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6 Replies to “Sargon video on the use of HCQ and masks”

      • Yes Richard, and perhaps it is only a matter of time and Justine Trudeau will be telling us all to wear ghost outfits, just to keep the Muslims happy.

  1. Great vid, thanks
    With hydroxychloroquine
    Not only did Trump mention it
    And the fact that it works as a treatment and prophalaxis
    But if it had been more widely distributed, the frantic need for
    Billions into research for vacs could have been dwarfed by
    Hydroxychloroquine and big pharma would have lost trillions
    This includes the worm fauci, gates, and others
    Follow the money
    Also the ego, gates is eager to implement to several billion the first
    Gene altering DNA altering vac to guineas to see results

    We allow these corporations to grow to morbidly obese sizes and then stand in ahh at how they censor and control our very daily existence
    Gov need to regulate and limit this crap

    But who can now ever go against besos as an example
    Even the impotent little fucks that run our provincial gov
    Gave besos a tax free gift to open and run a plant just outside of Edmonton
    With the promise of 1500 minimum wage jobs
    As if these couldn’t have been created by other entrepreneurs

    Trump now in fight with big pharma to reduce all medications to prices
    That minimum wage workers can afford……

    He works on ideas to regulate google, Facebook, Twitter
    And prevent their censorship of conservative

    The world needs more like Trump

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