More unsubtle attacks on Western culture: Links 1, September 22, 2020

1. And here I was, thinking Covid was really part of a Marxist attack on Western culture, “Aufhaben der Kultur”.

2. Boris Johnson announces massive new lockdown measures. Which makes sense cause in England, you know, they speak English and all.

3. C’mon man!

4. Speaking of negating the culture, having a dog is racist. Cause racist isn’t Marxist code for destroying an attribute of Western culture at all is it.

5. Please watch Andrew Bolt on Sky news Oz as he exposes ABC, the Australian equivalent of CBC or BBC as the lapdogs of a dictator, and makes a solid case for it. ABC ran a scathing piece on Bolt’s criticism of Dan as a dictator, but hasn’t talked about Victoria’s measures that allow indefinite detainment of a person on the suspicion of having a disease. An unprecedented power for a non-communist government.

6. NYC police officer, an Army reservist, charged with spying on Tibetan immigrants for China

Baimadajie Angwang, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Tibet, worked since 2018 as an agent for the People’s Republic of China in its effort to suppress the movement, according to a criminal complaint filed in Brooklyn federal court. It says he secretly worked for unnamed handlers from the Chinese consulate in New York.

There was no allegation that Angwang compromised national security or New York Police Department operations. Still, he was considered “the definition of an insider threat,” William Sweeney, head of the FBI’s New York office, said in a statement.

7. An undervalued report on another “autonomous zone”

8. Hard core Aufhaben. German newspaper claims there never was such a people as Germans.

9. Melbourne Victoria Australia: Footage has captured a dramatic stand-off between police and two elderly women, with one officer appearing to snatch a mobile phone.

Dramatic footage has captured a bizarre stand-off between five police officers and two elderly women sitting on a Melbourne park bench.

The video posted to YouTube on Sunday showed the officers surrounding the two women as one of them said firmly: “No, I’m not standing up”.

“On what grounds am I under arrest? This is unlawful,” the woman said.

She then went on to raise her voice, again questioning why she was under arrest.

A female officer replied: “For failing to provide your name and address”.

The other woman had been recording the encounter, until a male officer walked behind her and appeared to snatch the device from her hand.

“Excuse me, you have no right to seize my property,” she yelled.

10. 2 Aides For Ilhan Omar Challenger Lacy Johnson Shot, 1 Killed

Two campaign aides for Lacy Johnson, a Republican seeking to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), were shot in Minneapolis in broad daylight this week, including a 17-year-old boy.

The teenager was rushed to the hospital, where he died a short time later from his wounds, a Minneapolis police spokesman said.

Officials haven’t officially identified the deceased but his family and school named him as Andre Conley.

“My nephew Andre did not deserve this,” Conley’s aunt, Fatemah Green, said at a vigil for the boy on Wednesday night, KARE 11 reported. – READ MORE

(This explains a lot of headlines out of Somalia)

Thank you Hellequin GB., Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, EB., GC., EW., Jan Sjunnessen, Richard, ET., Yucki, and everyone who has the witt and courage to take a critical look at what we are being shown and told.

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  1. 3 – There are a lot of people speculating on why the Dems keeping Biden on the ticket, they range from they have no one else to they want Trump to win but to win a narrow victory so the Dems can bring out the Lawyers and the Rioters to destroy our confidence in our electoral system. If they can convince enough people that the results of the election aren’t to be trusted they think they have a chance in carrying out a violent revolution.

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