we’ll be OK. I can’t let you or my wife or anybody else work in the store now knowing you could be killed at any moment. We’ve got to move… We have no choice… Great Grandpa Luigi is crying in his grave…”.

        • Everyone that can is selling out and moving, it won’t be long before there aren’t anymore buyers and the owners will start closing the stores and moving. Better a monetary loss then losing your life, once this starts (it probably already has) the downward spiral won’t stop until it hits bottom. The people in Detroit can tell you about that death spiral and how it takes years to start reviving the city. Once the revival starts it will take many more years to create something like a vibrant city.

          • Well, yeah. I guess twenty years from now brave “settlers” might venture into a section of Manhattan, set up military perimeters, and pick up properties for two bits a square foot. I think this is what they mean by “creative destruction”…

            • Hibtz ut-Tharir is celebrating the job cuts, COVID, profiteering, racism, the corruption, hardship, confusion, crumbling, recession, mismanagement of the Capitalists.

              They will liberate the world with the Return of the Islamic World Order!

              • That is exactly what Allah commands his Believers to do in the Holy Quran. The plan is to stress the population out until they can’t take it anymore then offer them “the religion of peace” if they agree to convert. Eventually, they always do. Yes, this would make Allah very happy indeed…

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