News on the Ozzie girl choked by police for flouting mask laws: Links 2, Aug. 12, 2020

1. Yesterday we posted the horrifying Soviet era video of police attacking a young woman in Australia for failure to submit to the arbitrary and unfounded in fact, outdoor mandatory mask laws. The question at the time was, “could there have been a reason for this attack by police we are not aware of, that took place before the camera started?” Now we have the answer. No. There was not. This was absolutely as brutal and totalitarian as it looked.

From this comment:

“Police said in a statement that officers were patrolling on Wellington Street in Melbourne, Victoria state, about 5 p.m. (3 a.m. ET) when they saw a 21-year-old woman not wearing a face covering, which residents are currently required to wear while outside to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Police said they decided to arrest the woman after she failed to provide her name and address.”

“Melbourne entered stage four restrictions from 6pm on Sunday 2 August, a statewide mandatory mask policy took effect from midnight Sunday 2 August, and regional Victoria entered stage three restrictions from Thursday 6 August.”

“Under the new restrictions, people would only be able to leave their home once a day for essential supplies and food, and once for one hour of exercise, within a 5km radius.

“We can no longer have people simply out and about for no good reason whatsoever. It is not an easy decision to make but it is necessary and that’s why I’ve made it and that’s why police will be out in force and you will be stopped and you will be asked and need to demonstrate that you are lawfully out and you are not breaching that curfew,” Andrews said on Sunday”

2. Does “Black Lives Matters” actually mean, ‘White Lives do not matter”?

3. Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks to Biden’s dog whistle to sharia

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6 Replies to “News on the Ozzie girl choked by police for flouting mask laws: Links 2, Aug. 12, 2020”

  1. 2 – Don’t hold your breath waiting for a big reaction, it isn’t going to happen.

    1 – The Aussies are in big trouble and are discovering why gun control laws are evil.

  2. Have you ever noticed that the stuff they want you to do for the coronavirus is the same as the stuff they want you to do about Climate Change, namely to basically stop your life in the name of safety? According to the warmists the very breath you exhale is a deadly pollutant so you are encouraged to sit there and not get breathing too heavily and with the virus you are advised to stay home with your mask and do nothing for the rest of bloody time. Same, same…

    If I was a bit more paranoid I’d think that someone was trying to make my country stop. Hey, isn’t that kind of like the object of war? Why do we fret about school shooters when the teachers teach the children that their breath is a poison and the world would be better off if there were fewer of us exhaling? That’s what they teach them now. By climate change logic, school shooters are environmental heroes…

    Wouldn’t that be fun if you had to submit a request form every time you wanted to leave your house, with an explanation of where you are going and a reason that your activity is “essential” and not just you larking around? Imagine your bank machine saying, “I’m afraid you can’t have any money today, Billy. You can get by on what you took out last week…”. Oh, joy! It’s going to be such good fun…

  3. Seems to me the Australian penal colony of the early 1800’s is doing just fine. I wonder which ancestors those cops came from, prisoners or regular folk? Doesn’t really matter now. You must obey no matter how ridiculous the stupid pet trick the state orders you to perform. After all, we’re all in training now.

    I think we, here, have seen enough to know what all of this is, and it may be the most transformative period in all of our lives: politically, sociologically and economically.

    We’ve seen the history. We’ve learned the strategy and the tactics. We understand the language and propaganda techniques. We know most of the main players. We see the intentional damage to our economies. We know the importance of PT. By no means is our jigsaw puzzle complete, but at least we get the picture.

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