Australia still has some real media: Links 1, September 8, 2020

1. Project Veritas gets changes made to make the vote more secure

2. Australia: “Why are we allowing governments to manage our health?”

3. More reveals that Corona stats which lead to excessive counter-measures were faked, exaggerated or miscalculated.

So who exactly is dying in the UK?

4. Muslim who failed his drivers test 9 times in the Netherlands improves her odds by setting the test facility on fire.

(Article in Dutch. Below, google translate segment)

A 39-year-old man who at the beginning of this year committed arson in an examination center of the Central Bureau for Driving License (CBR) in Rijswijk has been sentenced by the court to a hospital order with compulsory nursing. The man was angry because he had already failed his driving test nine times.

Ahmad B. already had a driving license in Syria, but that was not recognized by the Netherlands. He wanted to draw attention to his situation by means of arson.

On January 3, the man with petrol walked into the examination center in Rijswijk, South Holland, and started a fire. This fire caused a lot of material damage. The building could not be used for exams for more than six months, which meant that many candidates were delayed.

The court charges the man that the arson could also have “serious or fatal consequences” for those present in the building. According to behavioral experts, the man has psychological problems and is less accountable.

5. Its almost like there are two sets of rules or something…

MUCH more to come today. Including but not limited to, perhaps the most important interview with Brad Johnson we have done, and a video from a Quebec health official who explains that non-cooperative people are being taken to a secret location and interned for 14 days.

Thank you Johnny U., PC., Yucki, M., C., Hellequin GB., Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan, Richard and MANY more.

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  1. We are witnessing a power grab by the left in all nations on earth, some are being more successful they others and in the nations where they are being unsuccessful they are turning violent. At a time when all Western Nations are facing civil wars we are watching two nations (China and Turkey) slowly move into a shooting war with a neighbor.

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