Leftism and Islam in the West like Oxygen to Iron: Links 1, August 25, 2020

1. Meanwhile, last night in Denver…

2. Black Cars Matter

Related, I guess they want to defund garbage pick up as well:

3. President Trump offers a trigger for commies, and hints at the extent of Democrat malfeasance in 2016

4. Riot police storm bar for Covid regs in Paris because cops in France have nothing more important to do.

“According to Paris police officials, the crowd was dispersed because some people were not wearing face coverings or were failing to follow social distancing rules,” reports Sky News.
More than 200 people receive a police caution for not wearing face masks.

The incident is made even more bizarre by the fact that the people inside the bar were behaving peacefully, while actual riots were taking place across the rest of the city.

According to RT, the streets of the French capital “descended into chaos, with multiple incidents of vandalism and looting.”

You’d think maintaining basic law and order while protecting people and property from violent criminals would be a higher priority than ensuring people in a bar are standing far enough away from each other, but in the age of COVID hysteria apparently not.

5. I cannot think of a headline for this one that won’t get me a visit by officials of some kind or other.

***UPDATE*** There are reports that this story is factually incorrect. Some information here

6. A magnificent tribute to Donald Trump

7. More curious and anti-scientific choices about what is and is not allowed due to ultra-vires Covid measures.

8. Interesting fact:

9. Washington DC.

10. Speech at RNC by Cuban escapee


Thank you M., EB., C., Richard, MarcusZ1967, Johnny U., Morticiaa, Willem, Hellequin GB., Wrath of Khan, and everyone who in any way resists the destruction of individual rights and freedoms all around us every day.

This is truly outstanding


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5 Replies to “Leftism and Islam in the West like Oxygen to Iron: Links 1, August 25, 2020”

  1. While I appreciate Herschel Walker’s endorsement of President Trump, I feel the compulsion to defend the region in which I live. I’m from Atlanta just like Herschel Walker is. The only racism I ever saw in this town was against white people.

    I used to be an over-the-road truck driver, having visited most of the US and a bit of Canada. The most overtly racist areas I ever saw were from Baltimore up to Boston on the NE coast. So I hate to see somebody insult an entire region of the country when I know for a fact that the insult isn’t true.

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