Your weekly injection of Irony: Links 1, June 27, 2020

1. Jack Posobiec attacked by ANTIFA in front of Lincoln Emancipation memorial, funded entirely by EX SLAVES, that ANTIFA tears down.

(Please read the linked article. This is a communist insurgency. It has nothing to do with race or police brutality and never did. Those things are the Trojan Horse communists are riding in to get their agenda done knowing it is nearly impossible for anyone to speak out about those things.)

2. And this is why governments must NEVER be granted the power to do what they did to close the economies. More controversially perhaps, even if they are right. Because once they taste power like that, the next reason for total totalitarian control, will be far less palatable.

3. Minneapolis City Council push forward the plan to, I dunno, eliminate the police?

4. “Abolish Capitalism Now!”

(It is great when the enemy makes a mistake. When they pretend that the issue is race relations or police brutality they get a lot more sympathy and its far harder to argue with, even though its utter BS. Race was a non-issue in the US till communists started inflaming racial tensions. But when they let the truth shine through, how awesome is that?)

5. Sadiq Khan announces £110m police cuts after Scotland Yard vows to stamp out illegal raves

(Once again, the Wuhan Flu turns out to be amazingly convenient to the Leftist agenda)

SADIQ KHAN has warned police services in London could face budget cuts of £110million cuts as a result of a financial crisis sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

The London Mayor made the shock announcement as Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick vowed to crack down on illegal raves after 140 were injured trying to break up the unlawful gatherings across the capital. Mr Khan released details of the cuts he will have the make in the wake of a £493m collapse in City Hall’s income due to the economic impacts of coronavirus.

5. China’s Biggest Dam Suspected of Secretly Discharging Floodwater

(So about that whole, ‘Mandate of Heaven’ thing…)

6. Man gets 2-yr term for saying Fascism was ‘splendid’

(This one item contains all the irony a person needs to make their minimum daily requirements for several years)

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 24 – A Milan court on Wednesday handed a rightwing figure a two-year jail term for having said in a TV interview that the Fascist period was “a splendid era of social reforms and of Italy’s greatness”.
    Roberto Jonghi Lavarini, who is nicknamed ‘the black baron’ also hailed the March on Rome and used anti-Semitic expressions.
    He was found guilty of the crime of apology of Fascism. (ANSA).

7. Because the most important thing about having served your country and facing deadly enemies, is celebrating people having sex in non-reproductive ways.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, S., Xanthippa, Johnny U., PC and all who are still brave enough to send in materials with the growing evidence that a new fascist and totalitarian movement is ascendant under the name of anti-fascism.

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  1. My sweety Iron Vlad has fun today to look Holliday’s pics! Because VISAs “dress” came out from our family comfort. And this catharsis is taken flesh to humour. I love You,best Man,mine.

    • Lucy dingbat puddin’ puss. Yer half-baked English muffin good. Take it home and change for cake. You make no sense for uckfay sake.

  2. 6. “He was found guilty of the crime of apology of Fascism.”
    Only in a Communist country would this happen. For in a Fascist country – that it once was – would be the phrase be equally at home, “She was found guilty of the crime of apology of Communism.”

    Italians, your slave masters have you once again.

    • Citizen Free Press – Here are two commenters with links:

      “Here’s the perp— he appears in @JackPosobiec livestream at 10:25. @FordFischer should have additional info as he spoke to this “first hand witness”(Ford’s description of the guy to Jack @12:30). He has a blue cane he seems to only require using once the cops arrive.”
      Krissy – June 26, 2020 – Twitter

      Video: “Jason R Charter watch this video it’s the same voice.”
      Paul Blart – June 26, 2020 – Twitter

      • Above: “Citizen Free Press” has posted Ford Fisher’s Twitter vids.

        Remember Ford Fischer was the young man who was filming in Charlottesville, VA.
        If I remember correctly “SonofNewo” questioned Ford Fischer’s account, timeline etc. SonofNewo spent many hours analyzing that event, trying to sort out fact from fiction. He event went down to Charlottesville, VA to retrace steps, timeline etc. “SonofNewo”‘s YT page is now empty.

        “”Your Right to Film the Police” – Ford Fischer Full Speech”
        News2Share – April 8, 2019

        New2Share was founded by Ford Fischer and Trey Yingst, broadcast entrepreneurs with extensive video news production experience on behalf of media groups as small as town cable stations and as large as CNN. Our mission is to objectively report on relevant topics across the globe.

        “Ford Fischer Discusses New Zealand Massacre on i24 News” News2Share – March 17, 2019

  3. Oh @#$# I posted by comment in the readers link thread.

    Here it is.

    5 – As the disasters for China continue to grow in number the Mandate From Heaven is looking further and further away. Below is a video where Gordon Chan is talking about what is happening in China, he is ignoring most of the disasters but is talking about how Xi has seized total power and how he is now bears total responsibility for everything that is happening.

    If 3 Gorges Dam breaks it is unlikely that many of the members of the Chinese Communist Party will make it out of China alive, and everyday a new problem about the 2 Gorges Dam emerges.

      • John Moore mentioned Yuri Bezmonov.

        James Angleton – YT Page

        “1983 Yuri Bezmonov Ideological Subversion Lecture in LA” James Angleton – January 2, 2018

        This lecture was delivered in 1983 in Los Angeles and is the earliest public account of a long term Communist Takeover Campaign in such detail from a credible source involved in it’s implementation. He defected to Canada in 1970 & heavily debriefed by James Angleton who took the matter so seriously, his response efforts ended up in his forced retirement in disgrace by paranoid anti-conservative liberal elements in Congress in 1975.

        Since this videos release & all that came after as well as related books by different defectors with corroborating accounts, the narrative has been surrounded and distorted by countless Anti-Counter Measures Campaigns using even more Disinformation tainting the narrative with the stain of paranoid conspiracy theory which resulted in the mass rejection of the accounts by 100’s of millions of Americans since.

    • Xi can’t fix it, can’t control it. It just plain too big and too powerful a water load built with cheap Chinese concrete.
      I agree. Xi will carry the blame and it might be the beginning of the downfall of the CCP.
      They neglected to repair the cracks throughout the years. And now, too many cracks.

  4. Item 5: I forget if I wrote about this before, unimportant. Every time I read about Three-Gorges Dam, I go back in time and my feelings about it.

    Three-Gorges Dam – I worked on the feasibility contract. Back then, in the early 1980s, I was assigned to a major translation job that took six months to complete. It was the only duty I had for six months.

    I had one month (paid) to learn about the hydro-electric issue prior to undertaking the translation.

    It was also the only translation job I have had that required a serious non-disclosure agreement. I didn’t mention it for ten years. And then… ten years later, it’s in the news. Hydro-Quebec was the contractor for the Republic of China.

    BTW, I knew it was Hydro-Quebec, the client. I kept my mouth shut for ten years about that super dam that nobody knew about.

    I have to say that as my translation proceeded, I realized the major environmental catastrophe that was to occur. But I kept quiet and did my work. And, as young as I was – in my mid-twenties – I knew it would collapse one day.

    Jennifer Zeng’s Twitter has a tweet from an engineer working on site. Cracks everywhere, from beginning to end, and they are sealing them with nails but can’t keep up as more cracks appear – it seems to be out of control. Won’t work. It’s too big and too powerful a water charge. And let’s not forget cheap Chinese concrete.

    Look at this video clip:

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