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3 Replies to “Someone please explain how this is a “protest””

  1. It’s not a protest.

    “Antifa Exposed”
    by Robert Warren – May 31, 2020


    ANTIFA’s tactics are not much different than those employed by the vaunted Roman legions. The Roman shields were used to blunt the onslaught of the enemy. ANTIFA’s human shields are unarmed “sympathetic” ANTIFA members placed at the front of their charge. Behind the shields are the sword and spear infantry – or, more appropriately, the violent “object throwing” aggressors. As the police retreat so as not to appear overly zealous, the violent elements of ANTIFA move forward and attack behind their human shield. They are free to loot or destroy the now cleared areas. There are, of course, other tactics such as small group “burn and loot” attacks or “hit and run” attacks on the police who have been put in the unenviable position of being passive in the face of extreme aggression.

  2. Look up Fox News and Isaiah Jackson of Clark City, Ohio, who, at 20 years old, took out his demonic hatred of white people by torturing a baby in a diaper, who was unfortunately for him born male and white. That image may change you, I am warning you. This demon was kneeing a baby, as a man holds the baby’s arms behind his back.
    This is what we are seeing, on the streets of America. These are not protests. These are Satan’s minions bent on murder and destruction. We better start fighting back and praying while we do.

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