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3 Replies to “Happy Birthday to The United States of America”

  1. To be honest, I feel more American than Canadian.
    Our flag represents nothing, it’s a maple leaf in the middle of nowhere.
    Our armed forces (military) are a joke and our intelligence services would be the same.
    Since Justin Trudeau showed up, the world laughs at us.
    We are being followed for political correctness and wrong-thought.
    Very few people stand up for their rights.
    What is there to be proud of?
    Happy Canada Day.

  2. “To be honest, I feel more American than Canadian.”

    More proof that multiculturalism is just a path to no culture and a communist country.

    A boy can *identify* as a girl and get tens of thousands of dollars for surgery to get sterilized and mutilated to sort of kind of look a little like a girl but you and me say we identify as Texans? No way. no guns, no rights, no free speech.

    Still worth a try though. Practice saying it.

    ” I identify as a Texan”.

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