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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    • The Dr Anthony Fauci interview: coronavirus, vaccines and President Trump | 60 Minutes Australia

      You know these are strange days indeed when an immunologist, albeit a very good one, becomes a household name. But that’s exactly what has happened to Dr Anthony Fauci.

      His expertise in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic has made him a hero to many, but not his boss, the United States President.

      Talk about shooting the messenger – Donald Trump continually undermines his chief scientific adviser, calling him alarmist, and scoffing when the doctor urges caution about reopening the economy.

      But Dr Fauci’s not worried. Instead he’s getting on with trying to beat COVID-19.

      In an exclusive interview with 60 MINUTES, he shares important news with Tara Brown about the race for a vaccine and the way Australia is tackling this nightmare.

    • WHO says 172 countries engaging with global COVID-19 vaccine plan

      Some 172 countries are engaging with the COVAX facility designed to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, the World Health Organization said on Monday, but more funding is needed and countries need now to make binding commitments.

      • Coronavirus: WHO urges countries to join forces in global COVID-19 vaccine plan

        Countries wishing to be part of the global COVAX plan have until Aug. 31 to submit expressions of interest, WHO officials said, with confirmation of intention to join due by Sept. 18, and initial payments due by Oct. 9.

        […]COVAX is co-led by the GAVI vaccines alliance, the WHO and the CEPI Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

        […]its aim is to secure supplies of, and deliver 2 billion doses, across countries that sign up

        […]WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan also responded to news that U.S. President Trump announced an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma.

        […]Swaminathan said findings on convalescent plasma have been “inconclusive” to this point.

    • Coronavirus: Archbishops raise concerns over COVID-19 vaccine ethics | 9 News Australia

      Archbishops of the Anglican, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches are concerned with the ethics of using foetal cells from aborted human foetuses in a potential coronavirus vaccine.

    • Associated Press – Fmr. FDA official: Trump put politics over science

      Dr. Joshua Sharfstein former FDA principal deputy commissioner under the Obama administration called President Donald Trump’s announcement that would allow for COVID-19 patients to be treated with convalescent plasma “a very unfortunate political kind of circus.”

  1. More riots in Paris. FC PSG lost, so their fans vandalize cars and burn down the city. But I think there’s more to it.

    Riot police storm bar
    Police van attacked at 0m32, random car vandalized at 1m23
    shop or bank attacked at 1m12, burning car at 1m42
    Riot police clear what looks like the Champs Elysee with tear gas. Burning car at 1m27.
    Riot police clear area around football stadium with shield and baton. Footage of an arrest.

    1h55m livestream

  2. Video Transcripts Counter Narrative That Brought Down Austrian Populist Government (breitbart, Aug 24, 2020)

    “Newly released transcripts of the so-called “Ibiza Affair” have countered the previous media narrative that brought down former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache and the conservative-populist coalition government last year.

    The transcripts come from unreleased video, part of the six or so hours of footage taken in a residence on the Spanish island of Ibiza in 2017, and show the former populist Freedom Party (FPÖ) leader actively reject any potential illegal dealings with a woman posing as the relative of a Russian oligarch.

    In the footage previously released last year in May by German newspapers Der Spiegel and Suddeutsche Zeitung, the fake Russian oligarch woman offered to buy Austrian’s largest newspaper Kronen Zeitung and help the FPÖ in exchange for public construction contracts.

    The transcripts of the new footage, which were released by Austrian newspaper OE24, reveals that Strache explicitly said he did not want to engage in illegal or corrupt actions.

    When the fake Russian oligarch niece mentions that illegal offers were “common” in Eastern Europe, Strache responded saying, “No, no. But now we are honest. With all of this shit, you make yourself vulnerable and I don’t want to be vulnerable. I want to sleep quietly. I want to get up in the morning and say, ‘I’m clean.’”

    Strache also speaks with former Vienna Deputy Mayor Johann Gudenus, who was also forced to resign after the release of the tapes last year, and states that the FPO were being watched “24 hours” by the Austrian security services for anything that could bring the party down.

    He adds that there is no compromising or vulnerable material on him and he intended to stay that way saying, “The biggest mistake would be to act differently.”

    The new transcript shows both the woman, who is now wanted by Austrian Federal police, and her companion, who was revealed to be a private investigator named Julian H., repeatedly try and get Strache and Gudenus to agree to illegal dealings.

    Strache commented on the transcripts telling OE24, “It shows very well how manipulative the video was in May of last year. The new five minutes, like the rest of the video, will prove that I have repeatedly stressed that I do not want to do anything illegal.”

    Some in the German-speaking media have also begun to criticise the two newspapers who first published the tapes, with Die Welt noting there had been a “consciously unfavourable selection of video clips,” while the papers had access to hours of footage.

    Others, such as the conservative online publication Tichys Einblick, have compared the affair to the fake diaries of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler published by the magazine Stern in the 1980s.

    One of the newspapers involved, Der Spiegel, was also the centre of a scandal in 2018 when it was revealed one of its star journalists Claas Relotius had deliberately faked stories for years, inventing stories about middle America.

    Relotius had received many awards for his fake stories, including CNN’s “Journalist of the Year” award in 2014.

    Since publishing the new footage of the Ibiza Affair, OE24 editor in chief Richard Schmitt has claimed that an editor from Suddeutsche Zeitung recently threatened him.

    “Apparently as a reaction to my reporting on the Ibiza affair, an editor of the [Suddeutsche Zeitung] harm again – they threaten to bring ‘new knowledge’ about a media project that I cancelled in 08/2019,” he said on Twitter.

    The Ibiza affair became one of the largest scandals in post-war Austrian history last year and saw Strache resign as both Vice-Chancellor and as leader of the FPÖ.

    The affair led to the collapse of the conservative-populist coalition between the FPÖ and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s Austrian People’s Party, who now rule in a coalition with the Green Party following a national election last year.”

  3. Khan’s London: Man Stabbed in Park by Gang of Six Men in Front of ‘Distressed’ Children (breitbart, Aug 24, 2020)

    “A gang of about six men viciously attacked a 24-year-old man with baseball bats and knives in front of horrified children in a London park on Friday.

    The man was attacked in Nursery Row Park, Walworth in South London at around 5:20 in the afternoon as “distressed” children watched. He was rushed to a local hospital, where he remains.

    “I believe the victim was attacked by a group of up to six males armed with baseball bats and knives,” said DS Rob Merrett of Central South CID.

    “An investigation is underway, including forensic analysis of the scene and of all available CCTV footage, in addition to house-to-house and other local enquiries.

    “I urge any witnesses, anyone with information and in particular people who have mobile phone footage of the incident to come forward and speak with police if they have not already done so,” Merrett pleaded.

    A woman who witnessed emergency services trying to save the man’s life said: “It was around 5 pm so the market was just closing and the traders were packing up and there were lots of children playing in the park,” according to the Evening Standard.

    The man’s injuries are not believed to be life-threatening…”

  4. London Cops Intercept Man Transporting £5.7m in Cocaine Bricks (breitbart, Aug 24, 2020)

    “A man caught transporting £5.7m in cocaine bricks hidden in a van with secret compartments has been imprisoned.

    31-year-old Nabil Chaudhry, of Moat Place in Northampton, was intercepted by Metropolitan Police officers following an investigation by the force’s Specialist Crime Command, ultimately receiving a nominal seven-and-a-half-year term for for possessing criminal property and conspiracy to supply Class A drug.

    According to a Metropolitan Police statement, when officers confronted Chaudhry at a petrol station in Doncaster he “attempted to escape, fighting the officers as he tried to re-enter his vehicle”.

    The Met reported that “An initial search of the van revealed purpose-built panelling had been screwed into the rear” of the vehicle, which, on removal, revealed “45 individually wrapped blocks – later found to contain cocaine”.

    Officers also shared a video of their discovery on their website.

    Each of the hidden blocks contained a kilo of the narcotic — roughly 2.2 pounds — with a follow-up investigation linking Chaudhry to “the distribution of a further 75kg [165 lbs] of Class A drugs” and finding almost £50,000 ($65,000) in cash deposits had been made into his account with no legitimate paper trail…”

  5. Men with more than one wife will get extra benefits under new rules (dailymail, Aug 24, 2020)

    “Men with more than one wife will qualify for extra benefits under the new welfare system, according to official House of Commons research.

    Under the universal credit welfare system, which is not expected to be fully introduced until 2021, polygamous households will be rewarded with higher benefits, The Sunday Times reports.

    In the UK, it is illegal to marry more than one person.

    Polygamous marriages, largely confined to Muslim families, are only recognised in Britain if they took place in countries where they are legal, such as Middle Eastern states, Pakistan and Zambia.

    There no official figures but it is estimated that there may be as many as 20,000 polygamous marriages in the British Muslim community.

    Currently, a husband and his first wife are paid up to £114.85 a week. Subsequent spouses living under the same roof receive around £40 each.

    Under the new system of Universal Credit, which is not expected to be fully introduced until 2021, polygamous marriages will not be recognised at all.

    The standard allowance is about £498.89 a month for couples, but single people can claim about £317.83.

    That means the husband and his first wife will be able to claim the married couples’ allowance and subsequent wives will be able to claim a single person’s allowance.

    A briefing paper by the House of Commons library read:

    ‘The 2010 Government decided that the UC [Universal Credit] rules will not recognise additional partners in polygamous relationships.’

    ‘This could potentially result in some polygamous households receiving more under UC than under the current benefit and tax credit system.’

    It pointed out that a wife in a polygamous marriage ‘does not generally have the right to a state pension on the basis of her spouse’s contributions’.

    Philip Hollobone, Tory MP for Kettering, said the government should ensure that such households are not rewarded.

    ‘[Polygamous marriage] is illegal and should be prosecuted as such, and there should be no advantage to polygamy through the pensions and benefits system,’ he said.

    In the UK, it is illegal to marry more than one person.

    Polygamous marriages are only recognised if they took place in countries where they are legal.

    That includes Middle Eastern states, Pakistan and Zambia

    While there are no official figures, it is believed that there may be as many as 20,000 polygamous marriages in the British Muslim community.

    Currently, a husband and his first wife receive up to £114.85 a week in benefits, with subsequent wives able claiming about £40 each.

    Under the new universal credit system, which is not expected to be fully introduced until 2021, polygamous marriages will not be recognised at all.

    The standard allowance is about £498.89 a month for couples, but single people can claim about £317.83.

    That means the husband and his first wife will be able to claim the married couples’ allowance and subsequent wives will be able to claim a single person’s allowance.”

  6. Signs of a Coming Trump Victory

    Don’t kid yourself. Don’t be fooled by the bravado. Democrats behind the scenes are scared and getting more desperate by the day because there are so many signs of a coming Donald Trump victory.

    The signs are everywhere.

    Polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want to defund police. They want law and order. They support police. Even 80 percent of black voters overwhelmingly disagree with defunding police.

    Does anyone with a brain or common sense think this is a good sign for Joe Biden or Democrats? Do you think all these Americans who support the police, want more law and order, and want more police funding are leaning to “law and order Trump” or “defund the police Joe Biden”?

    Polls show 83 percent of Americans suppo

  7. Unwrapping the ANC lie in South Africa

    Listen to Rassool Snyman explain the history of South Africa and the reason why the ANC expropriation of land without compensation (because of dispossession is a blatant lie like the reign of the ANC in power)

  8. ATCH: Gunshots Ring Out as Armed Rioters Confront Police in Wisconsin

    Armed rioters shut down streets in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday night as the city fell into chaos after a police-involved shooting earlier in the evening.

    A large group of rioters – including at least two armed rioters – blocked a police armored car from proceeding down a street. After a standoff, the police began throwing tear gas canisters from the top of the vehicle to disperse the crowd. Moments later, gunshots rang out after one of the protesters appeared to open fire.

  9. Greece plans military exercise amid dispute with Turkey (abcnews, Aug 23, 2020)

    “Greece said Monday that its navy and air force will conduct military exercises in an area of the eastern Mediterranean where Turkey is prospecting for oil and gas as the neighboring countries remain locked in a dispute over offshore energy rights.

    The three-day, live-fire exercises will start Tuesday southeast of the Greek island of Crete, officials in Athens said. Germany, meanwhile, is stepping up a diplomatic effort to try to prevent the regional tensions from escalating further.

    Turkey has a research ship escorted by warships surveying for oil and gas exploration in the area and said Sunday that the work would continue through Aug. 27.

    The Turkish government disputes Greece’s claim to exclusive rights in the waters where the research vessel is working, arguing that islands should not be included in calculating sea boundaries between countries.

    The United States and the European Union so far have broadly backed Greece in the dispute, but EU countries remain split over a request from Greece to impose sanctions on Turkey…”

  10. Burkina Faso army blamed for extrajudicial torture, deaths (abcnews, Aug 24, 2020)

    “Huddled on the floor in a dimly lit room, one by one the five men displayed wounds they say were inflicted by government soldiers armed with wooden planks, knives and electric cables.

    A 30-year-old recounted how a soldier held a cigarette lighter to his face while holding his head to the ground with a boot.

    “The soldiers said if you don’t tell us where the jihadists are we’ll kill you,” said the man, who like the others spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals. “I was screaming and crying and begging him not to burn me.”

    Of the dozen men taken from Burkina Faso’s eastern town of Tawalbougou in late June on suspicion of supporting Islamic extremist rebels, only five survived, they said. One man died from the beatings and six others were shot and killed, said the survivors. Their families were too afraid to collect their bodies, they said.

    Some of the survivors can barely speak after the trauma, but all maintain they had no affiliation with the Islamic extremists who have rapidly destabilized Burkina Faso over the past few years.

    Such accusations of extrajudicial killings, torture and unlawful detention by Burkina Faso’s military are mounting, as the ill-equipped and under-trained army scrambles to stem the spread of jihadist violence that’s ravaging the country. As attacks linked to Islamic militants increase, so does the army’s targeting of civilians perceived to support them, charge rights groups.

    Government officials deny that its forces are carrying out the abuse and say it places great emphasis on human rights and is conducting investigations into other alleged abuses by security personnel.

    The allegations of rights abuses highlight the instability caused by the spread of extremist violence in Burkina Faso and the surrounding countries of West Africa’s Sahel region. Similar extremist violence in neighboring Mali and that government’s lack of success in controlling it is blamed for contributing to the coup there last week.

    Many of the alleged victims of army abuse in Burkina Faso, like the five interviewed by AP, come from the Peuhl ethnic group, also known as the Fulani.

    Rights groups say the army is tarnishing its reputation and eroding trust among a desperate population that is facing attacks on multiple fronts.

    “Allegations of abuse by the security forces and pro-government militias are trending dangerously up. Every time a suspect last seen in their custody winds up dead along a path or in a cell, confidence in the state decreases and the chance that angry men will support the jihadists increases,” said Corinne Dufka, West Africa director for Human Rights Watch.

    During the first seven months of this year, 288 civilians were killed by government forces, more than a quarter of the total civilian deaths caused by violence, according to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, which collects and analyzes conflict information.

    The trend is specifically jarring in Burkina Faso’s east, where the number of civilians killed by government forces has swelled by almost nine times so far this year compared to the second half of last year, according to the ACLED data.

    The men who spoke with the AP in Fada N’gourma town said they were abducted from their homes by government soldiers backed by volunteer fighters from the local area. The military forces put the men into trucks and drove them around for hours while torturing them, the men told AP.

    The incident comes on the heels of a Human Rights Watch report last month that said evidence suggested the army was responsible for the large scale executions of 180 people in the country’s north found in mass graves. The majority of the victims in the graves were also ethnic Peuhl herders.

    The government did not respond to requests by the AP seeking comment about the alleged attacks in June. The ministry of defense has previously suggested such killings could have been carried out by groups using stolen army uniforms and equipment.

    Foreign embassy cables from June seen by the AP say that President Roch Marc Christian Kabore appeared defensive when questioned about the abuses. The president said security forces were having a hard time finding “real terrorists” who infiltrate communities.

    In June, jihadists disguised in burqas killed seven people in a village not far from Fada N’Gourma, said a high-ranking army officer who did not want to be named. Sometimes the jihadists pretend to be cattle or food traders so they can spy, he said on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

    Civilians trying to survive in the east say they’re caught between government and volunteer brutality, as well as jihadist attacks.

    Ousmane Bande lost his son in the June attacks with government soldiers, his 17-year-old nephew was killed days later at a checkpoint manned by volunteers, not far from Fada N’gourma. Wrapping his prayer beads around his fingers, he said it’s hard to see his nine grandchildren now have to grow up without a father.

    “I’m suffering,” he said. “The government needs to find a way to bring back peace.””

    • These wars are older than Islam in the region. Now Fulani jihadis are swimming in the Fulani sea with impunity.

      Maybe Fulani civilians will be moved to clean up the mess in their own house, spare themselves abuse of their human rights.

      Human Rights Watchers are HIGHLY selective in what they choose to watch, then report. Tards will ONLY and ALWAYS be the victims.

  11. 20 inmates killed during prison riot in Madagascar, officials say (abcnews, Aug 24, 2020)

    “Twenty inmates were shot dead Sunday at a prison in Madagascar as authorities tried to stop a riot there.

    The riot began Sunday afternoon at the prison in Farafagana, a city on the southeast coast of the African island nation. Inmates split into two groups, with one side attacking guards and the other forcing a passageway through the prison’s toilets to escape. Some inmates threw stones at the guards and even seized one of their guns, according to a press release from Madagascar’s Ministry of Justice…”

  12. 14 killed, 75 wounded in bomb attacks in south Philippines (abcnews, Aug 24, 2020)

    “Muslim militants allied with the Islamic State group set off a powerful motorcycle explosive followed by a suicide bombing that together killed 14 people on Monday, many of them soldiers, in the worst extremist attack in the Philippines this year, military officials said.

    At least 75 soldiers, police and civilians were wounded in the midday bombings in Jolo town in southern Sulu province, regional military commander Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan said. The bombings were staged as the government grapples with the highest number of coronavirus infections in Southeast Asia.

    Vinluan said most of the victims, including children, were killed and wounded in the first attack, when a bomb attached to a motorcycle exploded near two parked army trucks in front of a grocery store and computer shop in Jolo.

    “It was a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device which exploded while our soldiers were on a marketing run,” Vinluan told reporters.

    A second blast, apparently from a female suicide attacker, occurred about an hour later and killed the bomber, a soldier, a police commando and wounded several others, a military report said. It said the suspected bomber walked out of a snack shop, approached soldiers who were securing a Roman Catholic cathedral and “suddenly blew herself up.”

    Snipers were deployed in the area to guard against more bombers as the victims were carried to an ambulance.

    A third unexploded bomb was reportedly found in a public market. Jolo was immediately placed in a security lockdown by troops and police.

    Presidential spokesman Harry Roque condemned the bombings “in the strongest possible terms.”

    Initial pictures seen by The Associated Press showed soldiers carrying a man from the scene of the explosion near an army truck while another victim lay on the road. The wreckage of a motorcycle and body parts were seen on the road.

    The first bombing was carried out near a town plaza and the cathedral in the predominantly Muslim and poverty-stricken province. The country’s southern region is home to minority Muslims in the largely Roman Catholic nation and has been the scene of decades of Muslim separatist unrest, particularly in remote island provinces such as Jolo.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, but the military blamed an Abu Sayyaf militant commander, Mundi Sawadjaan, who has been linked to suicide bombings in recent years in Sulu.

    Military officials said last week that Sawadjaan had plotted bombings in Sulu using two female suicide attackers. Army troops were carrying out a covert operation to locate and capture Sawadjaan and the suicide bombers in June when four army personnel were stopped at a Jolo police checkpoint and later shot to death by a group of policemen.

    The army angrily described the killings as a rub out and demanded murder charges be filed immediately against nine policemen. Police officials, however, say it may have been a mistaken encounter between the army and police forces.

    The military has been waging a yearslong offensive against the Abu Sayyaf, a small but violent group listed by the United States and the Philippines as a terrorist group for past bombings, ransom kidnappings and beheadings.

    Its armed fighters have dwindled in number to a few hundred in recent years due to battle setbacks and surrenders, including a key commander, Abduljihad Susukan, who gave up to authorities two weeks ago after being wounded in battle.

    Susukan has been blamed for kidnappings and beheadings of hostages, including foreign tourists. He reportedly surrendered through a Muslim rebel chief who has signed a peace deal and was cooperating with the government.

    Military officials said they were not discounting the possibility that Monday’s bombings were staged partly in retaliation for the detention of Susukan, who is now in police custody and faces multiple murder and kidnapping charges.”

  13. The Muslim Brotherhood hood, Mazin. Abdul-Adhim, living in London, Ontario stated: “ UAE announced that they are making a deal with the Zionist entity and officially normalizing relations. That is about as surprising as a prostitute announcing that she is officially going to commit zinc”.

    Why has he not been charged with hate speech and deported back to Iraq?

    Let’s make Canada great again.

  14. Francis Buk Video: ‘My Escape From Slavery in Sudan’
    FPM – August 24, 2020

    My Escape From Slavery in Sudan.
    The Glazov Gang – August 21 2020

  15. The Foreign Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, stated in 2019, that Israel was justified in attacking Iranian targets in Syria. “Every nation has the right to defend itself, when it’s challenged by another nation. Yes, he said, when asked about Israeli strikes”.

    When will any Minister in Canada stand up and say to all the Imams and the Muslim Brotherhood hood groups in Canada, we do not support Shari’ah law — you must follow Canadian law or get out of Canada.

    Marrying a 9 year old, permanently or temporarily (muta) is NOT allowed in Canada.

    Canadian soldiers are our heroes, not war criminals.

    “Hitting” your wife is assault, and not allowed in Canada.

    You are not allowed to marry 4 women and have sex slaves.

    You are not allowed to stone or call for the stoning of anyone in Canada.

    Mazin Abdul-Adhim says “women’s minds are deficient“, politicians need to stop acting like their minds are deficient and do something to save Canada from the Brotherhood hoods of the Nation of Islam. Start deporting.

  16. Austrian Police Arrest Syrian Refugee After Attacks on Jewish Leader, Synagogue (sputniknews, Aug 24, 2020)

    “A two-day search for a man who attacked the Jewish community leader and threw rocks at a synagogue in the Austrian city of Graz has ended in an arrest of a Syrian refugee, the interior minister said Monday.

    “Yesterday evening, the police in Graz were able to arrest the culprit … He is a 31-year-old Syrian citizen who has been living in Austria since 2013 and has refugee status,” Karl Nehammer said during a news conference.

    The man was detained in possession of a chair leg and a bag full of rocks and has pleaded guilty to all charges, the minister added…”

  17. DAILY MAIL – French interior minister vows to deport family of Muslim girl, 17, who ‘beat her and shaved her head for dating a Christian’ because ‘they have no reason to be on our soil’

    17-year-old Bosnian Muslim girl was beaten and had her head shaved in France
    Her parents, aunt and uncle allegedly attacked her for dating a Christian man
    Gerald Darmanin, French interior minister, has vowed to deport the girl’s family
    ‘They will be taken back… because they have no reason to be on our soil,’ he said

    The 17-year-old was left with a broken rib and multiple bruises after the attack

  18. Asylum Seekers Who Travel Through Safe Countries to Reach Britain Should be Turned Away, Say Lawmakers (breitbart, Aug 24, 2020)

    “A new grouping of British Conservative members of parliament has called on the government to radically overhaul the “not fit for purpose” asylum system, saying migrants who travel to the UK from safe countries shouldn’t be granted asylum.

    The letter to Boris Johnson from the so-called Common Sense parliamentary group comes as the United Kingdom faces an unprecedented influx of illegal migrants being assisted over the channel by people smugglers, and brought ashore by Border Force government boats. Over 5,000 boat migrants are known to have landed in the United Kingdom this year so far, an all-time high.

    British newspaper The Daily Telegraph cites the Common Sense letter, signed by over 40 Conservative members of parliament and other top figures, in which Britain’s present immigration system is dismissed as “unfit for purpose”. The members call for “root and brand reform” and — perhaps most significantly — that asylum claims made by arrivals who travelled through safe countries before arriving in Britain be rejected.

    Among the signatories cited in the report are Sir Edward Leigh and London Mayor candidate Shaun Bailey.

    Why the United Kingdom accepts thousands of refugees from France — a safe, Western nation — is a question that has never been satisfactorily answered. But now the Common Sense group claim those illegal migrant arrivals from safe countries undermine the provision of asylum given to genuine asylum seekers.

    The letter is not the first time the growing Common Sense group have intervened on the immigration issue. In early August, 23 Tory MPs wrote to the Home Secretary to demand the migration crisis blowing up in the English Channel be resolved. In the weeks since that letter was written, nearly 1,000 more migrants landed illegally on Britain’s south-eastern shores.

    The Common Sense group plan certainly appears to chime with British public opinion. As Breitbart London reported in August, a YouGov poll found a general lack of sympathy with illegal migrants coming to Britain from safe countries to claim asylum. Only one-third of Britains polled thought the nation had a responsibility to accept illegals…”

  19. Migrants at center of political tug-of-war in divided Bosnia (abcnews, Aug 24, 2020)

    “Authorities in a northeastern region of Bosnia, decrying an alleged failure by other parts of the country to share the load of a lingering migration crisis, have set up roadblocks to prevent Europe-bound migrants from entering the territory under their jurisdiction.

    In an apparent violation of Bosnia’s human rights and immigration laws, local authorities deployed police officers to the main highway connecting the Krajina region to the rest of the country with orders to stop and turn back all the migrants they encounter.

    In response, the police forces of adjacent administrative regions started blocking migrants from walking back to their areas.

    Krajina authorities began enforcing their decision to ban all new migrants arrivals in the last three days. In that time, around 200 people, including women and children, were taken off buses and trains and left trapped on the side of a road near the town of Bosanska Otoka.

    Ali Razah, who is from Pakistan, said various police units had blocked him and other migrants from moving in any direction.

    “There is no food, no water, nothing…and we are staying on the grass,” he said.

    When other nations in the Balkans and central Europe closed off previously established migration paths, Bosnia became a bottleneck for thousands of migrants from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa seeking better lives in Europe.

    Migrants mostly enter Bosnia across the Drina River, on its eastern border with Serbia. From there, they traverse the impoverished and ethnically divided country to reach Krajina, which stretches along a highly porous segment of Bosnia’s border with EU-member Croatia.

    Local authorities in Krajina have long accused Bosnia’s central government of subjecting the migration crisis to political infighting and failing to provide them with any practical help.

    Bosnian Serb hard-line leader Milorad Dodik, who currently holds a seat in Bosnia’s multi-ethnic joint presidency, has blocked efforts to deploy the army along the border with Serbia to stem the influx of migrants.

    Dodik, who has repeatedly pressed for Serbs to separate from multi-ethnic Bosnia and unite with Serbia proper, has used the migration issue to promote his Serbian-first position. He refused to accommodate any migrants in the country’s autonomous Serb-run half and instead pushed them into Krajina.

    Bosnia went through a bloody inter-ethnic war in the 1990s that killed more than 100,000 people and left millions homeless. The U.S.-brokered 1995 peace deal for Bosnia has split the country along ethnic lines into two highly autonomous parts – the Serb-run Republika Srpska and the Bosniak-Croat Federation.

    The two parts are linked by a complicated network of central, multi-ethnic governing institutions which are supposed to rule by consensus but instead tend to turn even the most mundane issues into numbing political tugs-of-war.”

  20. Terror twins, 22, who fled UK to become ISIS jihadi brides speak after being caught trying to escape Syrian refugee camp in bid to return to Europe (dailymail, Aug 24, 2020)

    “Two sisters who sparked a counter-terror probe after they fled from the UK to join ISIS have told how they were caught trying to escape a refugee camp in a failed bid to return to Europe.

    Twin sisters Salma and Zahra Halane are now being detained in a high-security detention centre after trying to escape the Al Hol camp in Syria.

    They now say they want to be repatriated to Denmark, the country of their birth.

    The girls – dubbed the ‘Terror Twins’ – fled their home in Chorlton when they were 16 years old to travel to Syria in June 2014.

    They were described as academically gifted but were said to have become radicalised and ran away overnight to join a so-called ISIS ‘caliphate’.

    They say they have since turned their backs on IS, claiming they are ‘not happy’ with the terror group and have ‘nothing to do’ with it.

    It is thought they went on to become ‘jihadi brides’ as they married fighters from so-called Islamic State (IS) and were later widowed.

    The twins had fled from IS territory last year, they said, and spent the following 16 months at a refugee camp with Zahra’s young son.

    But they were recently arrested by Kurdish security services after trying to escape the camp…”

  21. Iran Guards Say Three US-Linked Infiltrators Killed

    “Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said Monday that its forces killed three gunmen with links to the United States who tried to infiltrate its territory in the country’s far northwest.

    “Last night, a counter-revolutionary terrorist group… got caught up in an intelligence web of (Guards) fighters in the Maku public area,” the Guards’ Sepahnews website reported.

    The Guards said the armed group was “affiliated with the global arrogance,” a term the Islamic republic uses for its arch-enemy the United States.

    They said the group had “intended to penetrate deep into our country” but added that all three were killed during clashes…”

  22. Another Algeria Journalist Jailed in Growing Crackdown

    “An Algerian journalist was sentenced Monday to two years in prison, his lawyer told AFP, in the latest trial of media and pro-democracy figures in the North African country.

    Abdelkrim Zeghileche, head of a web-based independent radio station, Radio-Sarbacane, had been accused of posting on Facebook calls to create a new political party, his lawyer Djamel Aissiouane said.

    The main charges against him were “endangering national unity” and “insulting the head of state”, according to Aissiouane…”

  23. Yemen asylum seeker found dead in UK hotel room

    “A Yemeni asylum seeker who made the arduous journey to Europe after fleeing his war-torn country has been found dead in a Manchester hotel room.

    Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Al-Habib, 41, was pronounced dead at the scene after being discovered unresponsive on 6 August after arriving in the UK in June. However, the cause of death has not yet been confirmed with an investigation underway.

    Al-Habib travelled across through the continent before crossing the English Channel in a flimsy boat along with 15 other people, including fellow Yemenis but also from Syria and Iran, reports the Guardian.

    After being spotted by the Border Force, the Home Office detained a number of them at Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre in Bedfordshire before moving them onto a hotel in Manchester.

    One of the passengers who was with Al-Habib in the dinghy is quoted as saying: “We did not recognise the language of the smugglers. They charged us €2,000 or €3,000 [$2,366 or $3,549]. The journey was terrifying. Every minute of it we felt we were hovering between life and death and could drown at any time”

    “All of us on these journeys, we have lost our country, lost our family, lost our future. When we got into the boat in Calais we felt the sea was the only place left for us to go.”

    Arab News reports that although the nature of Al-Habib’s death is unclear, mental health problems and suicides are common among asylum seekers in the UK. On average two people a day tried to commit suicide in British deportation centres in 2018. According to the Refugee Council, 61 per cent of asylum seekers experience serious mental distress.

    A Home Office spokesperson said: “An individual tragically died in the … hotel earlier this month and all our thoughts are with their loved ones at this time.”

    Al-Habib leaves behind a wife and four young children, all of whom are still in Yemen.

    The war in Yemen began five years ago when the US-backed, Saudi-led coalition launched a bombing campaign in an attempt to topple the Houthi-led government based in the capital Sanaa in order to restore the UN-recognised government in exile. The conflict has over a 100,000 people and left 80 per cent of the population in need of humanitarian assistance.”

  24. Erdogan says Greece ‘sowing chaos’ in Mediterranean

    “President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday Turkey’s navy will not back down as Greece “sows chaos” in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, where the countries have deployed frigates in an escalating rhetorical confrontation over overlapping resource claims.

    “The ones who throw Greece in front of the Turkish navy will not stand behind them,” Erdogan said after a cabinet meeting. He added that Athens did not have the right to broadcast maritime navigational and weather advisories, known as Navtex, in areas claimed by Ankara.

    Greece has declared its own Navtex unlawfully and in a spoiled manner…With this approach, Greece has sown chaos that it will not be able to escape from,

    Erdogan said.

    Turkey has extended the exploration mission of its Oruc Reis survey ship in a disputed part of the eastern Mediterranean to Aug. 27, stoking tensions in the region. Athens has called the survey illegal.

    Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas told reporters on Monday that Greece had issued a Navtex advisory also expiring on August 27.

    “Greece is responding calmly and with readiness both on a diplomatic and on an operational level. And with national confidence it does everything needed to defend its sovereign rights,” Pestas said.

    Turkey and Greece, NATO allies, vehemently disagree over claims to hydrocarbon resources in the area based on conflicting views on the extent of their continental shelves in waters dotted with mostly Greek islands.

    Separately, Turkey’s defence ministry said maritime training involving Turkish and allied navy ships would be conducted in the eastern Mediterranean on August 25.”

  25. Greece to extend fence on land border with Turkey to deter migrants

    “Greece will proceed with plans to extend a cement and barbed-wire fence that it set up in 2012 along its northern border with Turkey to prevent migrants from entering the country, the government said on Monday.

    The conservative government made the decision this year, spokesman Stelios Petsas said after tens of thousands of asylum seekers tried to enter EU member Greece in late February when Ankara said it would no longer prevent them from doing so.

    Greece, which is at odds with neighbouring Turkey over a range of issues, has been a gateway to Europe for people fleeing conflicts and poverty in the Middle East and beyond, with more than a million passing through the country in 2015-2016.

    The project led by four Greek construction companies will be completed within eight months at an estimated cost of 63 million euros, Petsas told a news briefing.

    The 12.5-kilometre fence was built eight years ago to stop migrants from crossing into Greece. It will be extended in areas indicated by Greek police and the army, Petsas said without elaborating. In March, he said it would be extended to 40 kilometres.

    Tensions between NATO allies Greece and Turkey, who disagree over where their continental shelves begin and end, have recently escalated further over hydrocarbon resources in the eastern Mediterranean region.”

  26. Global Ranking Names Manama Most Financially Attractive City

    “The AIRINC Global Cities Index ranked Bahrain’s capital Manama as the most financially attractive city in the world, with several other GCC capitals earning a high ranking. Manama came first out of 150, with Riyadh taking fourth place, Kuwait City sixth, and Abu Dhabi seventh. Dubai and Oman’s capital Muscat ranked 12th and 16th, respectively.

    The ranking by AIRINC, a US company which facilitates outsourcing and international recruitment, published lists of cities with the most attractive lifestyle, financial attractiveness, and overall attractiveness. GCC cities made up a large part of those deemed most attractive “financially” because of the ease of doing business and extremely low taxes on high-income earners.

    Also in the Greater Middle East, Casablanca, Morocco featured in the AIRINC ranking, coming in 76th overall. The city scored 92nd for lifestyle, significantly higher in the ranking than Manama, and 50th for “financial attractiveness. Noticeably few cities with low taxes for the rich performed well in the “lifestyle” category, with the exception of Swiss cities Geneva and Zurich.

    Tax havens
    While the GCC cities ranked high for their financial attractiveness, only Dubai made the top 30 for “overall attractiveness.” Dubai ranked 30th in the overall ranking. It was also the top GCC city in the “lifestyle” ranking, where it earned 48th place, while Manama took the 116th spot.

    The fact that most GCC states barely tax high-income earners makes them attractive for those who wish to evade taxes in their native nation. Manama featured in the top three with notorious tax havens in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

    Global tax evasion like that facilitated by GCC states, Caribbean tax havens, and European countries such as the Netherlands and Switzerland, is a growing global problem. Tax evasion sees roughly $600 billion missing from much-needed state tax revenues annually. Instead of funding education and healthcare, an increasingly concentrated wealthy financial elite instead collects these funds.”

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