Covid measures in Victoria Australia and Ontario Canada

Australian senior civil servant quits his job because he was not allowed to deviate from the narrative on Covid19 that allows the state to behave like Soviet thugs.

Ontario leader, Doug Ford shows us how its done.


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2 Replies to “Covid measures in Victoria Australia and Ontario Canada”

  1. If the Welfare State was not invested in medical care, all politicians could ever say to the populations they serve: ‘clunk, click every trip,’ and never be law to save them money.

    No one ever clapped for Funeral Workers. Why? Simply because the government did not own them. Their workers would not get demoralized, tired and go off sick. Business is booming, and the delux cremator has just arrived.

    Responsibility, creates responsibility.

    The biggest killer of the planet is over- population. A complete disregard and lack of personal responsibility.

    And many governments have made this their nations’ salvation, dependent upon their ponzi schemes of human trafficking. Whilst immigrants are paid peanuts, the Welfare Agencies are all paid thousands, through schools, housing, medicine etc. Money for everyone.

    And they bang upon bringing all the ‘rich’ down to this guilt-free Poverty Model, as their Utopia.

    To be the only providers of work, rest and medical care. Communism.

  2. CHINA FLU – Quebec news:

    1. BLOC QUEBECOIS leader Blanchet’s test result: Positive.

    2. Parti Quebecois (PQ): Political attaché and Spokesperson was fired on-the-spot when it was discovered he is against mask-wearing. Someone looked into his personal Facebook postings. The guy supports the anti-mask movement. He now wears the ‘Conspiracy-Theorist’ crown.

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