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10 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on the Left’s reaction to the death of SCJ Ginsberg”

  1. Someone put together excerpts from speeches by Democrats, (Clinton, Pelosi, Biden) what they were saying then about filling the space left by Justice Scalia before the 2016 election, when Obama was President…. Totally different from what they are saying now.
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    • Oh, yes, thanks!
      A buffet offering Biden’s re-fried opinion’s from 2016.
      They don’t even lie well. They don’t seem to care how they look to sane adults.

      • No they don’t care how they look to sane adults, this makes me wonder if they are really serious about getting the Harris Biden ticket elected? It looks to me as if they are just trying to create turmoil and cast doubt on the legitimacy of our elections, If this is the case they are trying to lose the electoral Collage but win the Popular Vote just like they did in 2016.

        We all know they are wanting excuses to turn their militias loose to riot and create chaos, this gives their embeds in the Dept of Justice another chance to blame the violence on the “Far Right”. The left is trying to provoke our side to start playing tit for tat to their attacks on our people, so far our people have resisted the temptation and are letting the police (Local or Federal) take care of the criminals. If the Dems win the White House in November we won’t have a choice, our only protection will be firearms and retaliation. While we would end up winning that fight the left and the propaganda media would have a field day taring us as Nazi’s and racists.

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