HCQ, directed censorship and Biden’s pick for General Secretary of the Party (VP) Links 2, July 30, 2020

1. Prof. Michael Chossudovsky on censorship of any medical professionals who promote HCQ and more importantly, WHY

2. US Attorney Billy Williams on the attacks on the Federal Courthouse in Portland. It is worth watching to the end. It is subtle, but the attorney very gently holds the bridge to reality while the reporter insists on the pseudo-reality of the Marxist lexicon.

How does the pseudo reality work in practice? Portland Chief Just Fined Trump’s Feds – Every 15 Minutes Feds Protect Courthouse, They Are Charged $500

Recently, the government sent Portland assistance in the form of federal officers. It was their job to protect the federal courthouse, which has faced damage from hundreds of protesters.

Reports claim that the courthouse has been under attack almost nightly, and vandalism remains a very serious threat.

Since that time, federal officials have attempted to form a protective ring around the courthouse, in the form of both manpower and fencing.

But Portland isn’t exactly grateful for that help.

(The federal government should be able to fine the Portland authorities for all damage and costs for protecting these properties that should much more than offset these fines)

3. Muslim men attack Sister Hatun at Speaker’s Corner in London, then complain to the police about what she said.

The attack:

4. Tribute to Herman Cain, who’s recent death is attributed to Covid 19

5. Nikki Haley: ‘If Biden comes in, all of the progress we made goes away’\

The former UN ambassador said that China is the number one threat to the US and that many US leaders have been naive about it, including former president Barack Obama and vice president Biden.

6. Important data points Tucker Carlson shares with Editor in Chief of Breitbart about how Google is shaping the entire information flow based on agenda not grounded in truth or freedom.

7. This is getting exciting

8. Tucker Carlson on Kamala Harris as VP, and then of course…

9. One might think this creature has bigger problems at the moment than the fact that all the federal officers he has attacked won’t pretend along with him that he is female.

10. Here is something we can all try at home. Should try at home.

Thank you Sassy, EB., ET., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Johnny U., Yucki, and all the wonderful people that are paying attention and taking down the curtain.

Nearly 70% of illegal migrants arriving in Malta have coronavirus

Why ARE there ANY Illegal migrants? Its ILLEGAL.


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18 Replies to “HCQ, directed censorship and Biden’s pick for General Secretary of the Party (VP) Links 2, July 30, 2020”

  1. My God, how it would do my heart good to see Dr. Fauci in a striped prisoner’s uniform with a chain around his leg and a shovel in his hand enjoying a good old fashioned chain gang. “Comin’ off here, boss”… “Puttin’ on here, boss.” Thirty years for medical fraud and knowingly facilitating mass murder for his own greedy personal gain. I have a small list of people I really truly hate and Dr. Fauci tops the list. He is a corrupt lying bastard, mark my words. He knows full well that hydroxychloroquine has a use and he’s lying in order to enrich himself. He needs to spend a year in the hole for his own protection. He is Joseph Mengle. He is Adolf Eichmann… Dr. Fauci is a truly evil human being who deserves no consideration whatsoever. Why the hell doesn’t Trump fire his corrupt lying short ass?

    • Yes, chris jones. You are right.
      Evil to the bone.
      Zero empathy for fellow human beings.
      Liar. Murderer.
      A true son of Satan.

      I knew this all before, as I am a follower of Dr. Judy Mikovits’ work/career. So the more that Dr. Death’s evil activity is exposed, the better. TY for posting this, VLAD.

    • Prof. Michel Chossudovsky was so careful not to libel Dr. Fauci, by correcting himself from the accusation that Dr. Fauci lied.

      We don’t know what advisors and Big Pharma lobbyists Dr. Fauci is listening to.

      Medical Standards decree clinical evidence to be licenced as safe, and no one can make a profit on medicines out of patents. The scramble for covid-19 is a gold-rush.

      For govenments ‘it’s the economy damit!’ and battling within a sea of minows and bribes.

      To make Dr Fauci from an alleged ‘someone on the take,’ into ‘the Son of Satan,’ is to create a useful scapegoat. Just another sock-puppet to hack by the mob.

      Remember this is an open internet, and
      the inverted trinity always arrive disguised:

      1. “We are just like you”
      2. Change-agents to tear down our civilized and polite society
      3. Whatever soma you are looking for – we’ve got an identity waiting.

      It’s a free-market.

      • Your points are well taken, PC.

        I used the term to which you object in a theological sense, perhaps better employed within a narrower audience of like-minded, Bible-believing hearers whose understanding of the term is well-known as referring to those people whose works consistently and egregiously run counter to the will of God.

        Nevertheless — the disguised inverted trinitarians need to know the truth about themselves.

  2. I’ll bet that upon further investigation Dr. Fauci is worth, oh, half-a-billion dollars and owns a place in South Hampton with a tennis court and a helipad and a marina. The guy should be breaking rocks in the hot sun and thinking about where he went wrong while serving his time in solitary for his own protection. His letters to his wife should be wrinkled with his forlorn tears of regret and shame. How about half the day breaking rocks and the other half clearing hog-weed at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then the rest in a tiny concrete cell with a concrete bench and a concrete bed? That’s what I’d do to the evil Dr. Fauci. He’s a fucking murderer and I truly hate his guts and wish the very worst for him…

    • Please. Emotionals are fleeting; the internet is not. God gave us courts of law and his own final judgement so that we do not need to feel a hate that begs for ill will against another.

      • This guy has killed thousands of people for his own greed. excuse me for having negative feelings against the guy. Fauci knows damn well that hydroxychloroquine works and he’s denying people the benefit of the drug in order to line his own pockets. I don’t see why I should be nice about that… Why do you? He’s a war-criminal, for God’s sake…

        • Because: “Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord. And also “Pray for your enemies.”
          Pray that they repent. In human terms that seems absurd for the Dr. Faucis of the world — but nevertheless we pray; look at the Apostle Paul, going around rounding up Christians and having them arrested — until he walked that road to Damascus.

          It’s for our own well-being too, that we let that anger flow out of us and rest our minds, knowing that either in this life or the next he will face the music. But face the music he will!

          It’s hard, I know. I still can’t bring myself to pray for our previous president.

        • because if somene else beats you to it, you don’t want to waste an investigator’s time gong after some company’s computer logs looking for angry comments.
          Be nice to yourself.

        • Yep, Chris.
          I know. I can’t look at him, can’t bear even a screenshot.

          But G-d doesn’t like such ideation. That’s why He’s likely to smite YOU with stress that’ll elevate your BP and whatnot.

  3. So glad to have heard the comments from U.S. Attorney Williams.
    What a decent, self-controlled, and well-spoken man — such a fine example of rationality and fairness, even compassion in his comments. Makes me proud to be an American.
    (I love his tie.)

  4. Yes Fauci is Aden huge investor in moderna
    And is a shill of big pharma
    Funded in large part by gates and the clintons have a small chip of the market
    Soros etc
    They are interested in the trillion dollar profit from the vaccines
    And so must create a mass fear, of pandemic proportions,Bring back the global order, get rid of strong nationalists Trump and a few others

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