The insurgency continues and even our own media doesn’t understand what they see: Links 2, September 23, 2020

1. REVEALED: Tibetan-born NYPD cop accused of spying for China and betraying his own people raised suspicions at Tibetan New Year party where he sat next to AOC

The New York City police officer who has been accused of acting as an illegal agent for China, reportedly raised suspicions at a Tibetan New Year party last year that was attended by Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Baimadajie Angwang was arrested on Monday at his home in Nassau County, Long Island. 

Angwang, who was born in Tibet, an autonomous region of China, has been suspended from the NYPD’s 111th precinct in Queens. 

The 33-year-old also serves in the US Army Reserve where he holds the rank of staff sergeant. He’s stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey in an Airborne Civil Affairs battalion.

2. The Graph that matters

3. BLM lighting government buildings on fire

4. He has a point

5. Louisville


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Coram Deo, Xanthippa, and many more.

There is a great deal of content being prepared for tomorrow. Please check back then. Meanwhile:

A reader caught this photo of a man cycling through Vanier with this sign today. If you blow it up you can read it.

If people are starting to cycle around town with signs that have this much thought in them, maybe Canadians are getting fed up with being negated by mass migration.

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5 Replies to “The insurgency continues and even our own media doesn’t understand what they see: Links 2, September 23, 2020”

  1. 2. Long Haul Covid-19

    Comment by Reply_ll:
    “A new discovery announced last week suggests that C-19 may be more of a vascular, not respiratory, disorder. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Tennessee) data suggests to researchers that the “bradykinin hypothesis,” ACEs, hyaluronic acids, and other factors are more likely the root causes if the virus’ “mysterious” symptoms.

    One of the easiest websites to understand without a lot of “tech-talk” is Elemental [dot] Medium … “A Supercomputer’s Covid-19 Analysis …” Search “bradykinin hypothesis” and it’s usually among the first few results.

    This new information appears logically connected to, at least, some lingering effects. It also explains why ventilators were not as effective as initially thought they’d be.

    At any rate, it will be interesting to see how this may (or may not) alter the approach to treatment, and hopefully yield a vaccine.”

  2. Back in about 1962, as a child, I lived out at UBC across the street from Chief Justice Tom Berger as he began his career in Canadian life and politics. I can clearly remember the well-intentioned idealistic young law student, fresh from reading “To Kill a Mockingbird”, with a glass of wine in his hand saying that he dreamt of a day when the entire human race was “coffee-coloured” and there was no more racial prejudice or white supremacy on Earth. It seemed like a good thought at the time considering that actual white-supremacy was the order of the day in 1962 but it led to government policies that were positively genocidal toward the Western European races (See how hard it is to immigrate from Scotland to Canada and how easy it is from Bangladesh.) Since the election of Pierre Trudeau the Canadian establishment has been hell-bent on replacing white Canadians with the brownest most foreign people they could find and in my opinion that is a bad thing. They have been unwhitifying Canada for the last fifty years even though nobody asked them to do that and when they become the majority they will call us “racists” and make our lives miserable as they blame all their problems on us as they strive to become the racist bastards they keep insisting we are… (See AOC and Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar)…

      • Really! I mean, I genuinely believe that little Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her “Squad” buddies would ship my white butt off to a death camp in a heartbeat. I see Che Guevara in AOC’s face and the determined unflinching set of her little jaw. She hates white people like Adolf Hitler hated Jews and Slavs. She honestly believes we are the root of every evil on Earth and she would be very dangerous if she held the power she so obviously seeks…

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