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2 Replies to “Lawyer in Quebec digs into the kidnapping of citizens over Covid reg violations”

  1. He’s looking at the Canadian Charter but Quebec is distinct.
    Quebec has its own amended as of June 2020 Health Act and it’s really worse than the Canadian one. The Montreal lawyer should look into it. They can even force China Flu Vaccine on Quebecers at other locations of government’s choosing, as it sees fit.

    • The Chapter of the Quebec Law re Health was amended June 2020. Of particular concern is the following:

      CHAPTER 126.
      If a person fails to submit to the vaccination under Section (or Paragraph) 123 of the order, any judge of the Court of Quebec or municipal courts in the cities of Montreal, Laval or Quebec with jurisdiction in the locality where that person is located may order him to comply.

      In addition, if the judge has serious grounds to believe that the person will not comply and is of the opinion that the protection of public health warrants it, orders that the person be taken to a specific location to be vaccinated.

      OF NOTE: The Quebec Law is in French, no English. I read a few paragraphs prior to and post the 126, there are no mentions of a targeted category of people. It seems to me like a mandatory mass-vaccination program.

      It would be great to get in touch with that Montreal lawyer.

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