UK: Thought police visit a man who said something ‘offensive’ on Facebook

I wonder if he is allowed to film or record his interaction with the thought police at the interview on Sunday? I wonder why he felt the need to say what he feels. If emotions are a crime its time for a full-on counter-revolution.

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  1. So if this was 1930’s Britain they’d be arresting Winston Churchill for making “offensive” comments about Adolf Hitler and his new National Socialist party. What the cops in the video are doing is simply acting as if there was an actual law against being “offensive” and hoping that people will be sheepish enough to just follow along. And we all know that offending a conservative is not going to count as “offensive”, only insulting a leftist or a Muslim or a Black will be considered offensive. You can’t have a democracy without “offending” the other side, for Christ’s sake. It’s unavoidable. Welcome to the Age of Reason…

    As far as I know it is still legal to say things that are true in the UK. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think they’ve actually banned free speech just yet. I pray I’m wrong, actually…

  2. In the US, if the police are at the door, you have a right to ask for a warrant before you open the door. So, we depend on a decent judge to grant or deny that warrant.

    This man should not be engaging in conversation because anything he says can be used against him. I have heard that any police communication merits having an attorney present because our own trust of people obscures the seriousness of an interview.

    Please think of this video as an indication of what not to do. You can certainly be pleasant but firm. Do you have a warrant? May I see the warrant? May I take a photo of the warrant? You have no need to defend yourself or engage in social amenities attesting to your innocence! This is not a conversation with strangers you have met while you are all out walking your dog.

    Right. So anyone can subpoena my identity on this post. Save serious musing for your close friends. Enjoy the free speech that you have left.

    • “nutters” that expression isn’t being lost — are they recording him as much as he is recording them? He would have been better off if he had asked the officers for help in getting rid of these strange dogs that just showed up…
      D’ya think the officers are going to say that they couldn’t interview him at home because they felt threatened by the dogs?

      Here’s a comment from youtube that opens up a new angle:
      And Sunday, so that’s their overtime sorted.

    • Another comment: I think this is a prank, (trying to improve his subscribe and viewings)

      Could be . There were revenue-generating ads at the begining.

      • This is a highly-informative video. I didn’t know it was that glaring. Definitely do not talk to the police. I’m just the kind of trusting “honest” idiot who would talk to the police, especially if they were gregarious, and I can see that that is a very dangerous instinct. The video makes well the point that absolutely no good can come to you as a result of talking to the cops no matter how innocent or honest you may be. No upside!

        • I have seen many videos from the UK, New Zealand and Australia very similar to this which I know are legit. So I have no reason to doubt this one.

          A man got a visit once for a short humorous limerick about ‘transexuals’ from the police. It was major news at the time and well chronicled at this site.

          I think its important for people to understand the difference between police enforcing a law, or making ultra-vires demands on people that they do not have to obey.

          The lines grow increasingly blurry each day however. For example, it is not illegal for a white person to use the word that begins with a letter between M and O. But if that white person does they will face penalties as real as fines or jail or worse, but not get the benefit of a trial or or any opportunity to explain why context of its use matters and so on.

          And this is communism. And it happened without a peep of objection.

          • It’s a matter of too many people with high IQs and even bigger chips on their shoulders spending too much time thinking of ways of burning their own societies to the ground as punishment for not being the way they “should” be. All that Bolshevik trouble-making and ill-will cannot help but produce tangible negative results…

            Just try to imagine the gigantic army of balefully misinformed extreme left-wing thinkers that the combined post-secondary institutions of America produce in one year.

            If the Democrats are not completely eliminated the future of the country is indeed bleak. Outlawing George Washington because he’s white is not a good idea for national unity…

        • I agree. DO NOT TALK to the POLICE.
          These two said officers: Is it possible they just wanted to get out of the office and spend some time outside in the nice weather?
          That’s what went through my mind. Anything to get out of the office on a nice day.

  3. I am in uk and all I got was a video of CBS Boston and someone who posted a piece of paper on the anti police councillors doors. ??

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