Communism has always been a project by and for the elites: Links 1, September 23, 2020

1. Below, comment from Hellequin GB.

At the same time People struggle to survive the Political Economy Erasion Pandemic,
our “Politicians”, all around the World, live it up to the max.

Incompetent German Health Minister Tries to Silence Media Who Talk About His Extravagant Lifestyle

Hey guys, today I have to talk about Mr. Jens Spahn, our dear minister for health, again.
He made the news by buying an extremely expensive luxury villa in Berlin at a time when his policies caused many Germans to lose their jobs.
Now, to make things worse, he ordered his lawyers to threaten and intimidate people who talked about the price he and his husband payed for this villa.
Extremely bad optics, for somebody who wants to become the next chancellor of Germany.

2. Do people still do bomb threats? Seems quaint. Mostly people do bombs these days.

3. Federal government commits $1B for cities to buy motels, hotels for rapid-housing program

(It starts to get more clear as to how this pandemic leads to communism)

The federal Liberals plan to spend $1 billion over the next six months so cities and housing providers can buy properties being sold because of the COVID-19 pandemic and use them to keep people from becoming homeless.

The details of the program unveiled Monday fill what was seen as a gap in the Liberals’ decade-long national housing strategy.

The Liberals say the program will create 3,000 new affordable housing units across Canada, and want all the funds committed by the end of March 2021, when the federal fiscal year finishes.

Municipalities, provinces, territories, Indigenous governing bodies and agencies as well as non-profit organizations can tap into the money that for now appears to be a one-time program.

(Wait, how does an emergency measure from a pandemic that started in early 2020 fit into a decade old housing plan? Also the tweet below)

4. BEATLE BLOCKED  ISIS ‘Beatles’ CAN face trial in US after terror suspect’s mum loses High Court challenge

ISIS “Beatle” El Shafee Elsheikh has lost his last ditch bid to dodge trial in the US  – and is facing life in a Supermax prison if convicted.

His mum Maha Elgizouli challenged Home Secretary Priti Patel’s decision to share evidence about her jihadi son with US authorities.

But top High Court judges threw out the case – funded by £23,000 in British taxpayers’ cash through legal aid – ruling her claim was “not properly arguable”.

The ruling means 32-year-old Sudanese-born British citizen Elsheikh and cohort Alexander Kotey, 36, can be dealt with by tough American authorities.

They were part of the bloodthirsty four-man gang dubbed “The Beatles” who revelled in the barbaric video beheadings of Western hostages during Islamic State’s reign of terror.

5. Here is a clip on the cold facts on Kyle Rittenhouse. Note that Youtube has put it in a special state. Presumably because it shows his justification for shooting ANTIFA/BLM terrorists who were attacking him at the time.

6. Trump Bans U.S. From Doing Business With Those Who Promote ‘Harmful’ Far-Left Critical Race Theory

(More proof that our faith and hope in this president is justified)

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday afternoon that he has banned the U.S. government from doing business with people and companies who promote far-left critical race theory, noting that the ideology is “divisive and harmful.”

“A few weeks ago, I BANNED efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex and race-based ideologies,” Trump tweeted. “Today, I’ve expanded that ban to people and companies that do business with our Country, the United States Military, Government Contractors, and Grantees. Americans should be taught to take PRIDE in our Great Country, and if you don’t, there’s nothing in it for you!”

7. Open Letter from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media

The following letter has made an impact on public health authorities not only in Belgium but around the world. The text could pertain to any case in which states locked down their citizens rather than allow people freedom and permit medical professionals to bear the primary job of disease mitigation. 

So far it has been signed by 394 medical doctors, 1,340 medically trained health professionals, and 8,897 citizens.

* * * * *

We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, wish to express our serious concern about the evolution of the situation in the recent months surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We call on politicians to be independently and critically informed in the decision-making process and in the compulsory implementation of corona-measures. We ask for an open debate, where all experts are represented without any form of censorship. After the initial panic surrounding covid-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture – there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore.

The current crisis management has become totally disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good.

8. It CAN Be Done: Tunisia Stops and Turns Backs Hundreds of Boat Migrants at Sea

(AFP) — Tunisia said Monday that naval patrols had intercepted 19 boats carrying a total of 246 people seeking to cross from the North African nation to Europe overnight Saturday to Sunday alone. The vast majority of those stopped were Tunisians, the interior ministry said, with just 29 people coming from other countries. Thousands regularly risk the dangerous crossing from North Africa’s coasts to reach Europe.

For Tunisia, a small Mediterranean country with a population of around 11 million, the number of people attempting the crossing dropped sharply from a peak in 2011. But it began rising again in 2017, driven in part by the struggling economy and deep inequalities in the country, almost a decade after a revolution that many hoped would bring change.

9. Twitter threat on President Trump’s ban on Critical Race Theory. The most dangerous Marxist dialectic nonsense currently destroying the US and all its institutions.

10. Tucker Carlson on the left’s reaction to the death of RBG

11. More suppression of reportage of the facts of Victorian cruching of freedoms.

12. I would like to add my 2 cents reviewing a book NONE of us have read.

I think Rowling is screwing with us all. The killer wore a disguise to commit his crimes. This does not make him a transvestite as there is no indication he liked women’s clothing on a personal basis. He just thought that would make him harder to catch. And by doing so, she is mucking out all the psychos who want her cancelled for daring to tread the waters trans in a non-positive way.

Thank you Maplewood, M., CJ.,  Johnny U., ML., DH., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Hellequin GB., CrossWare, Coram Deo, and all who read, write, and think on these monumental subjects. If we lose this thing, it will be because of among other things, a failure of our imagination to understand how horrible and how large this thing actually is.


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21 Replies to “Communism has always been a project by and for the elites: Links 1, September 23, 2020”

  1. 5 – The kid didn’t commit any crimes but he did make some mistakes, 1) he left the group to wander off on his own. In a situation like that remain with the group, an armed group is a lot more intimidating then one armed individual.

    The people who should be indicted are the politicians (including the prosecutor who is trying to sacrifice the kid) who let the riot go so long the people decided they had to defend themselves. They let a violent mob destroy a city and are now trying to destroy a kid who had the courage (both physical and moral) to try and defend his fellow human beings.

    • Kid was guilty of hubris.
      He thought too highly of his abilities: a very junior medic with no military training should not have been there.

      I’d have killed my kid before allowing him to expose himself to such risk. Poor thing, terrible for his family.

  2. 9 – Critical Race Theory

    2 Videos: “How your child is being groomed to be the next Antifa/BLM street rioter”
    by Leo Hohmann September 21, 2020
    Included in the article:
    “How Privileged Are You?” chart. What’s your score?

    “Sharia Crime Stoppers: News Briefing with Author/Journalist Leo Hohmann and Pastor Shahram Hadian”
    Sharia Crime Stoppers – September 21, 2020
    Critical Race Theory & Mr. Hohmann’s article discussed beginning @ 43:08. Mr. Hohmann joins in @ 1:15:56.

  3. ITEM 3: We could also include a planned migration intake of which quite a few sub-Saharans.

    Back in September 2018, immigration minister Ahmed Hussen met with a Canadian United Nation representative in New York where it was strongly suggested that Canada take in 250,000+/per year of mostly sub-Saharan migrants. This would apply for a 4-year period totaling 1 Million new residents.

    The story was published in the Global & Mail in Sept’ 18, and Hussen refused comment. I kept the link to the story in my files & on my desktop but it somehow disappeared. I had a few hacking episodes.

  4. 1 – Michael Bloomberg’s Extravagant Lifestyle

    “President Donald Trump Goes After ‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg At Campaign Rally | NBC News – February 20, 2020

  5. This idea is frightening on multiple levels, but primarily because it appears to be the final, logical, most esthetic incarnation of the fabled digital currency idea that we have been hearing about. It cuts out all middlemen (commercial banks) and provides direct deposit, and direct control. Crazy?

    Not in this epoch.

  6. 7 It should be emphasized that these health professionals are talking about the situation in Belgium, not any other country, nor the EU.

    Right across their northern border, in the Netherlands, the number of COVID cases is increasing rapidly, and the government is taking measures.

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