At this point we can only know we have zero idea how many Covid deaths there are and that governments lie about it

In this clip, a hospital that killed a patient by denying him essential heart surgery due to re-tasking the hospital for Covid, attempted to write off his death as a covid death, presumably to justify his death.


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  1. Governments all over the world have completely cut ties with reality and now they seem to just do whatever they want and pursue fantasies without any concern for the truth or permission or anything. They know that the mainstream media will lie for them to the end so they just go ahead and do whatever the big group think tells them. And apart from Donald Trump and Orban and a few others, nobody speaks the truth anymore, choosing to read off a prepared response whenever questioned. I don’t know how this will end. They think like Chairman Mao and just say whatever they need to say to make the masses shut up, do as they are told, and get behind the government’s latest Five-Year Plan. Trump stands virtually alone in front of a huge torrent of opposition coming from a hundred sides at once. I hope he can withstand it…

  2. A few Days ago, some of my Wife’s Family in Cape Town got Redpilled.
    One of the Cousins died from a massive Heart-seizure, he was dead before he hit the ground.
    When they picked the Body up from the Hospital Morgue they saw “COVID-19” as the cause of Death on the Certificate.
    They where a bit flabbergasted and pointed out the “Mistake”.
    The Answer woke them from their slumber.
    “We are required from the Top to certify a certain Number of Dead to Covid-19”
    Just a few weeks ago I was still a Nutjob and a Conspiracy Theorist, and that “I told you so” went down like Balm.

    Unfortunately nobody thought of recording this at the Hospital.
    With Hindsight we see so much clearer.

    Also another story I’ve been told a couple of days ago as we talked about what happened to my wife’s Cousin.
    One of our Police Officers had been called to a Scene of Death.
    Some guy died of asphyxiation in his windowless Shack due to a open Jerrycan of Fuel.
    When she noticed that the Ambulance Driver wrote on the Death-Certificate Covid-19 she had a heated argument with the Paramedics.
    They simply told her that the symptoms indicating Covid-19 and that’s the cause of Death.
    She was still fuming when she told us, “How can someone that is Dead show Symptoms of a Virus Infection?”

    I think she’ll be forced to tone down a bit if she want’s to keep her Rank and Job in the SAP.

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