Hydroxychloroquine and “consensus” medicine

I am currently in a small back and forth on Twitter with someone who objects to my statement that Social media owners should be arrested and indicted for their blocking of information about HCQ as a potentially effective treatment for Covid19. As well as politicians that made the unprecedented step of making it illegal to prescribe for that purpose.

The argument my interlocutor is using, is that there is no medical or scientific consensus on the efficacy of HCQ, and therefore, social media policies etc. are justified.

My arguments are multifold but for the purpose of this post, two things need reenforcing.

1. Social media is perfectly fine with any and all fully bulls**t and even dangerous medical advice on any number of subjects as they should well be, as freedom of speech is much more important than if the science is right. That is up to us to determine for ourselves.

2. His repeated use of the word “consensus” feels like a club and therefore, is likely being used in the manner described in the following video.

It is a little hard to follow, but I would ask all of our readers to make the effort to follow this explanation, even if it takes a few times through the video. It is very important to understand what “consensus” really means, as well as how we are to think of it. It is not agreement. It is an imposition of the will of leftist authorities.

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9 Replies to “Hydroxychloroquine and “consensus” medicine”

  1. Consensus is just another word for DOGMA.
    The Catholic and later Protestant Church loved to burn people at the stake for challenging Dogma.
    Now, the followers of this New Church, are doing exactly the same, bar the flaming pyre.
    Nothing New.
    What a “enlightened” bunch of dark age Hypocrites they are.

  2. Is “JW Coding for Italy.” is in lock step with Bertrand Russell?
    If so then don’t waste your time.

    JW Coding for Italy. Retweeted

    “Today we move one step closer toward a world without polio. This is an incredible milestone that’s worth celebrating. It is also an important reminder of what can be accomplished when we work together toward a common goal.”
    Bill Gates – August 25, 2020 – Twitter

  3. When are you finally going to inform people about the essential role of Zinc ? Chloroquine is just a kind of katalyst which helps the Zinc to get into infected cells and (once there) to stop the viral reproduction process there. Alone, by itself HCHQ is not very efficient – (and they know it and use it to prove its inefficiency but take great care to hide the role of Zinc.
    Social media companies and Wiki-lies are infiltrated, paid and controlled by we know who so we can’t expect them to allow free speech and honest reporting.
    So, instead of all the useless moaning and handwringing about HCHQ we should take better care that the missing information about the role of Zinc gets out in the most concentrated and efficient form through sites like Vlad Tepes’, (the tireless fighter for truth and “impaler” of lies).
    Example : most grassroots sites, instead of highlighting the fact that it is the Zinc supplements (helped by HCHQ) which are the main agent who stops the progession of infection, get caught up in useless discussions about the (actually provable) reduced efficiency of HCHQ alone.
    And that’s the trap we all fall in
    Details about the role of Zinc =
    see the first 2 comments on that page
    by MBARK4212
    The protocol here in Saudi Arabia is to start treatment with hydroxychloroquine and zinc phosphate as soon as possible. we have a very low death rate. people with influence who try to stop hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatment for political reasons should be indicted for manslaughter and prosecuted.
    Geo Adventure
    Dr. Zelenko in New York has been using Hydroxychloroquine + ZPAC for many months. Thousands are healed with zero deaths. We will never hear about that on CNN

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