UN HRC and a Pharma to root for: Links 2, September 9, 2020

1. Who is and is not on the UN HRC

(China joins in April)

2. I don’t normally like amplifying enemy propaganda, but when its actually funny…

3. Seattle closed a park where Christians planned a prayer meet. It is a very large park and it could have been done safely. But Christians, undeterred, hit the streets and had their event anyway. ANTIFA, who have had run of Seattle streets for months, attempted to end it with no success.

4. Gotta say. This is pretty awesome. And now we know what the Village People are all upset about. Which tells us something about them.

5. This one may surprise some of you.

We posted a story about a pharmaceutical company who’s stock price fell when a vaccine trial produced a bad side effect. The company is AstraZeneca.

Their stock price has rebounded fully and here is why:

This company has made something like 800 variants of the Flu vaccine with no serious side effects showing up later. They also have two other less developed variants of the Covid vaccine still on the go, and the one which had a bad side effect was immediately pulled. This company actually has a great track record for safety and transparency. Should this company actually get one to market, those considering taking a vaccine would be advised to use theirs. As opposed to say, the Chinese Military one Canada was considering.

It is quite a relief to be able to post something which is positive these days. Lets hope this is the vaccine that President Trump has been talking about. If so, it makes sense why he would promote it.

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Chris Jones, Johnny U., and all who are participating in our mutual emancipation

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6 Replies to “UN HRC and a Pharma to root for: Links 2, September 9, 2020”

  1. The Dems are not only attacking the President and Science they are attacking the entire population of the US, they don’t care what damage is done or how many people die as long as they get personal power.

  2. I’ll never take another flu vaccine ever….
    Avoided virus vacs most of my life
    Although travelling in many places getting immunized for
    Many diseases In developing nations
    Over the years And today… all immunization updated for travel to any
    World area….

    Healthy strong, no aches or pains, in shape sort of
    No meds what so ever which is unusual for my age
    This fall had a few bouts of bad flu, Got over in a couple days

    Stupidly thinking I’m 75/ now and don’t want to risk getting ill
    On vacation, had a brain freeze
    Took a flu vac this fall before leaving
    BIG mistake
    Nose has been wet inside, not running but just wet inside
    For over 6 months
    Body knowledge of my system aware of a foreign virual entity
    My system Still waging war on these viral enemies injected in the shot


    But these Covid vacs are different
    They will NOT inject Covid into our systems

    The Covid vac will be a human genome experiment
    RNA DNA proteins injected

    To understand the gravity of this

    I highly recommend Latest Nova
    Skip the first part and get to the science and ethics on CRISPR

    Rats and guinea pigs for Gates and big pharma

    Many people I know will never take any Covid vac or allow their kids
    Mind you, they are all critical thinkers and hang out on the right side of the bell curve in terms of intellect
    They are NOT anti vaccine types….

  3. Anybody who still thinks the United Nations Human Rights Council is anything other than an anti-Semitic hate organization is too stupid to be allowed oxygen. I challenge anybody to watch a session of the UNHRC and not see that it is nothing more than a Muslim Jew-hating army. How ironic, that people who hate the very idea of minority rights are officially in charge of the “Human Rights Council”. Only people with sever congenital mental retardation are stupid enough to believe a word those prejudiced hateful lying bastards say…

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