Hydroxychloroquine, and elites who oppose it answer to congress, again, for shaping what social media sees: Links 2, July 30, 2020

1. Watch Mark Zuckerberg lie to congress. Again.

2. Dr. Birx: “No evidence HCQ helps with Corona virus

(And yet many Canadian hospitals use it to treat Covid patients. Manitoba most famously, but Ontario hospitals as well)

3. Hannity discusses some of the testimony of the Tech Tyrants:

4. Hannity has a look at the Hydroxychloroquine manufactured controversy

5. Glenn Beck has a look at the HCQ issue:

6. France: Activists denounce the coming ritual animal slaughter for Eid.

7. Louis Gomert thinks he got Covid from wearing a mask

8. Hannity with Gohmert on his treatment for Covid

9. Very difficult to argue with her

10. India takes delivery of the first 5 of their order of Rafale fighter jets representing a threat to Chinese aggression.

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8 Replies to “Hydroxychloroquine, and elites who oppose it answer to congress, again, for shaping what social media sees: Links 2, July 30, 2020”

  1. Re #CCP VIRUS: There is one question that is never asked.
    Knowing that most cases are home-related, of those who have caught or those who have died from the virus who are not seniors, how many of them are/were mask-wearers?
    Following through, if they are/were mask-wearers, since when were they donning the mask and were they feeling fine before wearing the mask?
    So many unanswered questions.

    TRUMP PRESSER: What caught my attention is the great success with plasma treatments. We never hear about this issue. Even the Red Cross is silent. Are the Canadian hospitals including plasma treatments in their protocol? I doubt it. And why aren’t Premiers talking about it?

    Quite a few seniors have the Red Cross in their will and last testament. My mom did. I had her remove it and replaced with Alzheimer.

    • Donating plasma post-Wuhan? Be aware, what Red Cross isn’t telling the public:

      My healthcare advocate had the virus early, was proud to donate plasma. Last week I asked her how her antibodies were holding up. She doesn’t know, she said. The Red Cross told her she can’t donate for at least a year. She had a weird complication:

      – – After donating the first time great, huge hanks of hair started falling out. This is a KNOWN issue!

      Makes you wonder where this thing is going.

  2. “Fauci Files: Celebrated doc’s career dotted with ethics, safety controversies inside NIH”
    By Daniel Payne and John Solomon – July 23, 2020

    “A Texas doctor is “stirring up dust” when it comes to…”
    John Solomon Reports – July 23, 2020 – Podcast
    Episode Info:
    Dr. Steven Hotze is challenging the medical establishment, and how COVID is being handled, in the great state of Texas.

  3. 2. Dr. Birx: “No evidence HCQ helps with Corona virus

    Did you notice the sheer hatred and eye-daggers coming from all three of the Fox hosts as Dr. Birx gave her condescending statements that were all entirely code for: “VOTE DEMOCRAT in 2020!!!”. She’s as big a Democrat liar as Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton, and that’s saying a lot. It must be nice to be a psychopath and just be able to relax and lie your head off without being bothered by conscience – because you don’t have one. It’s all about that big mansion on Long Island for Birx and Fauci, isn’t it. Why is Trump even dealing with these obvious Democrat plants?

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