Canadian Government wants YOU to download its new track-you-everywhere app!


I just had this checked out by a very trusted associate and friend of this site. This is the Google app. You have to have Bluetooth on for it to work, and it exchanges random codes with other phones nearby that have Bluetooth on with this app. There is NO WAY it can track you. This app is safe to use, and is not Orwellian and it was thoroughly looked at by a world class libertarian minded hacker. Only you will know if you are exposed and it will not tell you by who or where.

it only updates once a day, so you shouldn’t even be able to guess if you are moving around like normal

COVID Alert does not use GPS or track your location.

It has no way of knowing:

Your location.
Your name or address.
Your phone’s contacts.
Your health information.
The health information of anyone you’re near.

So I am please to update this post with information that is conforting. There was indeed a data base driven app the Canadian govenment did try and push and it really was Orwellian. This Google one is not.

Just received this by TXT:

This is a message from the Government of Canada.

Help protect yourself and your community. Download the COVID Alert app for free to help stop the spread of the virus.

The COVID Alert app lets users know if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. Available now in the App Store and Google Play.

For more information, contact 1-833-784-4397.

[Carrier] does not have any responsibility or liability for the COVID Alert app.

This seems like a good time to remind Canadians that Justin Trudeau asked all banks to submit all financial transactions of any kind including ATM cash withdrawals, of 500.000 Canadians without their knowledge or consent, to the government WITH the name and address of the account holders. In other words, this wasn’t metadata to see how Canadians handle money, but to see what YOU do with YOUR money. All purchases, everything. So getting an app made by the same government that tracks your every movement and compares it to the movements of all other people with phones (everyone) you may be near, seems a trifle Orwellian to be good for your mental or physical health. Far, FAR worse than the chances of COVID.


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9 Replies to “Canadian Government wants YOU to download its new track-you-everywhere app!”

  1. After dividing us, they’re now spreading terror among a naive population. And what to say of those who were tested and they unknowingly might be in the false positive category? .

    I can’t imagine the alarm bells setting off in the minds of the uninformed and terrified citizens as well as their ensuing reaction. Maybe they’ll run away with their phone in hand or point at you while screaming that you are a contaminator.

    I’m so happy I have no iPhone and I didn’t get tested. I feel free.

  2. But it’s free.

    Our bondage is only paid for by the people who work for it. You know, the grunts. The slobs who wake up in the morning without a valet, or a car or a private jet waiting to whisk them off to some monumental, earth-changing meeting with billionaires so important, so connected, that just breathing their air gets you high. I’ll even wager that Justin got the idea of his gay little socks from one of these billionaires. Such an understated but whimsical touch by a man so powerful, thought an impressionable Justin. Was it the Aga Khan? Bill Gates? Maybe if I wear gay socks I can be like a billionaire, he reasoned. Crazy, maybe, but why not. And were they all not just a little corrupt? Wasn’t every person who’d really “made it” a little on the take? Of course they are, Justin. He suddenly heard daddy’s voice in his head. There is a reason we are where we are, son. There is a reason why everyone is where they are, son.

    Remarkably, it was almost the identical whispered conversation he had had with George Soros that one time. “…Please, just call me George,” recalled Justin. “Here’s my number. Call any time you wish.”

  3. Even updated it’s still a load of b.s. I’d rather they gave us an app that told us we were standing beside a pedophile, or rapist, or murderer. What about that app? Instead they want to put a star on people who’ve tested positive. Only in a politically-saturated environment does this make nefarious sense.

  4. my husband has a smart phone. it is amusing to ask it questions about trivia. but every once in a while the woman robot joins into our conversations unsolicited! that is very creepy especially as my husband thinks the phone is off. IOW the phone is listening to everything we say.
    why is humanity allowing this intrusion? big brother really is here.

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