Police Bodycam shows Floyd death not the casus Belli communists make it out to be: Links 1, August 4, 2020

1. Chinese troops mass on Indian border

2. this is amusing

3. Something going on in Lebanon

More detailed as you can see the explosion consume houses

4. North Korea has ‘probably’ developed nuclear devices to fit ballistic missiles, U.N. report says

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – North Korea is pressing on with its nuclear weapons program and several countries believe it has “probably developed miniaturized nuclear devices to fit into the warheads of its ballistic missiles,” according to a confidential U.N. report.

The report by an independent panel of experts monitoring U.N. sanctions said the countries, which it did not identify, believed North Korea’s past six nuclear tests had likely helped it develop miniaturized nuclear devices. Pyongyang has not conducted a nuclear test since September 2017.

(Those of you who have seen the excellent movie, U.N Me, might suspect the UN AEC, United Nations Atomic Energy Commission, was behind this)

5. Tucker Carson looks at the dangerous fraud that the most likely, according to Tucker, to be picked as VP for Biden.

6. Florida: THREE faked items concerning Covid 19. Labs reporting 100% Covid positive results, (Should be less than 10%) Reportage that there are not enough beds, when in fact there are massive layoffs at hospitals, and lastly, Reportage of treatment with HCQ which enjoys massive success is being suppressed and denied.

(Pharmacists refusing to honour the prescription is grounds for serious actions)

7. This is a fun video of a Red Pill being digested

8. Analysis of the body cam footage of the George Floyd event

(This is watermarked with the Daily Mail logo, so nothing special about this footage. Its out on a giant news outlet. It might be better to skip this guy’s analysis and go straight to the DM footage at the DM. But as this is all we found so far, and the analysis seems perfectly reasonable for the most part, here it is.)

Thank you Johnny U., Chris Jones, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, EB., ET., and many more by many means. 

There is something for sure going on in Lebanon

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  1. 7. It’s like realizing International Socialists don’t care about international cultures, that the Religion of Peace is not peaceful, and the Rainbow of Love has nothing to do with affection.

  2. Live Updates: Beirut Governor Calls Devastating Port Blast a ‘National Disaster Akin to Hiroshima’ (sputniknews, Aug 4, 2020)

    “Death Toll in Beirut Port Blast Reaches 50 – Lebanese Health Minister

    Lebanese Prime Minister Says Those Responsible for Beirut Blast to ‘Pay Price’

    Armenian Embassy Building in Beirut Damaged Following Powerful Blast – Foreign Ministry

    Beirut Hospitals Suffering From Overcrowding After Massive Blast, Lebanese Health Minister Says

    Lebanese Health Minister Reports Increase in Beirut Port Blast’s Death Toll to 40

    Lebanon Asks WHO, Qatar to Help Provide Medical Assistance to Victims of Beirut Port Blast – Health Ministry

    Beirut Port Blast Was Equivalent to Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake, Jordanian Seismologists Say

    At Least 30 Killed, Over 2,500 Injured in Beirut Blast – Health Minister

    Israel Has Offered Humanitarian, Medical Aid to Lebanon After Beirut Blast, Defence Minister Says

    Over 2,200 Injured in Beirut Explosion, Numbers Likely to Rise, Lebanese Red Cross Says

    Russia’s Putin Sends His Condolences to Lebanese President Over Casualties and Massive Destruction After Explosion in Beirut, Kremlin Says

    Additional Military Units Moving to Explosion Site in Lebanese Capital Beirut

    At Least 70 People Killed in Beirut Explosion, Lebanese Red Cross Says

    Iran Fully Prepared to Render Assistance in Any Way Necessary, Foreign Minister Says

    Main Cause of Beirut Port Explosion Still Unknown, It is Necessary to Wait for Results of Investigation, Lebanese Interior Minister Says

    Egyptian President Sisi Offers His Condolences Over Massive Blast in Lebanese Capital

    US Working With Lebanon to Find Out if Americans Were Affected by Beirut Explosion, State Dept. Says

    Russian Embassy Employee Received Minor Injuries From Explosion in Beirut, Spokesperson Says

    Secretary-General of Lebanon’s Kataeb Party Killed in Beirut Blast, Reports Say

    Lebanese Prime Minister’s Wife and Daughter Injured in Beirut Blast, Reports Say

    US Ready to Offer ‘All Possible Assistance’ to Lebanon Following Massive Explosion Near Beirut Port

    Lebanese Prime Minister Declares Wednesday National Day of Mourning After Beirut Blast Kills at Least 10

    Lebanese President to Convene Supreme Council for National Defence for Emergency Meeting in Evening to Discuss Beirut Port Blast, Reports Say

    Washington is ‘Closely Tracking’ Explosion in Beirut, White House Press Secretary Says

    Israel Denies Responsibility for Massive Blast in Beirut, Knesset TV Says

    Helicopters Extinguishing Massive Fire After Blast Hit Beirut Port in Lebanon

    UN Does Not Know if Beirut Blasts Were Man-Made or Accidental, Spokesman Says

    Blast Occurred in Port Area With Highly Explosive Material, Not Explosives, Lebanon’s Internal Security Chief Says

    Port Explosion Affected About Half of Beirut, Governor Says…”

  3. 1 – China used the fight at the Line of Actual Control to draw attention away from their actions in Hong Kong, now they are increasing their military forces in that region. What are they planning that needs a much larger diversion to draw the worlds attention? This sounds like they are getting ready to make a move on Taiwan but it could be that they think Trump will loose and are getting ready for some type of move in the South China Sea. Or it could be that they are trying to create tension at the LAC to take the Chinese Peoples minds off of their current problems.

    Having said that the increase in military personnel at the LAC combined with the new draft law and their efforts to get the retired vets back on active seem to be saying that Xi is about to start some semi major to major military adventure in the near future. Given the time it normally takes to build up enough military force for some large move the timing will probably be after the November election.

  4. Beirut….
    From what I can make out there were two separate explosion incidents, one car bombing assassination and one huge industrial scale explosion/accident at the port.
    No idea if they are linked.
    Some say beware, this may be a diversion for some other operation.

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