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3 Replies to “Two clips, Tucker Carlson and Brad Johnson, on the arrest of Epstein’s sidekick, Ghislaine Maxwell and names the names!”

  1. How could Gislaine be so stupid as to stay in the United States? She should have nipped out of the country the day Jeffrey was arrested and had an agent take care of secretly liquidating her assets and getting as much money to her as possible in Britain or anywhere but the US. I cannot imagine how she thought that the fuzz were going to just forget about her in New Hampshire or that there might not be an ambitious prosecutor aiming to make her reputation out of putting the famous Ghislaine Maxwell away for the rest of her life. Now, girls will be making all kinds of accusations in the hope of suing for millions and Ghislaine will be in the middle of the storm. How could she have been so dumb as to not know that?

    I suspect that the pair of them were spies and I suspect they were working for the Israelis…

    • Not stupid. Brad’s thinking on her psychology is an interesting direction.

      She was the closest partner to this guy for much of her adult life. A daddy’s girl, Maxwell’s sudden death was a blow; Epstein’s was another.

      She’s always pranced on the high-wire, like her Daddy and the mysterious billionaire pervert.
      A thrill-seeking sociopath.
      On some level she might be wondering how much power can she exert. Will revenge be exciting?

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