Election fraud at 2 levels, phoney votes and phoney candidates: Links 1, September 30, 2020

1. Leftist activists who attacked Rebel reporter caught

2. People of Ontario really didn’t have much choice in the last provincial election

(Ontario has really had rotten luck with allegedly Conservative candidates the past few elections. Let’s hope someone genuine like New Brunswick’s leader steps up next time)

3. Great to see some MSM pick up on James O’Keefe’s major story

4. Students no longer value freedom of speech on campus.

5. ANTIFA tactics last night

6. The mail in voting is going swimmingly in the US

7. Twitter suspends Hungarian government’s account ‘without warning’: PM spokesman warns ‘The new world has finally arrived.. tech giants are silencing those with different opinions’

Twitter today suspended the Hungarian government’s Twitter account without warning prompting Viktor Orban’s spokesman to ridicule the ‘beautiful new world of tech giants silencing opinions.’

The account @AboutHungary, which tweets on behalf of the nationalist prime minister’s cabinet office, was inaccessible earlier but has since been restored.

It comes after Twitter waded into political rows in the United States earlier this year by flagging President Donald Trump’s tweets for ‘misinformation’. 

Orban’s spokesman Zoltan Kovacs used his own personal Twitter account to attack the Silicon Valley company, writing: ‘The beautiful new world has finally arrived, in which tech giants are silencing those who hold different opinions.’  

9. Rep Nunes reacts to report Clinton allegedly approved plan tying Trump to Russia

10. Father of Paris Charlie Hebdo Attacker Claims To Be ‘Proud’ Of His Actions

(This would be because his son, the attacker, was sacrificing himself for orthodox Islamic beliefs. Our problem is we insist on pretending that Islam is a kind of “Curried Christianity” and that people who act like his son are somehow an aberration of Islam. This site was started to straighten the record on that, as so long as we pretend and act on a pseudo-reality, we forfeit everything to those who would enslave us in every way.)

The father of the Pakistan migrant arrested for stabbing two people outside of the former offices of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, claims to be “proud” of his son’s actions

The father of Ali Hassan, also known as Zaheer Hassan Mahmoud, was interviewed in his native Pakistan by local media and claimed his son had done a “good job” in regard to the terrorist attack last week.

According to a report from La Provence, Arshad Mahmoud said the residents of the small Pakistani town in which he lives congratulated him and his son for protecting ” the honour of the Prophet.”

“I am asking the Pakistani government to bring my son home. He served Islam and we are a Muslim country,” the alleged father of the Islamist attacker said.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Johnny U., Sassy, PC., C., Snaphanen.Dk, EB. and all who sent in materials this week so far. And it is only early Wednesday.

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11 Replies to “Election fraud at 2 levels, phoney votes and phoney candidates: Links 1, September 30, 2020”

  1. 6 – The Mail in Ballots scheme is going as planned, it is screwed up and will cause delays and chaos before, during and after the election.

    9 – The Dems are planning on the coming chaos and civil war to send their treason in the 2016 election down the memory hole.

  2. #3: someone didn’t get enough of something to be quiet
    Could that explain media attention to Ms Omar now?

    #6: Without the peaceful transfer of power, the US is just another American banana republic. Dems and Repubs are in this together — at this point, even if the election is faulty, we need it to appear as stable as possible. Most people in the US keep assets in US dollars.

    Who wants foreign nationals and governments snapping up US companies and real estate if the dollar sinks against world currencies? Was 2016 merely the appearance of a peaceful transfer of power? I wonder if Iran or anyone else is hastily dumping dollars?

  3. Pursuit of “democracy” as the ultimate, perfect form of govt may convince those who know nothing about civics and history. The Demonrats are advocating a more perfect “democracy” with their proposals to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the Electoral College, undermine the Senate by ending the filibuster, and so forth.

    Our Republic is distinct: As established by our [divinely] inspired Founding Fathers, it’s kept the USA safe from the pitfalls of straightforward democracies. Checks and balances, the minority always has a voice. The Demonrats seek to eliminate those safeguards. Precisely the foundation of American Exceptionalism – which they openly despise.

    But, as Potus-2 says:
    “Our Constitution is only fit for a moral and religious people. It is wholly unsuited to the governance of any other kind.”

    We may be living on borrowed time.

    • “We may be living on borrowed time”

      Why else would P2 have said that? They hoped they could be different.

      Trust in God, not man. I mean, it says so, right there, on American currency.

      • We ARE different: substantively, in the Constitution Prez Adams helped write. Checks and balances enfranchise the minority.

        Judeo-Christian values prevailed – at least as an ideal – respected even in the breach.

        First past the post, parliamentary systems have flaws a diverse nation like ours wouldn’t have survived.

        Look at Canada, where the election is over before the polls close in the western provinces. The messy exclusion of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. The coalitions of polar opposites to exclude Salvini in Italy.

        Israel… shameful. A reprise of why the Second Temple was destroyed: baseless hatred. Political madness, disgusting spectacle.

      • No, Prez Adams didn’t say, “We may be living on borrowed time.”
        I did!
        (I channel him, his perspective. He’s observing the present. Long story, probably isn’t a sin.)

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