Quebec goes into full anti-protest mode: Links 1 for September 29, 2020

1. Quebec appears to have gone into a massive Covid lock down and even has a repeat of the Toilet paper shortage. (For you entrepreneurs, this might be a good time to sneak into Quebec after a visit to a grocers with a trunk full.)

A sample of the measures:

(One cannot help but wonder if this is more a reaction to the mass protests against government measures than against growing “case” numbers in Quebec.)

2. PICTURED: Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, 87, is seen walking through a private airport without a mask – just three months after she demanded a nationwide face cover mandate

Senator Dianne Feinstein has been branded a ‘hypocrite’ after being pictured walking inside a Washington DC airport terminal without a face covering on – just months after she called for a national mask mandate for all airlines and airports.

The maskless California Democrat was caught on camera traversing her way through a private terminal at Dulles International Airport on Friday, with the images first aired by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Monday night. 

Feinstein, 87, previously penned a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Transit Administration on June 30 to institute mandatory mask mandates throughout airports, on airplanes, and on public transit across the country.

3. Armenia reports first death on its soil after Azeri shelling

YEREVAN (Reuters) – A civilian was killed on Tuesday in the Armenian town of Vardenis after it was shelled by Azeri artillery and targeted in a drone attack, Armenia’s foreign ministry said, the first casualty on Armenian soil since fighting broke out in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other on Tuesday of firing into each other’s territory, far from the conflict zone in the breakaway Azeri region backed by Yerevan, as the worst spate of fighting since the 1990s raged for a third day.

4. Turkey deploying Syrian fighters to help ally Azerbaijan, two fighters say

(Brad has been saying this for some time now. The real news is yesterday’s post that Pakistani fighters are with the Azerbaijanis)

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey is sending Syrian rebel fighters to support Azerbaijan in its escalating conflict with neighbouring Armenia, two Syrian rebels have said, as Ankara pledges to step up backing for its majority-Muslim ally. The clashes over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh are the heaviest since 2016, with reports of dozens of deaths and hundreds wounded.

5. Twitter is nothing if not consistent:

6. In case we thought it was just Minnesota 

7. NY: Vote By Mail Chaos: New York City Sends Wrong Name Absentee Return Envelopes to Voters Across Brooklyn-Mistake Could Void Thousands of Votes

The New York City Board of Elections is blaming a vendor for an egregious error on absentee ballots mailed to voters in Brooklyn that could cause their votes to be thrown out–even if they follow the rules to the letter. The reason is that the absentee ballots were sent out with return envelopes that were mismatched and bear the names and addresses of other voters so that if the person signs the envelope with their own name it won’t be counted as the signature would not match the name on the mistakenly sent return envelope.

Additionally, cheating using military ballots

8. On how the left uses Marxist Critical Theory on all conservative Supreme Court picks, and how the left wants activist judges on the Supreme Court.

9.   President Trump demands criminal probe of Ilhan Omar…

“This is totally illegal. Hope that the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds, under serious review??? If not, why not???,” the president tweeted early Monday.


“We will win Minnesota because of her, and law enforcement.”


The president was referring to a report from Project Veritas that implicates progressive “Squad” member Omar in an alleged cash-for-ballots scheme to gather absentee ballots illegally from Somali immigrants.

10. Harvard medical school Prof on Lockdowns and how it affects Covid deaths

Thank you EB., Johnny U., Sassy, ML., M., Wrath of Khan, C., X., Hellequin GB., and many more not listed but not forgotten or unappreciated.

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5 Replies to “Quebec goes into full anti-protest mode: Links 1 for September 29, 2020”

    • Turkey is pushing hard for a war to reform the Ottoman Empire, the problem they have is lack of money and a lot of people opposing their ambition. A lot of people are going to die in this fight.

    • Seth Frantzman’s thread:
      Goal of Ankara in the Azerbaijan-Armenia clashes is to have this crisis continue through October, if the two sides adhere to the calls by the global community for dialogue (which basically EVERY country supports, except Turkey)…then Ankara’s ruling party will lose out

      This is the evidence that Ankara was trying to fuel the clashes and encourage Azerbaijan in the offensive. Every country in the world basically wants less tensions and less conflicts after years of conflict in Middle East; Ankara is almost alone in how it uses media to push this

      Every month Ankara has fueled a new conflict and tensions, from Idlib to the Greece border, to Libya, northern Iraq, the Eastern Mediterranean, etc. And it constantly operationalizes the pro-government media and online social media nationalist army to celebrate conflicts

      It is a constant addictive dripping of the drumbeat of militarist slogans and videos of “neutralizing terrorists” and drone strikes from Libya to Idlib
      …the constant march of uniforms. It creates a cycle that feeds itself and has real world consequences for civilians

      For Turkey the goal is that this will continue to simmer for weeks, just like the Feb 2020 ‘open the gates’ with Greece during Idlib, or Watiya in Libya in May 2020, campaign in northern Iraq in June 2020, or with Greece and Oruc Reis in August-Sept.…

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