Islam trumps homosexual in leftist politically correct poker

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Saturday night we went to a birthday party. It was in a part of town that used to be very blue collar but is quickly gentrifying. The blue collar aspect appealed to the communists we were visiting. Now, it is the appreciation of house values that accompany gentrification that appeals to our friends. They fly a big rainbow flag off their porch. They love their house. Funny. People used to fly the maple leaf, or the Stars and Stripes.

The daughter was talking to the mother sitting on the porch. Someone had put a sandwich baggy in their mail box with a CD and a note. On the CD was burned the Koran. The note explained in bad english how gays were not welcome in society. As the girl read the note out loud, the mother matched every hateful (and I mean hateful as in the underlying message was to eliminate gays etc.) word with islamapologies.

I momentarily found it hard to breath through my mouth because it was wired shut, then welded with 304 stainless steal, then bolted with grade 4 fine-thread bolts. The mother ended her gentle lesson to her daughter by saying, “…well, you know, all religion is about control…”

I wondered if our friends received this gift from Islam specifically because of their rainbow flag, or did every house on the street get a copy. Something tells me they were targeted. Something also tells me they are too oblivious, naive, and brainwashed to realize the menacing nature of the person who had put them in their crosshairs. The mother had been going on earlier about how wonderful their neighborhood is, how diverse and inclusive. She said people from all over were moving in. I understood.

I wonder how different an enlightened Bari Weiss is now, compared to when she signed up three years ago? Yes, things are way worse now, but we’ve been at this much longer than three years. We knew the score then, and we ain’t even no NYT editors and writers. So she, too, crawled in to the belly of the beast to get a paycheque, and the beast spat her out.

I wonder how long it will be until the tards kick our commie friends out of their beloved neighborhood?

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  1. “Something also tells me they are too oblivious, naive, and brainwashed to realize the menacing nature of the person who had put them in their crosshairs.”

    In islam, you cannot kill the kufar until you have witnessed to them. This absolves muslims of murder. For blame is upon those rejecting subjugation into the Religion of Peace. The koran tells you, you will get killed. In black and white. Live as a slave, or die.

    One pillar of the inverted trinity.

    • Fine point. Was this the flag flyer’s fair warning? And from what I see the communists are less concerned with perfunctory, hollow gestures.

      • If islam, Communism and Sexquarrel claim to come from the truth, they have to act-out certain dances.

        Muhammad certainly would kill first, but his followers would get suspicious.

        Communists have to have love, so they say you have a psychiatric disorder to knab you.
        Then it’s O.K.

        Sexquarrels introduced Hate Crimes, and Offense to the world. Then you are gone.

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