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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Death toll in Maiduguri mortar attacks rises to 6 (sunnewsonline, Aug 1, 2020)

    “The death toll in Thursday’s mortar attacks in Maiduguri by Boko Haram has risen from two to six, Borno Commissioner of Police, Mr Mohammed Aliyu, disclosed on Friday.

    Aliyu said 27 persons were fatally injured from the four mortar attacks, which affected Gwange, Custom, and Gidan ayaba areas of the metropolis.

    He said the victims included one female at Gwange and five others who were hit by the explosives in separate locations within the city.

    He said that following the incidents, the command, in collaboration with other security agencies, deployed 7,000 personnel to secure the metropolis.

    “Those deployed are personnel from the Explosive Ordinance Department (EOD), Special Anti-Robbery Squad men with armoured vehicles and sniffer dogs, Civilian Joint Task Force, hunters and the Rapid Response Squad to secure the outskirts of the city,” he said.

    He urged the public to be on high alert and avoid large gatherings, as well as report any suspicious activities around them to security agencies. He also warned youths in the state to desist from any act capable of disrupting the peace”

  2. It would be hilarious if it wouldn’t be so serious.
    Europe is becoming slowly more and more like South Africa.
    The Problems and Tears Europeans will be facing if this goes on, with the Help of the EU and Governments, will be shed in their own Blood.
    But that might be a part of the Agenda anyway.

    VIDEO: UK family finds migrants hidden inside car cargo box while traveling through France

  3. I stumbled over this and it is actually from November last year, and since 2015 the following deafening Silence by the MSM is mostly the Norm now in Germany.
    Everything that doesn’t fit the Narrative needs to be kept under the rug.

    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”
    >Benjamin Franklin<

    A teenage girl just wanted to run home after a party, but the sex migrant didn't allow that. Instead, he raped the minor – no one reports about it!
    A 16-year-old teen went home from a private party in Meiningen in the early morning hours of last Saturday.
    She was followed by a 31-year-old man whom she met shortly before at the ceremony.
    In the nightingale street, the man of Iranian origin tried to physically approach the girl, which she rejected.
    However, he did not abandon his plans, attacked her, pushed the girl to the ground and sexually abused her.
    The teenage girl cried for help several times, the 31-year-old let go of her and fled.

    Muslims and Africans rape – based on their population – much more often like a Opportunity Crime and in a group than Germans, that is statistically proven, the government and its henchmen continue to try to censor these facts and let more and more asylum seekers pour into the country.
    A witness found the girl and informed the police.
    The officials were able to arrest the man shortly after.
    Immediately after the arrest, the criminal investigation department took over its investigation and on Sunday the perpetrator was brought before the responsible judge who issued the arrest warrant.
    The man was sent to a prison in Thuringia.
    The investigation by the criminal police inspection is ongoing.

    No national or regional newspaper reports on the case – everything is covered up again
    According to our research, no newspaper has reported about the rape so far.


    • Shari’ah — “Captive Women”
      Non-Muslims girls, Jews, Christians, Yazidis, Hindu or others taken in jihad wars may be made sex slaves, forcibly married, used as concubines and bought and sold in the market.

      Old news.
      Toronto Imam charged with sexual assault, multiple counts, caught trying to board a plane amid an investigation into allegations against him…..
      police are concerned there may be other victims. he faces breach of trust, three counts of sexual assault and threatening death…..

      Taharrush. Rape gangs, circle one girl have rows around her, the outer edge keeps anyone out while the girl is raped by the barbarians,

      Women captives of jihad may be forced to have sex with their captors- now owners.

      Slavery is allowed – slaves may be beaten.

      Male “owners” may have sex with women, EVEN PREPUBESCENT slave girls

      Quotes from Justine Trudeau:
      “No religion in the world says “Tolerate thy neighbour, it’s love them, accept them, befriend them”
      “Evangelical Christians are the worst part of Canada’s society”

      Quote from George Orwell: “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

      Quote from Cyril Winter, a Canadian hero, “ Freedom of Expression and Religion: NO CENSORSHIP”.

      During WWII, The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler in Germany to discuss the elimination of the Jews.

      Qur’an 3 110-112 “Muslims are the BEST of people, Jews have earned Allah’s anger”

      8:12 Allah will terrorize unbelievers; Muslims should behead them”.

      8:39. “Fight unbelievers until Islam reigns supreme”.

      • Let us not forget the fifty, very young, Yazidi sex slaves who were beheaded by the barbarians and the 10 year old pregnant girl the barbarians paraded down the streets naked with only a dog collar on.

        Justine Trudeau has a lot to learn about “the worst part of Canadian society” and it is not the Evangelical Christians.

  4. Iran Arrests Leader of ‘US-Based Terrorist Group’ (sputniknews, Aug 1, 2020)

    “The intelligence operation is said to have targeted the head of Tondar – a little-known Iranian royalist group based in Los Angeles, California, whose plans include the overthrow of the Islamic Republic and the restoration of the Iranian monarchy.

    Iran has arrested Jamshid Sharmahd, alleged ringleader of the Tondar (‘Thunder’) terrorist group, the Ministry of Intelligence announced on Saturday.

    Iranian media says Tondar’s chief was “captured by Iranian forces during a complicated intelligence operation,” and called his arrest a “heavy blow” to the organisation.
    It was not clarified how or where the arrest took place. The Ministry of Intelligence has promised to provide further information at a later time.

    IRAN state media has published this image which purportedly shows Jamshid Sharmahd, head of Tondar group, a US-based group which is blamed for launching terrorist activities in #Iran. He has been captured by Iranian forces in a “complicated intel operation”.

    Tondar, aka the Soldiers of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, aka the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, is a royalist group seeking to enact regime change in Iran and to restore the monarchy that ruled the country prior to the Revolution of 1979. The group has claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Seyed al-Shohada Mosque in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz in 2008, which killed 14 people and injured 202 others. Two people believed to be associated with the group were arrested and executed in 2010. The group is also believed to be responsible for the 2010 bombing assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist Masoud Alimohammadi.

    #Iran State TV aired this footage showing aftermath of 2008 Shiraz terrorist attacked claimed by Tonadar group.

    The organisation has also been accused of planning a series of other abortive terror and sabotage attacks, including a scheme to blow up the Sivand Dam in Fars Province, southern Iran.

    Iran has accused Tondar of planning further terror attacks, and has urged the US to extradite individuals believed to be associated with the group. The US does not classify the group as a terrorist organisation, and has reportedly allowed it to freely operate from its home base in Los Angeles, California, where it runs radio and television stations calling for the violent overthrow of the Iranian government.”

  5. London bloodbath: Two injured with gunshot and stab wounds after fight breaks out (express, Aug 1, 2020)

    “TWO men have been injured after a stabbing and shooting in London’s Hackney.

    Police were called to Mandeville Street in Hackney, east London, in the early hours of Saturday following reports of men fighting. A 30-year-old and a 31-year-old man were taken to hospital with stab and gunshot injuries following the incident at 1.23am.

    Both men remain in hospital.

    Unconfirmed reports suggest the incident took place at an unlicensed music event in the area…”

    • Night of carnage in ‘Wild West’ London as FIVE people are gunned down in three separate shootings – including one carried out with ‘a sub-machine gun’ (dailymail, Aug 1, 2020)

      “Carnage broke out in London overnight as at least three shootings took place – one reportedly involving a sub-machine gun – and multiple illegal raves were held.

      Two people were reportedly shot in Hackney while another two men were shot in Brixton and a third shooting took place in Croydon just yards from West Croydon station.

      The first shooting reportedly took place on the Angell Town estate in Brixton at about 7pm.

      Armed Police, Paramedic and Response officers rushed to the scene after reports that 17 shots were fired.

      The men were treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to hospital for further treatment.

      The surrounding area was locked down by cops as they searched for the shooter.

      Reports suggest a man was later arrested, but the sub-machine gun continues has not been found.

      A spokesman for the Met Police said: ‘Police were called at 6.52pm on Friday, 31 July to reports of gunshots heard in the vicinity of Akerman Road, SW9.

      ‘Officers, including firearms officers, attended and found damage to two parked vehicles.

      ‘There was no trace of any victims. Police were called a short time later to a south London hospital after two males self-presented with gunshot injuries.

      ‘We await an update on their condition. Officers remain at the scene. At this early stage, there have been no arrests and enquiries continue.’

      Two other people were shot at a silent party – an unlicensed music event – that was being held in Mandeville street in Hackney in East London.

      Three men were reportedly detained by officers at Homerton hospital after they transported the victims in a blue BMW to get live saving treatment after being shot in the early hours of Saturday morning.

      The detained men had all been at the gathering that was held in Willington court in E5.

      Armed officers were scrambled to both Homerton Hospital and Mandeville Street and the hospital was put on lockdown.

      Witnesses reported seeing specialist blood and explosives detection dogs being used to search the area.

      Reports suggest a bullet casing and a machete were found on a bridge near the scene of the shootings.

      A spokesman for the Met Police said: ‘Police were called at 1.12am on Saturday, 1 August to Mandeville Street E5 following reports of men fighting.

      ‘At approximately At 1.23am police were informed that a 30-year-old man and a 31-year-old man had been taken to an east London hospital with stab and gunshot wounds.

      ‘This is currently being treated as linked to the earlier incident.

      ‘Both men are not believed to have sustained life-threatening injuries and they both remain in hospital.

      ‘A 30-year-old man [A] and a 31-year-old man [B] have been arrested in connection with this incident and are currently custody.’

      Armed officers were also called to London Road in Croydon in the early hours of Saturday morning as London saw at least its third shooting in one night.

      A man believed to be in his 20s was shot at close range near West Croydon station.

      The road was cordoned off after reports of the shooting, and a forensic examination has taken place.

      Police said no arrests have been made but enquiries into the shooting continue.

      Elsewhere, police officers were out in force and road closures were in place as more than 150 people attended an illegal rave in Archway.

      Residents reported a large police presence and disturbances in Tavistock Terrace in the early hours of this morning.

      Ch Supt Roy Smith, of the Met Police, said: ‘Officers were out this evening closing down illegal and antisocial parties playing loud music into the early hours.

      ‘Packed groups of 150+ people risking the spread of COVID and keeping poor families with young children away at 3am.’

      Photos from the scene show officers confronting a large number of members of the public in the street.

      Ch Supt Roy Smith also shared a picture of a closure order which was issued to one property in the street as officers dispersed the crowds.

      A closure notice prohibits access to the premises for the period specified in the notice.

      Only the police or council can initiate the process to close premises which are causing antisocial behaviour, if they reasonably believe that there is, or is likely to be a nuisance to members of the public, or disorder relating to the premises and in its vicinity.

      In addition, the notice must be necessary to prevent occurrence or re-occurrence of the nuisance or disorder.

      The force has yet to confirm whether anyone was arrested as a result of the incident.

      It comes as Britain sweltered on the third hottest day in the UK on record with temperatures reaching 37.8 degrees Celsius in the capital…”

  6. Police clash with youths after Eid celebrations as frustration mounts over new restrictions (telegraph, Aug 1, 2020)

    “A police officer was injured during clashes with youths after Eid celebrations in east London, as police leaders warned they had been given little time to prepare to enforce new social distancing restrictions.

    Violence broke out in Ilford after police asked a crowd to disperse, following the end of Muslim celebrations to mark the end of a month of fasting from dawn to sunset.

    The Metropolitan Police said that as a crowd of around 150-200 people who had attended Eid celebrations began to leave the area, a fight broke out between two groups.

    One officer suffered a head injury after police intervened to separate the groups. His injuries are not believed to be serious.

    A man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and assault of an emergency worker….”

  7. Estimated 11,000 Migrants Arrived in Italy in a Single Week (breitbart, Aug 1, 2020)

    “Italy has seen a surge in migrant arrivals in recent weeks, with as many as 11,000 arriving last week, half of them coming from Tunisia.

    The Italian Interior Ministry released a statement this week saying: “Autonomous landings on the Italian coast have more than multiplied in a very short period of time.”

    Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio went on to call for aid from the European Union, saying the bloc “must address this issue immediately” and work to redistribute the incoming migrants. Di Maio also noted the health risks due to the potential spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, Le Figaro reports.

    Of the 11,000 migrants to arrive in Italy last week, many came by small boat. Around half of them came from Tunisia, most of them Tunisian citizens…”

  8. Over 130 Migrants Relocated by Italian Govt Test Positive for Coronavirus (breitbart, Aug 1, 2020)

    “An estimated 134 migrants that the leftist government had relocated to a reception centre in northern Italy have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.

    The large coronavirus outbreak was reported in former barracks that have been converted into a migrant reception centre in the city of Treviso. A total of 134 out of 293 migrants tested positive for the virus.

    Governor of Veneto Luca Zaia confirmed the cases this week, saying in comments reported by Il Giornale on Thursday: “There are more than 130, probably 134, positive migrants in the former Serena Barracks.”…”

  9. Emirati nuclear plant successfully starts up first reactor (abcnews, Aug 1, 2020)

    “A nuclear power plant in the United Arab Emirates successfully started up its first reactor, authorities said Saturday.

    The Barakah nuclear power plant in the Emirates’ far western desert near the border with Saudi Arabia reached what scientists called its “first criticality” on Friday. That’s when the nuclear chain reaction within the reactor is self-sustaining.

    The nuclear reactor ultimately will generate electricity and be connected to the country’s power grid.

    The $20 billion Barakah nuclear power plant was built by the Emirates with the help of South Korea. It’s the first nuclear power plant on the Arabian Peninsula.

    The U.S. has praised the Emirates’ nuclear program for agreeing never to acquire enrichment or reprocessing capabilities, which prevents it from being able to make weapons-grade uranium. The U.S. says that’s a model agreement for other countries seeking nuclear power while also encouraging the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons.”

  10. Berlin: Thousands on the street against anti-coronavirus measures

    Thousands demonstrate in Berlin for “a day of freedom”, railing against the German government’s measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The protest was called for by groups of COVID-19 deniers and right-wing extremists.

    • Berlin: Thousands protest against coronavirus restrictions

      Thousands of demonstrators protesting against German coronavirus restrictions converged on Saturday in Berlin.

      The demonstration, proclaiming “the end of the pandemic”, took place as authorities voice increasing concern about an upturn in new infections in Germany.

      A crowd of people, whistling and cheering and with few masks in sight, marched through downtown Berlin from the Brandenburg Gate ahead of a rally on a wide boulevard that runs through the city’s Tiergarten park.

      Protesters held up home-made placards featuring slogans that included “Corona, false alarm,” “we are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination” and “End the corona panic – bring fundamental rights back.”

      They chanted, “We’re here and we’re loud, because we are being robbed of our freedom.”

      The demonstration, entitled “The end of the pandemic – freedom day,” was planned for weeks and drew people from various parts of Germany. Police used bullhorns to chide participants to keep to distancing rules and to wear masks.

      Germany’s management of the pandemic has been viewed as relatively successful. The country’s death toll – just over 9,150 out of more than 210,670 confirmed virus cases as of Saturday – is lower than in comparable nations.

      The German government has been easing lockdown measures since late April but social-distancing rules remain in place, as does a requirement to wear masks on public transit and in shops.

      Officials have warned against complacency as the number of new cases crept up in recent weeks. They pleaded with Germans this week to observe the distancing and mask rules and, amid concern about residents bringing home infections from summer trips abroad, introduced free tests for people entering the country.

      Germany’s national disease control centre registered 955 new cases on Friday, a high figure by recent standards that underlined the upward trend.

    • Interview zur Coronakrise: Volkswirt warnt vor Kollaps der Weltwirtschaft

      In Europa soll ein 750 Milliarden Euro schweres Corona-Hilfspaket die Konjunktur wieder ankurbeln. Ob das reicht und wie es um die wirtschaftliche Lage in Deutschland, Europa und der Welt bestellt ist, darüber sprach RT Deutsch mit dem Volkswirt Prof. Hansjörg Herr.

      Die Forschungsschwerpunkte von Professor Herr sind unter anderem das Weltwährungs- und Finanzsystem, die europäische Integration und wie ein “guter Kapitalismus” aussehen kann.

      Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Hansjörg Herr ist pensionierter Professor an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin und arbeitet aktuell am Forschungsprojekt der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung über “Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung und Arbeitsbedingungen in globalen Wertschöpfungsketten”.
      Der Ökonom warnt vor einer Deflation und sieht Deutschland in der Pflicht, die Binnenkonjunktur mit höheren Löhnen anzukurbeln.

      Die Wirtschaft habe sich nicht einmal von der vergangenen Finanzkrise erholt.

    • Germany: More detained at Berlin demo against coronavirus measures

      Several protesters were arrested at a rally against coronavirus measures in Berlin on Saturday.

      The protests have come amid a recent spike in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany. The President of the Robert Koch Institute Lothar Wieler had confirmed on Tuesday that the disease control institute was “very concerned” with the latest developments in regards to the increase in cases. He emphasised that citizens must abide by the coronavirus measures “for the upcoming months.”

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel originally announced the measures in March, in order to curb the spread of the virus. The measures have been gradually relaxed nationwide as the number of confirmed cases decreased.

      At least one counter-protest took place simultaneously in the German capital.

    • On Demand Pravda – Conspiracy Theorists March for ‘Pandemic Freedom Day’ in Berlin

      On Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets in Berlin to protest against the government’s coronavirus restrictions in Germany.

      The demonstration, called “The End of the Pandemic – Freedom Day”, has seen a crowd of 15,000 conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and coronavirus hoaxers gather to protest the measures, which they feel violates people’s rights and freedoms.

      A small far-right faction also joined the march.

  11. San Luis Obispo, Calif.
    “It’s not worth it [to allow this woman to go to hospital when in labor], she’s ignorant,” Arata said before marching away chanting, “Black lives matter.”

    SLO Democratic Socialists of America, a “group of socialists, communists, and anarchists looking to upend capital and build working class power,” raised funds to pay Bautista’s $50,000 bail, according to their Facebook page. The local organization has ties with [Mayor] Harmon, including having her speak at meetings and promoting her reelection.

    During Arata’s arrest, 22-year-old Elias Bautista yelled at an officer before kicking him in the crotch, according to videos of Arata’s arrest. Officers booked Bautista in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of attempting to deter an officer from doing his job, and for attempting to take a person from the lawful custody of a peace officer.
    — The leaders of this fiasco are apparently Cal Poly students.

  12. Austin: Army sergeant whose car was surrounded says shot armed protester in self-defense
    By Daily Caller News Foundation August 1, 2020

    A U.S. Army sergeant identified himself Thursday as the person who fatally shot a protester in Austin, Texas over the weekend saying he acted in self-defense.

    Sgt. Daniel Perry said that he shot Garrett Foster in an act of self-defense Saturday night, according to his lawyer, CBS News reported. Perry is a ride-share driver and said he carries a firearm for self-defense in case a rider becomes violent in his car.

    “Sgt. Perry and his family deeply sympathize with the loss and grief being experienced by Mr. Foster’s family,” said Perry’s attorney Clint Broden in a statement, according to CBS. “Sgt. Perry is devastated by what happened.” (RELATED: Protester Allegedly Holding An Assault Rifle Shot And Killed In Texas)

  13. Activist says men accused of rape should shut up and accept charges even if they didn’t do it
    By LU Staff August 1, 2020

    Is this the new direction that radicalism is taking? Are extreme solutions such as reparations no longer enough to atone for the “systematic oppression” some groups have been made to endure?

    The answer to both questions seems to be yes judging from an article published in 2017 by Black Lives Matter Louisville organizer Chanelle Helm. The title, which could not be more straightforward, is “White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader.” So what sorts of requests does Helm make? Give up your seat on a bus to a black person? Note even close. Here are two items from her list:

  14. Susan Rice’s Testimony on Being Out of Russiagate Loop Doesn’t Add Up

    Susan Rice, the vice presidential contender with a high-profile history of questionable public statements, has another dubious claim in her past that until now has escaped scrutiny. Rice swore under oath that as President Obama’s national security adviser she was never told about the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation. But former FBI Director James Comey testified that Rice was present when he informed Obama all about Crossfire Hurricane just weeks after the investigation was launched.

  15. Terrorists See Prison as an Opportunity for Planning Attacks, Radicalisation Centre Report Says (sputniknews, Aug 1, 2020)

    “As the threat of terrorist atrocities rises in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, governments across the continent are looking to introduce measures that can effectively combat extremist organisations. Following the attacks in London during the 2019 election, Westminster is looking to introduce harsher and longer penalties.

    Terrorists in prison may see their incarceration tenure “as an opportunity” to organise and plan their attacks, a radicalisation report warns as the government looks to introduce harsher and long sentencing.

    Research from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) published on the 22 July discovered that since 2016, at least five terror attacks have been organised or carried out by prisoners serving time and released.

    These attacks included the Fishmongers’ Hall and Streatham, and a plot by a terror cell who had met inside prison.

    The report covers 10 European countries including the UK and warned that jihadists were “increasingly turning prisons into a theatre of conflict and confrontation”.

    “There is an emerging view among extremists that prison is an opportunity, not necessarily just to recruit or network, but to also work on themselves”, the study said.
    “Imprisoned recruiters learn psychology to become better recruiters, for example, while imprisoned ideologues learn Islamic and jihadist history to become better ideologues”.
    Terrorists also see their time in prison as “test” of their commitment to the cause and a way to recover Daesh battlefield losses, the report argued.

    Extremists “actively look to recruit inside prisons”, and that there risks involved with both introducing terrorists throughout the incarcerated population and putting them together.

    Researchers found that terrorist will also utilise their period inside the prison system as a way of gaining a better understanding of how it operates and how authorities work. They will also pose as well-behaved and compliant in order to get released sooner.

    One example of the false cooperated cited was the Fishmongers’ Hall attacker, Usman Khan, who had been involved in rehabilitation and disengagement programs in HMP Woodhill and was considered a success of the deradicalisation system before carrying out an attack at an event for Cambridge University’s Learning Together scheme in 2019.

    Khan was initially jailed in 2012 for planning to establish a terrorist training camp in Kashmir but had his sentenced reduced following an appeal and freed in December 2018.

    He recorded in prison that his past beliefs had come from “misinterpretations of Islam” and he was “on a new path”.

    “I would like a chance to prove to you that I will not cause harm to nobody in our society”, he wrote.

    The ICSR highlighted how he had “built up trust with authorities” and participated in the government’s Desistance and Disengagement Programme (DDP) as well as complying with probation conditions.

    Regardless whether Khan had “gamed the system” or legitimately relapsed following his release, the report says that it revealed that the system’s effectiveness, both inside and outside prison, is questionable.

    The researchers urged governments to evaluate risk-assessment tools and deradicalisation programs amid a rising problem of terrorist attacks taking place inside prisons.

    “Increasing sentences may be a popular idea, but if that’s not matched with investment in prisons to avoid basic issues such as overcrowding and understaffing, then it’s just a partial measure and is only shifting the problem to the prison setting”, the report’s co-author, Rajan Basra, told The Independent.

    The study comes as the government introduces The Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill, which aims to give authorities the power to increase both the time served in jail and the proportion of punishment for terror-related offenses.

    Currently, 238 terrorist prisoners are incarcerated in England and Wales – 183 of which are classified as Islamist extremists and 44 as far-right.”

    • reuters – AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries

      AstraZeneca has been granted protection from future product liability claims related to its COVID-19 vaccine hopeful by most of the countries with which it has struck supply agreements, a senior executive told Reuters.

      With 25 companies testing their vaccine candidates on humans and getting ready to immunise hundred millions of people once the products are shown to work, the question of who pays for any claims for damages in case of side effects has been a tricky point in supply negotiations.

      “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in … four years the vaccine is showing side effects,” Ruud Dobber, a member of Astra’s senior executive team, told Reuters.

      “In the contracts we have in place, we are asking for indemnification. For most countries it is acceptable to take that risk on their shoulders because it is in their national interest,” he said, adding that Astra and regulators were making safety and tolerability a top priority.

      Dobber would not name the countries.

      EU officials told Reuters this week product liability was among contentious points in European efforts to secure supply deals for potential COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer, Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson.

      The United States, however, already has a law to exclude tort claims from products that help control a public-health crises in the form of the 2005 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness, or PREP Act.

      AstraZeneca, Britain’s second-largest drugmaker, has pledged to supply a total of more than 2 billion doses at no profit in agreements with the United States, Britain and European countries, among other nations and organisations.

      Astra’s deals differ from most rivals because it has secured government backing for production and development efforts, while competitors such as GlaxoSmithKline are looking to negotiate a price for a finished product, contingent on approval.

      To back its claim to forgo profits from the $1.2 billion collaboration in the United States, Astra has even granted the government access to financial accounts related to the venture, according to Dobber.

      “There are very clear milestones before they are going to pay. Because we made the promise to manufacture the vaccine at no profit, auditors of the U.S. administration will get free access to our accounting books,” he said.

    • Duh.
      Medium- or long- term side effects can’t be ascertained at “warp speed”.
      Nor is it possible to test for antibody -dependent enhancement (ADE). That’s what happens with the dengue virus.
      And who knows if it’ll cover mutations? The D614G Wuhan variant is already distinct enough to raise eyebrows. Influenza vaccine has to be reformulated every year, and even then efficacy varies.

      This is money-laundering. Billions of dollars are flowing, the markets are jazzed by hot air. PT likes the Dow high, doesn’t much care if it’s a bogus bubble.

  16. UAE to Turkey: Stop Meddling in Arab Affairs over Libya

    “The United Arab Emirates minister of state for foreign affairs said on Saturday that Turkey should stop interfering in Arab affairs, criticizing comments on Libya made by Turkey’s defense minister.

    “Relations are not managed by threats and there is no place for colonialist delusions in this day and age,” Anwar Gargash wrote on Twitter.

    Turkish media had reported the Turkish minister making remarks critical of the UAE’s actions over Libya.

    The UAE, alongside Egypt and Russia, backs eastern Libya commander Khalifa Haftar, whose militants have been battling the forces of the internationally recognized government in Tripoli. Turkey has stepped up support for the Tripoli government.”

  17. 2 face deportation as 7 jailed, fined for illegally transporting pilgrims

    “Seven people in Saudi Arabia were jailed and slapped with hefty fines for violating a ban on transporting pilgrims without Hajj permits as part of the Kingdom’s efforts to ensure the safety and security of the pilgrims during this year’s exceptional Hajj, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

    They were caught by the security forces transporting 17 illegal pilgrims in three vehicles. Their vehicles were confiscated.

    According to the SPA report, the punitive measures issued by the Saudi Directorate General of Passports included total fines of SR170,000 and prison terms of 105 days.

    Among the offenders, there are two expatriates who will be deported from Saudi Arabia after facing the related penalties.

    The offenders were also ordered to pay fines ranging from SR10,000 ($2,666) to SR40,000 apart from spending 15 days each in prison.

    On July 19, Saudi Arabia barred people without permits from entering the holy sites under a strict security plan.

    The restriction remains in place until the end of Sunday to ensure a safe “limited” Hajj amid coronavirus fears.”

  18. Man killed as clashes break out between army, villagers in north Lebanon

    “A man has been killed in clashes with the army in northern Lebanon, a statement from the Lebanese army said on Friday.

    The clashes took place as the army was trying to reopen a blocked road used to transport livestock in the village of Majdal in the Wadi Khaled area of north Lebanon, near the Syrian border.

    “As troops from the army tried to reopen a road fro transporting livestock in Majdal in the Wadi Khaled area in Akkar, a group of youths threw stones at the troops. This forced them to use rubber bullets and to fire in the air,” a statement from the army said.

    “A man called Luai Al-Satim was injured. He was taken to hospital before passing away,” the statement added.

    The Lebanese army said ten of its soldiers were injured in the stone throwing, two of them seriously…”

  19. Turkey condemns UAE’s ‘malicious’ acts in Libya

    “Turkey lashed out at the United Arab Emirates on July 31 over what it called “malicious” actions in Libya, where the two countries support opposing sides in the nation’s grinding conflict.

    Turkey backs the U.N.-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya’s west, while the forces of eastern-based strongman Khalifa Haftar are supported by the UAE, as well as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Russia.

    “Abu Dhabi does what it does in Libya, does what it does in Syria. All of it is being recorded. At the right place and time, the accounts will be settled,” Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said in an interview with the Qatari TV station Al Jazeera.

    “It is necessary to ask Abu Dhabi, where this hostility, where these intentions, where this jealousy comes from,” he said, according to the account of the interview published on the Turkish defense ministry’s website.

    Tensions have been steadily rising in the Libyan conflict in recent weeks, with Egypt saying it would launch a military intervention if GNA forces try to capture their next target – the coastal city of Sirte, currently held by Haftar’s troops.

    The Libyan conflict has worsened ties between Ankara and Abu Dhabi, whose relations have also been hit by escalating regional rivalries and Turkey’s support of Qatar in the Saudi-led conflict there.”

  20. Turkey ‘neutralizes’ 6 PKK terrorists in N. Iraq

    “Turkish security forces “neutralized” at least six PKK terrorists in northern Iraq, the National Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

    “With the coordinated work of the Turkish Armed Forces and National Intelligence Organization, six PKK terrorists were neutralized in an air-backed operation in the Gara region of northern Iraq,” the ministry said in a statement.

    Turkish authorities use the word “neutralize” to imply the terrorists in question surrendered or were killed or captured.

    PKK terrorists holed up in northern Iraq are known for planning cross-border terrorist attacks in Turkey.

    In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK – listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US, and the EU – has been responsible for the deaths of over 40,000 people, including women, children, and infants.”

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