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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. If you want to know what real systemic Racism looks like……….

    White University graduates will remain unemployed in South Africa courtesy of BEE

    South Africa is forecast to set an unwelcome world record this week when its statistics agency is predicted to report unemployment rose to a record 34.9% in the second quarter, which would be the highest of 83 countries tracked by Bloomberg.

  2. A Florida woman says she was forced to forfeit her lotto prize after the US Postal Service lost her winning ticket in the mail.

    Sue Burgess, of Hernando County, said she was thrilled to discover earlier this summer that she snagged $1,000 in the state’s Second Chance Lottery game, news station WFLA.

    “I was elated. It was like winning a million dollars to me,” Burgess told the outlet.

    But at the time, she couldn’t claim her winnings at any of the local lottery offices since they were closed due to the pandemic.

    • Wanna bet that tech won’t be used to design and build a new more cost effective Space Shuttle, preferably one that takes off and lands like a plane and doesn’t need external rockets for the lift off? With the coming wars around the world we can’t let any potential enemy control the top of the Gravity Well.

  3. And that’s the Way to the End of Freedom and into Slavery.

    Merkel and Governor’s Plan to Restrict Private and Public Life Even Further in Germany

    Hey guys, there will be new restrictions for family gatherings and events in Germany.
    In many places like restaurants and shops you will have to show picture ID and give out your private information if you want to shop or eat there.
    All that is explained with a made up number of 19k daily infections, according to Angela Merkel, our greatest physicist.

  4. Live Updates: Azerbaijan Says Destroyed Armenian Military Convoys in Nagorno-Karabakh (sputniknews, Oct 1, 2020)

    Two French Reporters Are Allegedly in Grave Condition After Coming Under Attack in Nagorno-Karabakh (sputnikenws, Oct 1, 2020)

    “Two journalists with the French Le Monde newspaper have been injured in an Azerbaijani attack while covering the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh in the town of Martuni, Armenian governmental account Armenian Unified Infocenter said in a tweet Thursday. The wounded journalists have been taken to hospital, the account added, without specifying the severity of their injuries. Reuters, meanwhile, cited an anonymous source as saying that the journalists, born in 1989 and 1991, were in grave condition.

    According to Armenian Unified Infocenter, journalists from other media outlets were also injured in the Azerbaijani attack. Soon after the report, the broadcaster Armenia said their cameraman Aram Grigoryan was wounded in the clashes.

    In the meantime, Russia’s TV Rain Editor-in-Chief Tikhon Dzyadko wrote on Telegram that the broadcaster’s correspondent, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Dmitry Yelovsky, came under attack amid the clashes in and was taken to a bomb shelter…”

  5. Two Iranian-Flagged Tankers Reportedly Arrive in Venezuela as Maduro Vows to Improve Gasoline Output (sputniknews, Oct 1, 2020)

    “In May, five Iranian tankers delivered more than a million barrels of oil to Venezuela, hit by a serious fuel shortage caused by US sanctions.

    The second of three Iranian-flagged tankers has arrived in fuel-starved Venezuela, Russ Dallen, head of the Miami-based investment firm Caracas Capital Markets, who tracks Venezuela shipments, was cited by the AP news agency as saying.

    The tanker Forest with 275,000 barrels of gasoline on board and the Fortune entered Venezuelan waters on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, with the third ship, Faxon, expected to reach the South American country before the end of this week.

    There was no word on how much gasoline the Fortune and the Faxon were carrying, but Dallen said that the flotilla would deliver a total of 815,000 barrels of fuel to Venezuela.

    The developments come as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday pledged to improve the situation with gasoline output and distribution in his country, in line with a new plan that he said would be made public in the coming days.

    “The gasoline we have purchased from abroad for October is arriving, and we are making purchases for later months. Venezuela needs to produce all it consumes”, Maduro said in a state television broadcast.

    The remarks followed Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi indicating in June Tehran’s willingness to go ahead with its oil shipments to Venezuela if “Caracas demands more [such] supplies from Iran”, which Mousavi added is practicing “its free trade rights with Venezuela”.

    Mousavi spoke after five Iranian tankers, the Clavel, the Faxon, the Fortune, the Forest, and the Petunia, delivered more than a million barrels of oil to the US sanctions-hit South American nation in late May…”

  6. Birmingham bloodbath: Two men found shot dead in a car – murder investigation launched (express, Oct 1, 2020)

    “A DOUBLE murder investigation has been launched after two men were found shot dead in a car in Dudley.

    West Midlands Police were called to Moor Street, Brierley Hill, in the Black Country, just before 3.30pm on Wednesday. However, the two victims are believed to have died just after 1pm. No arrests have yet been made.

    The police said in a statement: “We’ve launched a double murder investigation after two men were found shot dead in a car on a Black Country industrial estate.

    “The men were discovered critically injured inside a vehicle parked outside units off Moor Street in Brierley Hill, Dudley, just before 3.30pm yesterday (September 30).

    “However, it’s understood the victims – who have yet to be formally identified – were killed at the site shortly after 1pm.

    “Both men were pronounced dead at the scene; a post mortem examination will take place in due course.

    “We sealed off the industrial estate, put cordons in place to preserve the scene and enquiries are already well underway.

    “We’re appealing for anyone who was in the area at the time who saw or heard anything suspicious to get in touch.”

    Anyone with information is asked to contact West Midlands Police on the Live Chat at their website or call 101 quoting log 3204 from September 30.

    Forensics teams were at the scene until 3am this morning.

    The vehicle is said to be a black Range Rover Vogue.

    It will remain at the scene while police carry out further forensic investigations today.

    The two victims have not yet been identified.

    The shooting comes after two other separate incidents took place this week in the Black Country.

    A man was seriously injured after being shot in the neck and arm in Cradley Heath on Tuesday.

    A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service said: “We were called at 10.30pm to Upper High Street, Cradley Heath.

    “An ambulance, two paramedic officers, a MERIT trauma doctor and critical care paramedic were sent to scene and found a man in a car with serious injuries.

    “The man was given trauma care on scene before being taken on blue lights to hospital for further emergency care.”

    Bullets were also fired towards City of Wolverhampton College on Monday.

    However, there were no injuries.

    These shootings are not being linked.”

  7. UN Insists Record Boat Migrant Numbers ‘Not a Threat’ to Britain (breitbart, Oct 1, 2020)

    “Record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel are “not a threat” to Britain, and could even be a boon for taxpayers, the United Nations (UN) has claimed.

    Speaking to the Commons Home Affairs Committee on Wednesday, representatives from the international body argued that Britain should open new channels that would allow many more low and no-skilled third world migrants to enter the country legally in order to deter individuals from paying people traffickers.

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) representative in the UK, Rossella Pagliuchi-Lor, told MPs that the thousands of people who have broken into Britain in recent months were not a problem.

    Instead, she insisted that the only “dangers” of the situation were risks to the lives of migrants travelling across the Channel in dinghies, along with “a different sort of risk”, which she said was critical media reporting of the phenomenon.

    Taking aim at “the sort of narrative that we’re seeing in the media and elsewhere that suggests these arrivals by boat present… a danger, a threat to the UK, when in fact [illegal immigrants are taking] simply a different route,” the UN official insisted that third world migrants are “not a threat”.

    “The people that you will find on the boats are pretty much the same you would have found otherwise on the back of a lorry. There is no real difference — the main risk is to themselves with regards to the danger of the crossing itself”.

    She also dismissed the idea that boats could be turned back to France, stressing that attempts to do this could put migrants’ lives at risk in the water and therefore should not be an option for Britain.

    The UN’s evidence to the select committee came as the total number of migrants officially recorded as having made it to British shores by boat this year had reached close to 7,000 — more than triple the figure recorded in 2019.

    Pagliuchi-Lor and Vincent Cochetel, the UNHCR’s special envoy for illegal immigration to Europe via the Mediterranean route, said Britain was a popular destination for migrants due to its reputation as a “champion in terms of multiculturalism”, and called for the government to create “safe, legal routes” for migration.

    Currently, family reunification rules in the UK are “quite restrictive”, Pagliuchi-Lor complained, explaining that the government limits claims to members of the nuclear family, such as parents and children.

    The UN “has been advocating for a somewhat broader definition of family”, she said, before alleging that a huge expansion of chain migration would “not be a massive burden” on Britain and its welfare system and public services.

    Other ways Britain could reduce the number of people migrating illegally would be to open up legal pathways for unqualified, low-wage labourers from the third world to resettle in Britain, as well as with an expansion in “study visas”, the UNHCR representative said.

    However, she warned that politicians should “be realistic” and realise that massively expanding legal migration from the world’s poorest countries would not prevent illegal entry entirely, asserting that immigration to first world countries is set to soar.

    “The notion that any individual country can seal itself off” from mass, third world migration is “impractical and unrealistic”, she said.

    In response to a question on whether it would be more cost-effective for Britain to help refugees in conflict areas rather than resettle them here, Pagliuchi-Lor claimed she had “seen a study” which showed that migrants contributed more to the UK treasury than they cost in services.

    In fact, EU-sponsored, pro-immigration researchers from University College London found that migration from outside Europe cost British taxpayers £118 billion between 1995 and 2011.

    Studies from across Europe have come to similar conclusions, finding that third world migrants and their descendants are significantly more likely to be unemployed or in low-paid work than indigenous populations.

    The UN’s call for Britain to expand opportunities for chain migration comes days after NGOs, along with a cadre of more than 70 so-called celebrities, made similar demands for the government to greatly boost immigration from the world’s poorest countries through family reunification.”

  8. French Butcher Attacked With Tear Gas By Children For Selling Pork (breitbart, Oct 1, 2020)

    “Children as young as twelve years old attacked a butcher in the French city of Lyon, allegedly over the shop selling pork products.

    The attacks took place on September 19th at the butcher shop located in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon with the first incident at around 4 pm just seeing the children hurl insults at the employees. “They were blaming us for selling pork,” one of the butchers said.

    Around fifteen minutes several of the workers at the shop went outside and told the children to go elsewhere, the three returned to the shop with a tear gas canister and emptied it in the shop with customers inside, local newspaper Le Progrès reports.

    Police arrived on the scene and chased off the six children but they arrived back on the scene once again shortly after 6 pm with another three young people. According to one employee, a member of the group took out a fake gun to threaten the shop.

    “They were taunting us from the square. One pointed at us with a fake gun, two threatened us with obscene gestures and the others laughed,” the employee said.

    Police later arrested one member of the group who was quickly identified as being just twelve years old, and was released due to their young age.

    France has seen a surge in crimes committed by underage offenders, especially unaccompanied minor migrants. Just weeks ago police in Montpellier arrested a 13-year-old Bosnian migrant girl for pickpocketing at the city’s train station. Following her arrest, it was also found she was eight and a half months pregnant.

    Last year, three underage migrants from Algeria were arrested for the brutal torture and murder of a 28-year-old from Lyon, which was also live-streamed on social media. The three Algerians were caught after having fled to neighbouring Spain.”

  9. India says Pakistani shelling kills 3 soldiers in Kashmir (abcnews, Oct 1, 2020)

    “At least three Indian soldiers were killed and five others wounded by Pakistani shelling along the highly militarized frontier dividing Kashmir between the two nuclear-armed rivals, the Indian army said Thursday.

    Indian army spokesman Col. Rajesh Kalia said two soldiers died and four were wounded on Thursday when Pakistani soldiers fired mortar rounds and other weapons in the northwestern Nowgam sector along the Line of Control in Kupwara district.

    Kalia called the incident “an unprovoked violation” of a 2003 cease-fire accord and said Indian troops gave a “befitting response.”

    Separately, one soldier was killed and another wounded in Pakistani shelling and firing in southern Poonch district along the frontier on Wednesday night, said Lt. Col. Devender Anand, another Indian military spokesman.

    Pakistan did not directly comment on the deaths. In the past, each side has accused the other of starting border skirmishes in the disputed Himalayan region, which both claim in its entirety…”

  10. Clash among migrants in Bosnia kills 2, injures 18 (abcnews, Oct 1, 2020)

    “Two people were killed and 18 others were hurt in a clash among migrants in the northwestern part of the country, Bosnian police said Thursday.

    The violence took place late Wednesday in the northwestern town of Bihac, police said. A police patrol came to the scene following a call from a Bihac resident. The injured migrants, including 10 seriously, have been transferred to a local hospital.

    It wasn’t immediately clear what sparked the clashes, but the migrants’ long journeys and uncertain future often lead to tensions among them.

    Migrants have flooded into the northwestern Bosnian town because it’s located near the border with European Union member nation Croatia.

    Thousands of people who fled poverty or violence in their home countries have been stuck in Bosnia and other Balkan countries as they try to reach Western Europe. Many migrants have been sleeping rough or in makeshift camps.

    Aid workers have voiced fears over conditions that migrants face as cold weather approaches with the end of summer.”

  11. Macron: France Has Info Militants Sent From Syria to Fight in Karabakh Conflict (sputniknews, Oct 1, 2020)

    “French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday that a group of Syrian militants has been deployed in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

    “Today, we have information, with certainty, that indicates that militants from jihadist groups have left the field of combat in Syria … to re-join the field of combat in Karabakh”, he said, promising to discuss the issue during an EU summit.
    In the meantime, Moscow has also addressed the escalation, stating that reports of mass recruitment of militants in northern Syria to be transferred to Karabakh raise major concerns about the situation in the region.

    The reports come just a day after President Macron warned against the clashes escalating in the region, slamming Ankara for its “warlike” statements, as Turkey promised to support in Azerbaijan both “in negotiations and in combat”…”

  12. Unicef ??denounces the stigmatization of unaccompanied foreign minors in France

    The fate and care of these minors have been the subject of heated debate since the chopper attack perpetrated in front of the ex-locals of “Charlie Hebdo”.

    The UN agency for children, Unicef, denounced Thursday, October 1 the stigmatization of unaccompanied foreign minors in France, whose fate and care have been the subject of heated debate since the chopper attack perpetrated last Friday in front of the ex-locals of Charlie Hebdo. “Problematic situations or cases that have become in the media must not be used to generalize the subject and stigmatize unaccompanied minors”, she denounces.

    The person suspected of being behind the attack, a 25-year-old Pakistani national, indicted and imprisoned for “attempted assassinations in connection with a terrorist enterprise”, was initially known under an identity giving her 18 years and had just come out of a support of nearly three years by the Social assistance to the children as “unaccompanied minor”.

    After the attack, many voices on the right and on the far right called for a turn of the screw on access to this very protective status, like the president of the National Rally Marine Le Pen, who called for what these young people are “repatriated to their country of origin”.

    “We are particularly worried about the rise of such talk about particularly vulnerable and vulnerable children. We must react responsibly to ensure the protection to which they are entitled.”, says Sébastien Lyon, general manager of Unicef ??in France.

    Unaccompanied minors are first and foremost children who have the right to protection, whatever their origin.Unicef

    According to an estimate from the Assembly of French Departments, around 40,000 unaccompanied foreign minors are currently supported under Social Assistance for Children (ASE). For the year 2019, more than 16,000 minors were entrusted to the ASE by court decision.

  13. The Jesuit Connection: Vatican/Chinese Betrayal

    Carlo Maria Viganò, writes : Seeking to find any coherence of the recent action of the Society of Jesus with the original intentions of Saint Ignatius of Loyola is an arduous if not impossible task, to the point that in hindsight one considers the reconstitution of the Order in 1814 after its suppression by Clement XIV in 1773 to have been ill-advised. It is not surprising that, in the process of dissolution and self-demolition to which the entire ecclesial body is subjected, the contribution of the Jesuits has been – and still remains – decisive.

    It is no coincidence that since 2013 even the highest throne has been occupied by a Jesuit, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, even though this is in violation of the Ignatian Rule that forbids members of the Society of Jesus to take up positions in the hierarchy.

    In the international geopolitical context, the role of Italy may appear in some ways marginal but, in reality, Italy is a testing-ground for the experiments of social engineering that the globalist agenda intends to extend to all governments over the span of the next ten years, both in the economic and political sphere as well as the religious one.

    It is therefore understandable why La Civiltà Cattolica and its omnipresent director, Fr. Antonio Spadaro, S.J., have exhausted themselves in endorsements, both of the Italian and globalist Left, including the Democratic Party in America and the Communist Party in China.

    On the other hand, the ideological closeness of the Society of Jesus to left-wing revolutionary movements dates back to 1968, for which Vatican II laid the ideological foundations, and which found their greatest expression in Liberation Theology, after having removed the condemnation of communism from the preparatory documents of the Council. It is significant that many of the protagonists of that unfortunate development in Latin America, after the moderate sanctions imposed against it by the Holy See in recent decades, have been rehabilitated and promoted by an Argentine Jesuit.

    Seeing Prodi and Gentiloni [two former Italian Prime Ministers] together with Father Spadaro for the presentation of the essay “Nell’anima della Cina” [In the Soul of China] [here] should not surprise anyone: they are the expression of that deplorable “adult Catholicism” that ignores the necessary consistency of Catholics in politics desired by John Paul II and Benedict XVI, but that holds together the heterogeneous bestiary of progressivism in the name of Malthusian environmentalism, the indiscriminate welcome of immigrants, gender theory, and the religious indifferentism sanctioned by the Abu Dhabi Declaration.

    The Assisi Conference – Economy of Francesco – and the coming Encyclical Fratelli Tutti confirm the anthropocentric imprint and the green shift of the Bergoglian church which, instead of the courageous and “politically incorrect” proclamation of the Gospel to all the nations, has preferred the easiest environmentalist and immigrationist claims of the globalist agenda, which threaten to undermine Western civilization.

    And President Trump has understood this all too well.

    Prodi and Gentiloni in Italy – and we would also add Premier Conte, given his roots and his education – have their counterparts on the American side in so-called “Catholic” personalities such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Andrew Cuomo, all of whom proudly support abortion and gender indoctrination, and all of whom are proudly in favor of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements that are setting entire American cities on fire.

    An equitable and honest analysis of the international sponsors of these parties, these “spontaneous” movements and “Catholic” progressivism reveals a disturbing common thread running through all of these so-called philanthropists who manipulate the political and economic fortunes of the planet with enormous outside funding.

    In recent days it has been reported that the Jesuits in America have received grants of nearly two million dollars (over four years) from George Soros, and it seems that the same agreement between the Holy See and the Chinese Communist regime has been financed by large annual donations from Beijing to the largely depleted Vatican coffers. The fact that the Church fell prostrate before the COVID lockdowns, suspending liturgical celebrations and closing churches all over the world, has led to considerable collateral economic damage, for which Chinese donations and the lucrative business of welcoming immigrants represent an obvious compensation.

    The United States is witnessing the highest levels of cultural influence of the American Catholic Church, shamelessly siding in favor of the Democratic candidate and, more generally, in favor of the entire apparatus that has been consolidating in recent decades within the public administration. The Deep State, Trump’s sworn enemy, is joined by a Deep Church that spares no criticisms against the incumbent President while winking indecorously with Biden and BLM, slavishly following the narration imposed by the mainstream.

    It matters little that Trump is openly pro-life and defends the non-negotiable principles that the Democrats have renounced – the important thing is to transform the Catholic Church into the spiritual arm of the New World Order, so as to have an imprimatur from the highest moral authority in earth, something that was impossible under Benedict XVI.

    Secretary of State Pompeo did well to censure the renewal of the secret agreement signed by Bergoglio and Xi Jinping! His lucid denunciation brings to light the aberrant Vatican attitude, the betrayal of the mission of the Church, the abandonment of the Chinese Catholic community out of sinister political calculation and the way it is in accord with aligned thought. Nor is the reaction of the Jesuits and Catholic progressivism surprising, beginning with Avvenire [the daily newspaper of the Italian Episcopal Conference]. If Bergoglio can affirm with impunity that “Trump is not Christian”, evoking the ghosts of Nazism and populism, why would the U.S. Secretary of State not have the right to express his opinion – with the legitimate objective of international security – about the connivance of the Holy See with the communist dictatorship that is more ferocious but also more powerful and influential than ever?

    Why does the Vatican, which is silent in the face of the Democratic party’s support for abortion and the violation of the most basic human rights in China, consider the Trump Administration to have no right to interfere in an agreement that has obvious repercussions in the international political balance?

    It is just as astonishing to see that the parrhesia in political confrontation that is called for in words is contradicted in fact by those who would see their wicked plans brought to light. And it is unclear why an agreement presented as absolutely transparent has been kept secret and cannot be read even by the well-deserving Chinese Cardinal, Joseph Zen.

    On the other hand, if we consider that then-Cardinal McCarrick, who was sent by Bergoglio on his behalf (see here), was among the people who dealt with the drafting of the Agreement between the Holy See and the Chinese Communist Party, we will also understand the reason that the acts of the canonical process that led to the powerful prelate being reduced to the lay state remain shrouded in secrecy. In both cases, an operation of transparency and truth is urgent and necessary, because the honor and moral authority of the Catholic Church in the sight of the whole world is at stake.

    + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop 22 September 2020

  14. Dr. Fauci Says This New COVID Statistic Is “Disturbing”


    Medical experts widely agree that a coronavirus vaccine will be the greatest leap towards finally bringing the pandemic to an end. Unfortunately, weeks of confusing information on who has developed a vaccine, how it will be tested, and how quickly it should be distributed have created a dip in public confidence in the process—with many claiming they will hold off on getting inoculated.

    A Sept. 17 poll from the Pew Research Center found that 77 percent of Americans believe a vaccine would be approved before its safety and effectiveness could be proven and 78 percent believe the process is moving too quickly. As a result, the survey found that only 21 percent of American adults definitely plan to get the vaccine, a considerable drop from May when 42 percent said they would take the opportunity to get vaccinated. That dip is so drastic, in fact, Anthony Fauci, MD, recently said he finds it “disturbing.”

    During an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival on Sept. 29, Fauci blamed the “mixed messages that have come out of Washington” for citizens’ recent loss of faith in the vaccine, according to The Texas Tribune. Fauci added that messaging had to be considered and that the government had to “regain the confidence … that this is being done to protect them as individuals and to protect our society.”

    The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director also took it upon himself to reaffirm his confidence in the scientific process taking place. “I feel cautiously optimistic, as a scientist, that we will have a safe and effective vaccine,” he said. “I believe it will happen, and it will happen likely by this end of the calendar year.”

    Fauci added that five companies have COVID vaccines that are currently in advanced clinical trials, meaning they’re approaching the final step before seeking FDA approval. Two, however, Moderna and Pfizer, are leading the pack.

    Fauci has previously explained that the data from each trial is only shared with an independent board of scientists, statisticians, and clinicians. The members of that board are the ones who decide whether or not a potential vaccine should advance to the next stage of the process with the FDA.

    This is not the first time Fauci has expressed concern with the public’s confidence—or lack thereof—in a coronavirus vaccine. In an interview with Vox reporter Sean Rameswaram on Sept. 25, he tried to put recent public fears about a rushed research process at ease.

    “Everybody is worrying that someone is going to make an end run around that and try to get a vaccine out for political reasons,” he said. “Well, that will not happen, but if it does… it will be really transparent. Because the scientists will see the data. The FDA has pledged publicly multiple times that they will not approve a vaccine unless they’ve established that nonpolitical scientists agree that it’s safe and effective.”


    Trudeau says Canada’s recovery depends on global recovery during UN meeting

    + comments on the YT page

  15. (Richard: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. Are some of the Chinese people taking about their frustration at the government?)

    2nd explosion strikes China in 1 week; 550 million people traveling in China despite virus risk

  16. (Richard: I haven’t watched the video yet and they are probably on the Global Warming Kick but remember the articles about China wanting to divert all of the Rivers in that region so they flow into China.)

    War For Water: What Happens When Asia’s Rivers Dry Up? | The Longest Day | Climate Change

    • Climate changes. That’s life.
      Russian Siberia will flourish, Bangladesh will probably be submerged. Singapore should plan ahead, maybe buy a little chunk of Greenland.

      But massive engineering to alter watersheds – the world’s biggest? That’s REAL man-made climate change!

      China’s also “helping” friends in Africa siphon water off the Nile, build huge hydropower plants. What about Egypt? The Nile! That threatens the lives of tens of millions.

      Turkey has done great damage with dams on the Mesopotamian watershed. Iran, ditto.

      Efforts to curb “climate change” should be focused on these kinds of projects.

  17. Ariana Grande Concert Bomber Associated With Known Extremists, Was on Security Services Radar 18 Times (breitbart, Oct 1, 2020)

    “Salman Abedi, the jihadist who killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, United Kingdom in 2017 repeatedly came to the attention of the security services but officers failed to connect the dots, leaving him free to murder.

    The Libyan-origin 22-year-old detonated a rucksack full of improvised explosives at the Manchester Arena on May 22nd 2017, killing 22 at an Ariana Grande concert. Most of the victims were child fans of the pop star, and their parents who had chaperoned them.

    The ongoing inquest into the attack has revealed multiple failings of the security services, not least the fact that Abedi was reported to police and security guards several times on the night of the attack for acting suspiciously, but also it has now been revealed in the years running up to the bombing.

    Abedi had been flagged by the United Kingdom’s MI5 domestic intelligence agency 18 times over seven years, The Times reports, and was known to have relationships with six other people being monitored by MI5. Yet despite the wealth of evidence, when viewed in isolation each case was dismissed as being not sufficiently suspicious.

    Among the reasons for being flagged were plans to travel to Syria, his contact details being found on the phone of an arrested extremist, and twice visiting convicted terrorists in prison. The newspaper reported that two instances of the intelligence services receiving intelligence about Abedi in the run up to the attack were dismissed as being “possibly innocent activity”, despite actually being related to the planning of the bombing.

    In one case, Abedi was actually made a subject of interest by the intelligence services but was taken off the list months later.

    The inquiry is expected to last at least until early 2021…”

  18. Paris Region Arrests Over 6,300 Underage Migrants in 2020 (breitbart, Oct 1, 2020)

    “The Paris region of Ile-de-France has seen a surge in the number of arrests of underage unaccompanied migrants, with 2020 seeing over 6,300 arrests so far this year.

    According to the Paris prefecture, the numbers of arrests have increased over the last three years, with the prefecture largely blaming increases in illegal migration for the surge in arrests.

    In 2018, for example, there were a total of 7,603 arrests of underage migrants in the Paris region. that number increased to 9,134 arrests in 2019. So far this year there have been at least 3,400 more arrests over the same period than 2019, Le Parisien reports.

    Minor migrants, many of them addicted to drugs such as benzodiazepine, are primarily arrested for drug offences, thefts and burglaries. The Directorate of Local Security of the Paris Metropolitan Area (DSPAP) claims that as many as half of all those arrested for burglary in the region are minor migrants from North Africa.

    It is also questionable whether or not all of those claiming to be minors actually are under the ager of 18. Le Parisien reports that one migrant arrested earlier in the month alongside two others — aged 11 and a 12-years-old — turned out to be 19 after forensic tests were carried out, not 14 as had been claimed.

    One of the main reasons the migrants present themselves as underage to authorities, according to the paper, is because they will be quickly released after any arrest as a result.

    According to prosecutor Maryvonne Caillibotte, there has been a “real wave” of minor migrant crime across the entire Paris region. “We favour a fairly firm criminal policy by asking for incarceration in the hope that it will be a deterrent,” Caillibotte said.

    In Choisy-le-Roi in Val-de-Marne, police sources say that minor migrants make up almost all of those in police custody. In Yvelines, one 18-year-old in custody is said to have committed crimes in Paris, Val-d’Oise, Seine-Saint-Denis, and Yvelines in the last two years and is known by at least 63 aliases.

    The issue of minor migrants has been a problem in Paris for several years and even led to French police directly cooperating with police from Morocco to help arrest and identify minor migrants. While Paris saw over 1,500 Moroccans arrested in 2018, just six were actually deported back to Morocco.”

  19. The Scariest Part of a Supreme Court with a Justice Barrett is the Threat to Gun Control

    Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generation outlet, The Trace, is frightfully concerned about the prospect of Judge Amy Coney Barrett taking what they refer to as Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the high court. Their biggest worry is that a Justice Barrett would adhere too closely to the text, history and tradition of the Constitution for their tastes, which could mean dark days ahead for various gun control laws.

    Oh no.

  20. Feds Referred Hillary For FBI Investigation – They Claim She Stirred Up Russia Accusations To Distract From Her Emails

    Former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t running for office in 2020. But an issue that plagued her back in 2016 has returned and this time, it directly involves the FBI.

    Though Clinton was cleared of criminal charges relating to her well-documented email scandal, many questioned if the Obama administration had unfairly given her a pass.

  21. (Richard: Among other things Tim is talking about our need for a leader to take Trumps place once he is out of office.)

    Proud Boys Are NOT Who People Think They Are, Most People Don’t Know The FIRST Thing About Them

  22. BREAKING: Russia Believed Clinton Was Planning Anti-Trump Collusion Campaign In 2016, And U.S. Officials Knew It

    Not only were Russian officials aware of Hillary Clinton’s campaign plan to accuse Donald Trump of being a Russian asset, top U.S. intelligence authorities knew of Russia’s knowledge of Clinton’s plans, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe disclosed to congressional officials on Tuesday. Before they launched an investigation into whether Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russia, intelligence agencies learned that Russia knew of Clinton’s plans to tarnish Trump with the collusion smear.

    At one point, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan personally briefed then-President Barack Obama and other top U.S. national security officials that Russia assessed Hillary Clinton had approved a plan on July 26, 2016, “to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interfere

  23. Kyle Rittenhouse To Sue Biden Over ‘White Supremacists’ Campaign Ad
    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden
    Wed, 09/30/2020 – 17:20

    Kyle Rittenhouse is pursuing a libel case against the Joe Biden and his campaign after the former Vice President included the 17-year-old in a Wednesday campaign advertisement suggesting he is a white supremacist – despite the Anti-Defamation League finding no evidence he was or is connected to any extremist movements.

    According to his attorney, Lin Wood, a lawsuit is headed straight for Biden.
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    Biden VP Pick In Final Stretch

    Trump Headed To Kenosha, Not Meeting With Jacob Blake’s Family

    Rihanna slams Kentucky Attorney General over Breonna Taylor decision

    Letitia Wright determined to ‘lay the foundations’ for Black women to succeed

    US election campaign: Joe Biden in Kenosha two days after Trump visit

    Biden Visits Kenosha To Meet With Jacob Blake’s Family Days After Trump’s Kenosha Visit

    Biden to travel to flashpoint city of Kenosha

    Million Person March protest against systemic racism

    “I will rip Joe into shreds. Ask witnesses who have had the misfortune of sitting across the table from me under oath,” Wood added.

    Rittenhouse, whose defense funds have raised over $500,000, was arrested after killing two BLM attackers and injuring a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin during an August 25th BLM protest. The teen was in Kenosha to protect businesses in anticipation of rioting and property destruction in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake by police.

    Video from the scene shows Rittenhouse being chased down the street before falling on the ground and firing his weapon, while earlier footage shows him shooting BLM protester Joseph Rosenbaum – who had acted aggressively earlier towards Rittenhouse Rittenhouse, who was charged with six criminal counts including first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree reckless homicide, has claimed self-defense.

  24. 4 enemy drones appeared in the air of Kotayk and Gegharkunik regions, 3 are destroyed. PM
    Four enemy drones appeared in the air of Kotayk and Gegharkunik regions of Armenia. RA air defense forces have already destroyed three of them.

    The RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

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