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6 Replies to “Official Twitter account of the Republic of Armenia”

  1. “In 301 AD, twelve years before Constantine legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire, King Tiridates III made Christianity the official religion of Armenia, the first national ruler to do so. The Armenians were subsequently conquered by the Romans, Arabs, Persians, Ottomans, and Soviets. In 1915, the Young Turks government attempted to exterminate them, massacring 1.5 million. In 1988, an earthquake killed up to 50,000 Armenians. That same year, a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan claimed tens of thousands of lives.”

    “Most members of this ancient Christian nation, however, are not in full communion with Rome. In the fifth century, the Christian Church was bitterly divided over questions about the nature of Christ. The Nestorians believed He had two completely separate natures, one human and one Divine. The Monophysites, however, believed that the Son of God had one nature that was simultaneously human and divine. In 451, the Council of Chalcedon decreed that Christ had two natures; He was fully human and fully divine, in one person.

    Representatives of the Armenian Church were unable to attend the council in Chalcedon, because Armenia was busy fighting the Persians. Like the Egyptian Copts and the Syrian Jacobites, the Armenian Church rejected the Chalcedonian dogma and officially broke with Rome. In 662, the Armenian bishops accepted the Chalcedonian teaching on Christ’s nature, but the catholicos (the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church who resides in Etchmiadzin) turned back to Monophysitism. Some members of the Armenian diaspora became Catholics, and in 1742 an Armenian Uniate Catholic Church (which currently has about 750,000 members) was founded, although 9 million Armenians belong to the Apostolic Church

    “In 1996, the leaders of the two churches signed a document in which they agreed on the Chalcedonian teachings on Christ’s nature. They concluded that there were misunderstandings related to poor translations of the Chalcedonian texts and the Armenians’ absence from the council.”

    So it all came out right in the end…

  2. The tale of two tourist destinations:

    8 Safety Tips for Azerbaijan:
    “3. Don’t insult the ruling Aliyev family – The president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, who took over from his father Heydar in 2003, and his family, are not to be mocked or spoken about badly.

    He has won five elections with around 80% of the vote, but there’s plenty of evidence that he and his New Azerbaijan Party are responsible for widespread corruption and a lack of democratic process, along with jailing people who have criticized the family or the government. Play it safe and avoid talking politics while you’re here.

    4. Don’t go near or talk about Armenia – Avoid the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, where sporadic armed clashes still take place. In particular, don’t go near the Nagorno-Karabakh region, which is a disputed area where armed conflict is common. There are land mines in these regions as well, another good reason to steer clear.

    The safest thing is simply not to mention Armenia at all. There’s an ongoing, bitter conflict between the two nations, and Azerbaijanis can get angry if you try to talk about Armenia.

    If you’re of Armenian descent — for example, if you have an Armenian surname — this might cause problems for you in Azerbaijan so be prepared.”


    “Armenia is a very safe country to backpack and travel. There aren’t any specific scams to look out for, but the most common issue tourists face is being overcharged by taxi drivers. You can avoid this by agreeing on a price before entering the taxi”

    “Avoid protests or demonstrations while in Armenia. It’s best to check for any travel advisories before you go. Currently, travelers are being asked to avoid the Nagorno-Karabakh region on the border with Azerbaijan due to armed conflict.”

    • Did you hear about the Armenian Priest who just shot God?
      It was so the human Jesus would fall from Heaven and return.
      (Council of Chalcedon decreed that Christ had two natures; He was fully human and fully divine, in one person).

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