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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. From Loving Life 2020
    ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has put his colleagues on the clock, giving them five days to declare their financial interests and any pending police investigations.
    Ace Magashule is one of the most CORRUPT ANC Politician after former South African President Jacob Zuma.

  2. From Loving Life 2020

    The National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Nehawu) says that it will move ahead with plans to strike against the government’s refusal to increase public servants’ salaries and a failure to offer adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) against the coronavirus.

    Nehawu’s membership base exceeds 240,000 people, making it the largest public sector union in the country.

  3. I was watching the Weathermen documentary Vlad posted yesterday. I did not intend to watch as much as I did. If half of it is true it is too much. The depths of the cesspool of deviants is bracing. The brutal intentions of communist ideologues in our very midst is mind boggling. These people are serious and will stop at nothing. The dots connecting them, ominously, also appear to connect the dots of sexual deviancy. This is indicative.

    At first blush I blame the free market of ideas for the trouble we’re in. Yes, that’s what I said. You heard right. That this very market, itself, has permitted the rise of the collectivist mind disease is self evident.

    We hold up the free market of ideas as the gold standard of the truly civil society. With the other hand we hold up the First Amendment. After all, without the free expression of ideas we become Soviet, right? Right. Kind of like what we are right now. Yes, it’s a Catch-22. By our own standards we must allow the expression of the worst ideas because we steadfastly believe that truth will win the competition. After all, it did win in the U.S. for a long, long time, enabling it to become the greatest country in human history. Surely, the right to choose ideas must result in the successful purchase of the best ideas most of the time. So how did we get here? We are rife with the very leftist, corrupt elitism that the majority of people should not believe in. Yet, roughly half of America voted the wrong way in the last election, and the world awaits with bated breath the result of the next.

    This documentary makes some things crystal clear. Despite the fact that communism is a crime against humanity, it flourishes in the west. Its purveyors function among us with shocking, increasing alacrity and boldness. Its leaders are monied, erudite and have little fear for the consequences of their actions.

    The nagging head scratcher that started me writing this idea, seeded by this documentary, remains. What’s wrong with our “free market”? How do we reconcile it with our coming showdown with full-blown communism? Should we not acknowledge the will of the American majority should Biden win? Is this not an expression of our free market that we must respect? And we are much, much closer to this showdown than people realize. You mix a drink with equal parts plandemic, Keynesian bankruptcy, Neo-Marxist fuckery and foreign interference and you’ve got yourself a drink with a kick.

    “Reason” can lead us to very unreasonable places. Especially when said specious reasoning is inflicted on our young. Silver-tongued devils spawned by silver-tongued devils reached a critical mass at some point. Communism and pedophilia appear to be multi-generational phenomenons. This documentary has running through it the prevalence of communist thought leaders occupying our education system. It is no coincidence that the perversion of young minds has been accompanied by the perversion of young bodies. The normal allergic reaction people experience when exposed to depravity has been undermined by our education system, and by the accompanying cultural downfall it courts. Hence, so has our free market of ideas been compromised. They get ’em young and their gone. So, in the end, whatever success the left has enjoyed was because they cheated. They’ve placed their thumb on the scale of open societal discourse by indoctrinating non-adults, first. Children are NOT proper participants in the free market of ideas just as they are not supposed to be participants in war or sex or driving cars. They’re too young for all that. They haven’t the life experience or common sense to deal with all things adult. This explains why our educators have been trying to wrestle our kids away from us to take on the role of state parents.

    I know. I’m a little disappointed with my own punchline. It all comes down to common sense. Big fat deal.

    I will say, however, that common sense is sneaky. It’s extremely intuitive. It can function without much oxygen or information. It can feel when things are wrong. It can size you up as a silver-tongued devil from a mile away. You get it from your parents and they got it from theirs.

    Isn’t it about time we pull a Reagan and fire all the teachers? So we lose a few months of school to rehire and restructure. Haven’t we already lost a few? Teachers can then be rehired depending on their answer to a single trick question: does two plus two equal five?

    • “At first blush
      I blame the free market
      of ideas
      for the trouble we’re in.
      Yes, that’s what I said.
      You heard right.
      That this very market, itself,
      has permitted the rise
      of the collectivist
      mind disease
      is self evident.”

      From The Dark Book of Humor: Islam to Gulag. Chapter four: how your smartphone became your monitor.

      • “Hate Crimes, by definition, are all those against the Collective. Judged not upon individual behavior, but prosecuted on the Collective given to the Defendant (willing or not, as say, classed as “white”), and then revealed that this their motive to the oppression of a Preferential Identity.

        All those of a Protected Characteristic in the reverse situation, are treated as “Lone Wolves”.

        From the banned book: Sea of Ideas.

    • I don’t blame the free market of ideas, I blame the people who allowed the radical left to take control of the educational system so we no longer have a free market of ideas. When the kids are taught only one side of the political spectrum the free market of ideas doesn’t exist. The left set out to slowly seize control of the educational system and part of that was the campaign to tell parents that they shouldn’t pay attention to their children’s test books and lesson plans. After all it is the job of the schools to educate the kids not the job of the parents. An example of this is the way Virginia is forcing the parents to sign pledges not to listen to the children’s lessons during the virtual school teaching.

      What is being taught that they are afraid for the parents to know about?

      How many parents are going to set outside the doors and listen to what is being taught?

      Remember this is Virginia where thousands of armed citizens showed up at the Capital to protest the new Gun Control Laws.

    • “Isn’t it about time we pull a Reagan and fire all the teachers? So we lose a few months of school to rehire and restructure. Haven’t we already lost a few? Teachers can then be rehired depending on their answer to a single trick question: does two plus two equal five?”

      The grain of a mustard seed…

      This is the answer:
      The mind of a child.
      Pruning and training
      So they don’t grow wild.
      Lovingly smiled
      With no agenda.

      The rage of a muslim
      The pain of a prol
      Pedophile sages
      Dead-Lives they extol.
      The Greeks gave us Jesus
      The Romans they stole
      Magic forever
      When you should be whole.

      Seldom is heard
      The truth sets you free
      Repent of your Pride,
      Virtue and Glee.
      Enter inside
      Examine and see
      The ropes of your Masters
      That tie you to three.

  4. Four Soldiers Reportedly Killed by Explosive Device in Mali (sputniknews, Aug 22, 2020)

    “Earlier this week, a military mutiny took place in the country, with militants detaining the Malian president, the prime minister, and several high-ranking officials.

    Four soldiers were killed and one more injured when a car ran over an explosive device in Koro district, not far from Mali’s border with Burkina Faso, AFP reported, citing a military source.

    This comes just days after a military mutiny in Mali, which resulted in the detention of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, Prime Minister Boubou Cisse, and other top government officials. President Keita later announced his resignation and the dissolution of the parliament.

    On Thursday, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) said it was going to send a high-ranking delegation to Mali to help restore constitutional order there. The organisation added that it wants to seek the reinstatement of Keita as the Malian president…”

  5. Turkey vs Greece: Foreign Minister lashes out at Ankara for ‘ignoring European values’ (express, Aug 22, 2020)

    “TURKEY has been accused of “ignoring European values” by sending research vessel the Oruc Reis to undertake a seismic survey close to a Greek island, in a strongly worded statement issued by Greece’s Embassy in London…”

    • The world is returning to walled cities and armed borders, another sign that Western Civilization is dead.

      They are taking the first steps that will (hopefully) lead to a second reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula. Times like these are when knowledge of the historical facts would help all nations and aid the resistance to the Islamic Conquest.

  6. Pakistan sanctions Taliban to avoid global finance blacklist (abcnews, Aug 22, 2020)

    “Pakistan issued sweeping financial sanctions against Afghanistan’s Taliban, just as the militant group is in the midst of U.S.-led peace process in the neighboring country.

    The orders, which were made public late on Friday, identified dozens of individuals, including the Taliban’s chief peace negotiator Abdul Ghani Baradar and several members of the Haqqani family, including Sirajuddin, the current head of the Haqqani network and deputy head of the Taliban.

    The list of sanctioned groups included others besides the Taliban and were in keeping with a five-year-old United Nations resolution sanctioning the Afghan group and freezing their assets.

    The orders were issued as part of Pakistan’s efforts to avoid being blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which monitors money laundering and tracks terrorist groups’ activities, according to security officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

    Last year the Paris-based group put Islamabad on a grey list. Until now only Iran and North Korea are blacklisted, which severely restricts a country’s international borrowing capabilities. Pakistan is trying to get off the grey list, said the officials.

    There was no immediate response from the Taliban, but many of the group’s leaders are known to own businesses and property in Pakistan.

    Many of Taliban leaders, including those heading the much -feared Haqqani network, have lived in Pakistan since the 1980s, when they were part of the Afghan mujahedeen and allies of the United States to end the 10-year invasion of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union. It ended in February, 1989.

    Pakistan has denied giving sanctuary to the Taliban following their ouster in 2001 by the U.S.-led coalition but both Washington and Kabul routinely accused Islamabad of giving them a safe haven.

    Still it was Pakistan’s relationship with the Taliban that Washington eventually sought to exploit to move its peace negotiations with the insurgent movement forward. America signed a peace deal with the Taliban on Feb. 29. The deal is intended to end Washington’s nearly 20 years of military engagement in Afghanistan, and has been touted as Afghanistan’s best hope for a peace after more than four decades of war.

    But even as Washington has already begun withdrawing its soldiers, efforts to get talks started between Kabul’s political leadership and the Taliban have been stymied by delays in a prisoner release program.

    The two sides are to release prisoners —— 5,000 by the government and 1,000 by the Taliban —— as a good will gesture ahead of talks. Both sides blame the other for the delays.

    The timing of Pakistan’s decision to issue the orders implementing the restrictive sanctions could also be seen as a move to pressure the Taliban into a quick start to the intra-Afghan negotiations.

    Kabul has defied a traditional jirga or council’s order to release the last Taliban it is holding, saying it wants 22 Afghan commandos being held by the Taliban freed first.

    As well as the Taliban, the orders also target al-Qaida and the Islamic State affiliate which has carried out deadly attacks in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    They also take aim at outlawed Pakistani groups like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), thousands of whom are believed by the U.N. to be hiding in remote regions of Afghanistan . The TTP has declared war on Pakistan, carrying out one of the worst terrorist attacks in the country in 2014 killing 145 children and their teachers at an army public school in northwest Pakistan.

    The orders also take aim at outlawed anti-Indian groups considered allied with the country’s security services.”

  7. UN atomic watchdog chief heading to Iran; seeks more access (abcnews, Aug 22, 2020)

    “The head of the U.N.’s atomic watchdog agency will head to Tehran next week to press Iranian authorities for access to sites where the country is thought to have stored or used undeclared nuclear material, the organization said Saturday.

    It will be the first visit to Iran of International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Rafael Grossi since he took office last December, and comes amid intense international pressure on the country over its nuclear program.

    The focus will be on access to sites thought to be from the early 2000s, before Iran signed the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. Iran maintains the IAEA inspectors have no legal basis to inspect the sites.

    “My objective is that my meetings in Tehran will lead to concrete progress in addressing the outstanding questions that the agency has related to safeguards in Iran and, in particular, to resolve the issue of access,” Grossi said in a statement.

    “I also hope to establish a fruitful and cooperative channel of direct dialogue with the Iranian government which will be valuable now and in the future.”

    The Iranian delegation to international organizations in Vienna tweeted that “we hope this visit will lead to reinforced mutual cooperation.”…”

    • Air Fields near choke points allow the nation owning the air field to control the choke point.

      During WWII the US rushed the invasion of Guadalcanal to prevent the Japanese from finishing an air field that would have allowed the Japanese to control part of the important sea links to Australia and New Zealand. This positioning of a military base and airfield on the islands can’t be over estimated, I know that a year or so the Chinese were working hard to stop the air fields from being built.

      • Looking at the map you can see why China wants to control the South China Sea and why the other nations don’t want them to control that region. If China gets control of the choke points they can dictate who carries what to whom in the Far East. India, Japan and Australia can’t let them get that control. The US can’t either but we are going to have part of our attention and military tied down fighting the civil war. This is why China wants Biden and the Dems to win in November, they don’t want to add the US fleet to the Navy’s they are going to be facing.

      • Right now I am fine and hoping I can remain that way, they have changed by blood thinner to eliquis and I am hoping they will change a couple of others. I will know more after my appointment with my Primary Care Doctor Monday Afternoon.

        • Primary Care Doctor – Germs!
          You don’t want to pass it to your CAT. They’re quite susceptible, though only get really sick if they have “underlying vulnerabilities”.

          And Shannon?
          Did the mi sheberach kick in?

  8. Nearly half of Americans not confident presidential elections will be fair

    s Americans across the country consider who they’re going to vote for this November, many voters have begun to realize how they’ll be voicing their stance could be just as important of an issue. According to a recent survey, more than four in 10 Americans are not confident this year’s elections will be conducted fairly and accurately.

    The poll, which was conducted in late July and included responses from nearly 6,500 people, showed levels of concern about the integrity of the elections were similar across party lines and increased among voters who are older.

    Of those planning to vote for Democrat candidate Joe Biden, 48% stated they are worried. 41% those looking to support President Trump responded similarly.

  9. Kremlin critic Navalny is flown to German hospital; in ‘worrying’ condition

    BERLIN (Reuters) – Gravely ill Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was evacuated to Germany for medical treatment on Saturday, flown out of the Siberian city of Omsk in an ambulance aircraft and taken to a hospital in Berlin.

    There was no word yet from the Charite hospital on his condition but the founder of the activist group that arranged the flight called Navalny’s health condition “very worrying”.

    • AFP – Protest in New York against Trump’s pandemic response

      About a hundred protesters dressed in white gather in front of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, to denounce Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      The outbreak has left 175,000 people dead in the United States. “It’s a tragedy, I think a lot of it could have been prevented,” a protester says.

  10. WHO hopes COVID pandemic will be over in under two years: Director general

    WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says he hopes the COVID-19 pandemic will last less time than the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which killed tens of millions of people in two years.


    AFP – Despite virus, Shiite pilgrims gather for mourning month

    Mask-clad Iraqi Shiite Muslim worshippers pray while respecting the social distancing restrictions at a mosque on the first day of the holy month of “muharram”, ignoring calls to stay home even as COVID-19 spreads.

  12. From Red Pill Germany
    The Hot Chinese Spie who Drank too Much With Me

    Hey guys, today I want to tell you about my personal experience with Chinese researchers in the West who are members of the CCP and who probably also still are active PLA military members. I think it is very obvious what these guests are doing in America and in Europe and we should be more careful about who we give access to our current research data and facilities.

  13. Voters will rise up against Democrats’ jihad on guns

    Left weaken police, while denying people the right to protect themselves

    The left’s social justice warriors in Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and here in the East march under the flag of Black Lives Matter, but seem, well, mostly White. They claim to speak for Blacks, Hispanics and others “of color” as well as for the sexually confused but are really the intellectual and cultural heirs of the White, upper-middle class college students of the ’60s who shut down universities in the name of Mao and Fidel.

    Their demand that movies of which they disapprove from “Gone with the Wind” to “Kindergarten Cop” be banned and their demand that police forces be defunded or abolished are both silly and dangerous. The attacks on the police are proving particularly dangerous and have created an atmosphere in which crime and murder rates are escalating in city after city. The cruel irony is that the victims tend to be precisely the men, women and children the protesters like to think they are helping.

    In Minneapolis, Minnesota, police have already warned citizens that since they cannot rely on the police to be there when needed, they should be prepared to give up whatever those who confront them on the street or break into their homes demand to avoid violence or death. That’s similar to the advice they use to give women facing rape; don’t infuriate the rapist, just let him finish and leave. That was bad advice then and worse now.

  14. More news of peace from the Netherlands:
    ATM bombers targeting Germany since Dutch machines closed overnight

    Police followed lawyers in Ridouan Taghi manhunt; Prosecutor denies confidentiality breach

    Over 60 incidents of anti-LGBTQ violence in asylum centers; Gov’t called to do something

  15. Girl, 14, is doused in petrol and torched to death by her uncle after her father barred her from marrying her cousin in Pakistan
    Sadia, 14, was burned alive after the refusal in Chiniot, Punjab region, Pakistan
    The uncle asked his brother if he could wed the 14-year-old girl to his son
    Father said he had already promised her to another relative, enraging the uncle
    Incensed, the uncle waited for the girl, doused her with petrol and set her alight


    Thousands who responded negatively to questions such as ‘Are you a Muslim?’, ‘Do you believe in Allah?’, ‘Is the Holy Qur’an the Word of Allah?’, ‘Do you accept the Holy Muhammad to be the Seal of the Prophets?’, ‘Do you fast during Ramadan?’, ‘Do you pray and read the Holy Qur’an?’ were summarily executed.

    On the newly established Apostasy Day, we renew calls for the:

    commemoration of the victims of apostasy laws
    an end to the criminalisation and the death penalty for apostasy in countries under Islamic laws
    an end to shunning, threats and honour-related violence from families of apostates
    affirmation of freedom of thought, conscience and belief as well as opinion and expression in compliance with the United Nation Declaration of Human Rights (Articles 18 & 19).

  17. Police scuffle with protesters ahead of Republican National Convention, pepper spray deployed

    Protests are already underway in Charlotte, N.C. ahead of the Republican National Convention.

    Shortly after 11 p.m., police tried to disperse protesters gathered in the downtown area of Charlotte.

    Police say pepper spray was deployed after some protesters grabbed officers’ bikes.

    According to police, at least one person was arrested. Demonstrations are expected to continue in the city until the convention wraps up next Thursday.

    President Donald Trump is expected to arrive in the city on Monday, but hundreds of Republican delegates are already in Charlotte.

  18. ITALY –
    Esplode la rabbia contro l’invasione: bruciato “barcone” simbolo dei migranti

    Era il simbolo dell’accoglienza ed è stato bruciato. Si cercano gli autori del rogo

    Agrigento, fire destroys the welcoming monument

    The fishing boat, which had been seized from human traffickers, had for at least five years been transformed into a monument to welcoming migrants by the Friars Minor of the Convent of Sant’Antonio di Favara


  19. Report: Elderly Swedish Lady Stabbed By Man Who ‘Hates White Women’ (breitbart, Aug 22, 2020)

    “A Swedish woman in her sixties was the victim of a stabbing on Friday afternoon, allegedly by a man who expressed hatred for white women.

    The stabbing took place in the city of Stockholm in the Södermalm area in the centre of the city just after noon. Police say the suspect involved threatened the woman and tried to rob her before stabbing her and running away from the scene.

    According to a report from newspaper Aftonbladet, a knife was found at the scene of the stabbing. Carina Skagerlind of the police command centre said that while police had found a weapon it was not clear it was the one used in the attack.

    As of Friday afternoon, police had not managed to arrest the suspected attacker. A witness to the attack told Aftonbladet the man had expressed hatred for white women.

    Police are currently investigating possible leads in the case and have begun interviewing witnesses and examining any potential CCTV footage in the area.

    Serious and violent crimes have seen a surge in Sweden in the 21st century according to research done by the Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing, who released a study earlier this year measuring the Crime Harm Index (CHI) of the country.

    The study was highlighted earlier this week by Swedish economist Tino Sanandaji, who noted that while the overall rate of crime has remained somewhat steady, serious crimes have dramatically increased since around 2006…”

  20. Turkish navy, air force drills in Aegean Sea amid tensions (abcnews, Aug 22, 2020)

    “Turkish air and naval forces conducted joint training exercises in the Aegean Sea, the country’s Defense Ministry said Saturday, amid strains with neighbor Greece over hydrocarbon discoveries.

    F-16 fighter jets took part alongside warships to “enhance, maintain and improve the operational capability of joint inter-forces operations,” the ministry tweeted.

    The announcement came as NATO members Turkey and Greece are facing off in the eastern Mediterranean Sea over gas and oil exploration and a day after Turkey declared significant gas discoveries in the Black Sea.

    Two weeks ago, Turkey sent a warship-escorted research vessel to prospect in waters where Greece claims exclusive rights to the underlying seabed. Athens responded by sending its own warships to the area and placing its military on alert. France also sent warships and planes to join drills with Greek forces.

    Greek officials said Friday that the United Arab Emirates would also dispatch fighter jets to the southern Greek island of Crete for joint training next week.

    Relations between Greece and Turkey have traditionally been tense. The two have come to the brink of war three times since the mid-1970s, including once over drilling exploration rights in the Aegean Sea that separates the two countries.

    French relations with Turkey are strained over Ankara’s involvement in Libya’s civil war. The UAE is a bitter rival of Turkey in a broader struggle over political Islam, while Abu Dhabi and Ankara back rival factions in Libya.”

  21. UK Muslim Charity Board to Resign as Director Calls Designated Terrorists ‘Great Men’, Media Says (sputniknews, Aug 22, 2020)

    “The organisation bills itself as an international aid agency that provides humanitarian relief to over 40 countries in the world irrespective of gender, race, or religious belief. Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband once described the organisation as representing “the values that bind Britain together as a liberal democracy.”

    The full board of the UK’s largest Muslim charity set to resign on Sunday following revelations that one of its directors praised terrorists and engaged in anti-Semitic slurs on social media, according to The Times.

    Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), which is based in the city of Birmingham, has admitted that a number of Facebook posts by one of its directors, Almoutaz Tayara, were “inappropriate and unacceptable” and that its board of trustees would resign en masse today as a gesture of opposition.

    According to The Times, in the Facebook posts, which were written in Arabic and discovered by “a leading academic on Islamism in the West,” Mr Tayara described the leaders of the Palestinian militant group Hamas – which engaged in a number of suicide bombings in Israel in the early 2000s – as “great men” who were simply showing respect to “the divine and holy call of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    In another, Mr Tayara posted a caricatured image of former US President Barrack Obama wearing a tie branded with the Star of David – the symbol of Judaism – with President Bashar Al-Assad and former Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini sitting on his lap. There are quote marks coming from Assad and Khomeini’s mouths saying “death to America” and “death… death.”

    The posts were made in 2014 and 2015 when the United States was sending material support to armed Syrian groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria but appears to suggest that the US, Assad and Israel are secretly in cahoots.

    Islamic Relief Germany – a branch of IRW – where Dr Tayara is also a director, reportedly knew of the posts as far back as 2017 but gave him permission to remain in his senior position following an apology.

    However, it appears that IRW did not know about the posts until they were approached by The Times for questioning.

    IRW have allegedly said that Mr Tayara’s posts are a violation of their values. They added that he would be stepping down from his position and would “play no further part in the governance of IRW.”

    This is not the first scandal to hit the organisation over the past few months.

    Mr Tayara had been brought in to replace another chairman – Heshmat Khalifa – who had been removed from his post, also for anti-Semitic comments.

    The Times revealed back in July of this year that Mr Khalifa posted on social media that Israelis were “the grandchildren of monkeys and pigs” and called Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi a “pimp son of the Jews.”

    After being approached by the media about those comments, IRW aid that it was “appalled by the hateful comments” and said that Mr Khalifa had resigned.

    The charity released a statement soon after saying that it is “reviewing our processes for screening trustees’ and senior executives’ social media posts to ensure that this will not happen again.””

  22. ” ‘Most terrorists are terrifyingly normal’ From The Former Intelligence Officer Tom Quiggin” James Altucher – February 7, 2020

  23. This is VERY GOOD, almost a feel-great story. What is “Wokefishing”?

    – “Wokefishing”, put simply, is when people masquerade as holding progressive political views to ensnare potential partners. A wokefish may at first present themselves as a protest-attending, sex-positive, anti-racist, intersectional feminist who drinks ethically sourced oat milk and has read the back catalogue of Audre Lorde, twice. But in reality, they don’t give a shit. Or, as is often the case, they are actively the opposite in their personal lives. It’s sort of like catfishing, but specifically with political beliefs.


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