Blogging the Berlin Demo today

The Berlin police supports the Merkel dictatorship!

? On its own initiative, it is blocking roads, imposing new regulations and blocking the march. The entire demonstration is endangered and the world is watching!

? At the moment the team of lawyers from Querdenken is discussing with those responsible, but obviously without success.

It seems that an escalation is to be produced consciously and purposefully.

(It needs to be understood that Merkel’s government banned this demonstration but the ruling was overturned by the supreme court. The question was which way will police go? Now we know)

The system is behind it! ?? The police corrals the crowd and then criticizes the distance rule. If the march had been allowed to move, none of this would have happened?? Important to know that the police apparently also closed the side streets and thus prevented the crowd from taking evasive action in order to keep social distances.

Demo Berlin – Escalation desired? Large Blue water cannon trucks on Chausseestraße, near the street where police have stopped the march:

The police stopped the march at Friedrichstraße, won’t let any more participants continue on the planned route. They have heavy equipment in position at Wilhelm Straße. A clearing tank and three water cannons.

Sign in front of the American Embassy show Chancellor Angela Merkel and other politicians in prison clothing.

Despite massive polioce efforts to stop this demonstration against Merkel’s illegal actions using the Pandemic as an excuse, actions such as defying the Supreme Court of Germany to stop this demo, it is still going on. Below, an excerpt of Robert Kennedy Jr’s speech today

Much more will be added as we get the details

Thank you Miss Piggy

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    • Opps. Forgot the translation: R.F.K.Jr. says: “I am a Berliner – Berlin stood on the frontline of global totalitarianism then and today again it standing on the frontline once again.” He speaks in English.

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