Greece, Turkey, Covid, Coup plotters delete evidence, more: Links 2, September 10, 2020

1. Greece accuses Turkey of sending yet another wave of illegal muslims into Greece

According to a report from Greek newspaper Proto Thema, the Turkish border authorities were not in the area to stop the migrants from crossing into the European Union, but were on the lookout for border patrols and agents of the EU’s border agency Frontex.

(Long time readers of Vlad will remember that we have chronicled in detail many such invasions of Greece by Turkey with varying levels of admission that it was an actual Turkish initiative and various levels of Western press collusion. One recently where the Turks actually forced migrants on busses and dropped them off at the Greek border, and below, my favorite image from the 2015 Turkish invasion of Greece, where Al Azar Imams lead squads of religious muslims overland from Turkey to Greece.)

Al Azaar imam leads illegals from Turkey to Greece in 2015

2. Portland Police Arrest Dem Staffer During Riot

(Those who watched our 2 videos on the DSA and the Project Veritas videos busting Bernie Sanders’ staffers as radical communist revolutionaries won’t be surprised at this. All those who are surprised, please do go watch those videos to find out to what extent the Democrat Party of the US actually IS ANTIFA/BLM and vice versa.)

Police arrested a top Democratic staffer in Oregon’s state legislature this weekend for interfering with a police officer during the Portland riots.

The police arrested Kristina Narayan, who is legislative director for the top Democrat in Oregon’s House of Representatives, along with 58 others during a riot that began Saturday night and continued into Sunday morning, according to a Portland Police Bureau report. Narayan has worked for House Speaker Tina Kotek since 2016.

On Saturday, officers blocked a crowd marching toward the East Portland Community Policing Center. Police declared a riot after somebody in the crowd threw a firebomb toward officers, which set fire to a member of the community. The rioters continued to throw rocks, fireworks, and mortars toward the officers.

3. Corona death numbers vary wildly

4. Scientists are worried that the Covid virus will disappear before they can really profit find a vaccine for it.

5. MASS TEST BID  ‘Operation Moonshot’: £100BILLION plan could see entire UK population tested for coronavirus in just a week

TEN million daily Covid tests will be dished out to get Brits back to the footie, theatre and their mate’s house under new Government plans costing £100billion.

The entire population of the UK could be tested in a week under Downing Street’s ambitious Operation Moonshot programme.

Boris Johnson vowed to roll out new tests which can deliver results in just 15 minutes.

He said a negative result would give Brits a “freedom pass” — allowing people to mingle like they did before Covid.

(Video at site. But it looks like no religious gatherings till Ramadan 2021. Certainly no Christmas and Im betting on a 3rd wave around Easter.)

6. President Trump did NOT distort any of the information he was given by Fauci on Covid

7. Indian news on the developing Chinese-India stand off is getting more intense and concerning. Please look in the Reader’s Links posts for the past week and look for the various posts, especially from Richard on this border stand off. Here is a current video showing Chinese build up from the Indian perspective.

8. ‘HILLARY CLINTON TO JAIL’ – Devin Nunes Unload on hillary Clinton as new evidence emerge

9. Clintonitis is more contagious than Corona it seems

10. Muslims migrate to Australia, file complaint with Human Rights Commission because food they’re given isn’t halal

The principle is always and everywhere the same: in Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to Islamic sensibilities. And in non-Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to Islamic sensibilities.

“‘Mental torture’: Muslim immigration detainees say they haven’t been given halal food for more than a year,” by Stefan Armbruster, SBS News, September 9, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Muslim immigration detainees in Brisbane have filed a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission saying they have not been given certified halal food for more than 12 months.

They are among more than 100 men detained in a Kangaroo Point hotel after they were evacuated from Nauru and Papua New Guinea for medical reasons.

Thank you Johnny U., M., Sassy, Richard,

This tweet is so damn funny its hard to believe it wasn’t meant to be. The user has deleted it, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Also funny, BLM anti-racist idiots start flipping off a random oriental they think might be Andy Ngo

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4 Replies to “Greece, Turkey, Covid, Coup plotters delete evidence, more: Links 2, September 10, 2020”

  1. 7 – After this thread was posted I ran across some more Indian TV excerpts, in one of them a retired General says he sees on way for a peaceful solution.

    • One thing that stands out for me is that the tenser things on the LAC get the less the Indian Propaganda Channel TFI (The Frustrated Indian) publishes about the stand off. As long as it was just clubs and fists in a occasional brawl the TFI channel made fun of China and did all they could to make the Chines mad. Now that it looks like there may be a war the TFI stays away from the Stand off and publishes pieces about other nations or China in the Mideast.

      My take is that the Indian Government doesn’t want a war with China but isn’t going to back up and let China take anymore land in the Mountains. The fact that the Indian Government has stopped trying to irritate China says that the situation on the LAC is serious and getting more serious all the time.

      The tactical situation is real close to what the retired Generals on the Indian TV networks say it is, India has control of most of the high ground that gives them the ability to call in artillery and spot for the batteries. They are also in position to pour plunging fire into any attackers. What the Generals aren’t saying is that this exposed positions leaves them open for aerial bombardment to take out those positions. The retired Generals are saying that there is anti air units that will knock down the Chinese planes before they can do any damage. Maybe but low level nap of the earth bombing runs would get some planes through and if China has drones that are good enough they can use them to take out the Indian positions on the high ground.

      A (hopefully) good point is that the Indian TV stations are all talking about a limited local conflict on the LAC at the pangong tso Lake in the Galwan Valley. If/when the shooting starts in earnest I pray it can be limited to that small region but given the problems that the CCP is facing in China I am not sure they can keep it small without losing control of China. That is something they will not willingly do, they will go out kicking and screaming and trying to pull the Temple down.

  2. 8 & 9 – I hope that Hillary does go to jail, if she doesn’t the rule of law is dead in the US. Hope but don’t expect that she will be prosecuted, too much of the evidence has been destroyed for a successful prosecution.

  3. 1. There are many people walking around with perpetual resentments – slaves to gender, race, and religion – who hold the conclusion that every misfortune caused by their own ignorance is a deliberate attack by jinns (cannot get through the night) and the Unbelievers of their gender, race and religion. Hence, the Hate Crimes of not bending the knee in submission.

    And from their lofty superiority of preference, is that they see that are defeated by the success of those who love life – and demand reparations using the jizya in fairness.

    Otherwise, they will attack each other and remain diseased, poor and backwards.

    Help a Liberal open the Gates of Vienna today. You know it makes sense.

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