Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“Because protesting is not only selfish, its stupid”, said about a man who was hit by a police car and then stomped on the head by police.

Disturbing new footage shows police ramming their car into a father-of-three in Melbourne – moments before officer STOMPED on his head in brutal arrest that has left him in a coma


A father-of-three with bipolar disorder is in a coma after being rammed by a police car and apparently stomped in the head during a brutal arrest in Melbourne. 

The roof plumber, 32, is being treated in an intensive care unit following the disturbing incident at Epping, in the city’s north, on Sunday afternoon.

Relatives said the tradesman had been seeking psychiatric treatment at the Northern Hospital but fled after failing to secure himself a bed, leading to police being called.

Outraged bystanders filmed the man’s arrest, with new footage showing the runaway patient flying forward after being hit by a police car shortly after 4pm.   

Video filmed afterwards captures officers pinning the man to the ground and appearing to kick him. 

Eyewitnesses Jake Edwards and his partner George Michael were driving down Cooper St when they stopped and filmed the shocking incident. 

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  1. Western Civilization is dead, the rule of law is dying in all nations (some faster then others) in most nations the left has partially to totally disarmed the people leaving them at the mercy of anything the political bosses want.

    Once the rule of law dies our freedom dies with it, we must at al costs hang on to the rule of law (no matter how tattered ti gets) because without some semblance of the rule of law all of our individual rights are gone. Once they are gone we are stuck in societies run by neo barbarians who believe in nothing but their own personal pleasure. It took us well over a thousand years to climb out of barbarism to the Civilization that loved freedom and worked to preserve the rights of the individual.

  2. Richard, I understand your concern. I am however, going to quibble on one detail. Our individual rights will not be gone, even if they are no longer secured by government or trampled upon by others. This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine. And therein lies hope.

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