KSA allows Israeli overflight, Sudan goes secular: Links 1, September 10, 2020

1. Comedian’s show shut down for CONTENT with the EXCUSE of Covid

2. Great display for Trump in Oregon

3. Strong men make good times. Good times make weak men.

4. Miracle

5. China’s ‘Elite Capture’ strategy and its application in Canada

6. Sudan removes Islam as state religion in favour of a secular state.

7. Another Koran is set alight in Sweden. This time in the No Go Zone of Rinkeby

8. Watching this guy, the Secretary General of the UN, one might almost get the feeling that the regulations and shut down of the economies in the West was actually tied to “climate change” more than disease control in the first place.

UN chief: report shows Covid-19 has not slowed climate change

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gives a rare news conference at the United Nations on the state of the environment and climate change.

Speaking on data and research in a new multi-agency report from leading science organizations, ‘United in Science 2020’, Guterres tells reporters that climate change has not stopped even though economies shut down during to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He adds that the world is “far off-track” to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and suggests using this pandemic era as an opportunity to launch a greener economy worldwide.

I wonder if there is any evidence out there that the UN SG is in fact a communist and has intentions of remaking the World in a Marxist image…

9. This article about how an ACLU official is treating Nick Sandmann and why, may or may not be reflective of how the ACLU actually is now. Probably it is. But it’s worth a look.

10. Pakistani court sentences Christian to death for blasphemy

A Pakistani court has sentenced a Christian man to death after finding him guilty of blasphemy for using insulting remarks against Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in text messages he sent to a Muslim co-worker in 2013

Saiful Malook said his client, 37-year-old Asif Pervaiz, was convicted and sentenced this week in the eastern city of Lahore. It was the latest example of the Islamic nation’s strict upholding of blasphemy laws.

Malook said the court rejected Pervaiz’s denial of the charges and he plans to appeal.

Pervaiz was accused of blasphemy by Muhammad Saeed Khokher, a supervisor in a hosiery factory where Pervaiz worked. During his trial, Pervaiz claimed he was accused after he refused to convert to Islam.

Prosecutors, however, submitted evidence that Pervaiz sent text messages to Khokher that contain insulting remarks against Islam’s Prophet, according to a court document. Khokher in his testimony denied pressuring Pervaiz to change his religion.

(One has to wonder if this is connected to Trudeau’s nonsense about rebooting the economy as a “green economy” and further trashing Canada’s growth and business.)

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  1. 3 – The reason the lessons about WWII are triggering the soy boys is that it makes some of them feel ashamed that they aren’t acting a mature and brave as the previous generations of late teens. The non soy boy’s on the left are upset because teaching about WWII makes the kids that are still capable of thinking look at why we fought and which side in todays political fight fits the description of fascism and which fits the side of freedom.

    9 – The ACLU was set up to be an organization that would use our laws against us by forcing us to live up to our stated moral code. They sued to let Nazi’s march through Jewish Neighborhoods, they sued to allow nudity and cussing in the movies, they sued (and won) to give the homless who smell the right to set in libraries. And they sue any company for any reason because the Dems got a bill through Congress and signed into law that no matter who won the law suits filed by the ACLU the American tax payers would pay all of the legal bills for the ACLU.

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