Leftists corrupt and pollute everything: Links 2, June 27, 2020

1. Michelle Malkin speaks with three guests all of whom have been deplatformed by social media.

2. Rudy Giuliani on the ANTIFA related shootings in various occupied zones.

3. Woman who accused former governor of sexual abuse was paid to make false allegations.

4. Another brave man speaks up about the destruction of America’s history for less than transparent reasons.

5. Oh boy…

6. There are a few items matching this information floating around out there.

7. Two Swedes getting enriched by grateful migrants

8. The endless political shenanigans around the use of Hydroxychloroquine for use against Covid 19

9. China Uncensored’s Chris Chapel does a history of ANTIFA

10. Investigations are underway for these crimes. I hope they are charged with terrorism. Violence for a political outcome and not personal gain, is terrorism.

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Xanthippa, EB., ET., and all who sent in materials this weekend so far.


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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/california-democrats-resolution-john-wayne-airport-renamed

    This is more important than it looks. This is like the Southern Poverty Law Center and their big black list. John Wayne was an extremely important icon and role model in the American ethos and they have just officially labeled him a “racist” and effectively destroyed his good name for all time. They’ve just called one of the most popular Americans in history along with anyone who admired the man a complete worthless shithead over one “gotcha” remark, and that’s a lot. And fuck them, by the way…

    Like, the Duke wouldn’t have approved of kicking your opponent in the head when he’s on the ground but Antifa and the black kids do that with gay abandon – to hell with what John Wayne would say. And if some big guy started picking on a little guy, John Wayne would deck the big guy for being a bully, but now his legacy is tarnished and the little guy can fend for himself, cause The Duke is truly dead and there are no “men” left alive who haven’t been brainwashed by their Marxist teachers that being violent or acting on your own is never, ever appropriate. Of course, he was flawed, but he was great too…

    John Wayne actually knew Wyatt Erp and his image used to be very important. But it’s about him being white, isn’t it… That’s what this is all about and what the left has always been all about – right back to the ’60s – isn’t it…? After they’ve torn down Washington and Churchill and Jefferson and Lincoln they’ll be free to say that the light bulb was discovered by Hottentots and that “colonialists” are the root of all evil and need to be eliminated, just like the Jews in Nazi Germany, but only after they’ve given us all their money over climate change and slavery reparations. That’s what’s really happening, isn’t it? We are being gradually lined up for genocide just as surely as the Tutsis and moderate Hutus in the Rwandan slaughter. It’s the exact same thing, only way slower and way bigger. Don’t you think those giant crowds of raging blacks and leftists would really like to be crawling through windows and slitting white throats…?

      • Just like the big muscular black eighteen-year-old did to the white store manager. That was really horrible. The black kid has been taught all his life that white people hate him and are the cause of all his problems and he was happily torturing the guy out of sheer racial hatred. You could see he really hated the white guy without having ever met him before. The thing is that fooling low-IQ people into violence isn’t that difficult for trained enemy agents with hundreds of millions to spend. The bad guys are ginning up the race war and I don’t think they’re ever going to stop…

      • A speculation…

        “They are going to start killing us soon.”

        When a Hitler establishes this statement across the Land, into every heart that defines itself as non-Black, from India and China, to Russia and the West, Black Lives Matter will be a memory that went the way of the love of a children’s golly wog. The easly scrubbed by a resentment, to the rewriting of herstory of a people who once had the land.

        The Peoples who sold freedoms for rice. A food that weakens minds and imprints junkies. Cheap slave food.

        They start killing themselves first. The refind carbohdrate diet plan.

        The muslims.

        The Communists.

        The Blaxks.

        Therefore, let’s hope English decendants become not as the Arab, Russians, Chinese, and German stocks by removing their hash brown (never to be seen in an English breakfast!) and pankcakes.

        The soldfoods in dhiimmis.

      • Diet changes people. Their level of disgust for human beings and greater attraction to animals is amazing. Vegetarians to vegans, refined carbohydrates to refined proteins. The paranoia of psychopaths to sociopaths, from dominance and submission cults.

        “In the past, the steroid hormone testosterone (T) was believed to be the main endocrine activator of aggressive behaviour and its expression rate. However, the importance of T seems to lie in its neuromodulatory function, especially in the regulation of overall dominance and competitive aggression.”

        Then just add a mild dose of insult like covid-19:

        “A fair amount of research has taken place on Toxoplasma gondii, the bizarre parasite that makes mice unafraid of cats, and the latest chapter is a strange one.

        A new study shows that even a brief infection with a weakened form of the protozoan caused mice to permanently lose their innate fear of cats.

        The protozoan is known to cause this change in mice after a lingering infection and after it produces cysts in the mouse brain, according to the study, published online Sept. 18 in the journal PLOS ONE. But until now scientists didn’t know this apparently long-lasting change could occur after only a short infection.”

        My assumption therefore, is everyone here has a balanced diet.

        • In the 80s I did a lot of research on sex hormones as part of an understanding of how they worked in terms of sports enhancement. At that time I had to find underground books because that kind of knowledge was verbotten to the general public.

          From what I remember, the reason some athletes got “roid-rage” was because they took so much testosterone, their liver converted the excess to estrogens and gave them a severe case of PMS. One fellow I knew who heavily abused steroids at a local gym, actually started to lactate.

          Testosterone tends to make one more level. Logos. Estrogens tend to make one more emotional and less able to contain aggressive impulses. This is only counter-intuitive to people who have been force-fed a steady diet of Neo-Marxist Scientism where all facts are changed to suit the narrative that men are bad, and white men are the worst of them.

      • I don’t know what the situation is in Canada but down here in the States the large scale attacks on whites will probably start after Trump wins in November. More and more people are seeing what is coming and are buying firearms for self defense.

        Once they start large scale attacks there will be people fighting back and to hell with what the laws say, if the local police can’t or won’t protect us people will start protecting themselves.

        The war won’t just be Black against White, it will end up every ethnic group against all other ethnic groups. It is going to be very nasty before it is over.

        • The loons have promised there will be trouble when Trump wins his second term but the COVID 19 factor may fade quickly, only for the next catastrophe Soros and his ilk come up with.

          Gun sales in Canada have jumped. My weekly phone calls tell me there is a big backlash coming. People are not as stupid as Justine, CBC and CTV think.

          My one contact in a southern state tells me there are no new COVID patients at theIr hospital.

          I read type A positive are 45 x more likely to get COVID, yikes, should I now worry about that until the next stat comes out? Methinks not, I will just drink more wine. I wonder what percent of women will die if they do not get a chance to go shopping soon. Shopping to me is part of quality of life, I long for the day when I will be able to look at racks and racks of dresses, even my dog wants a new collar, girls just wanna have fun. It is all about the estrogen, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Keep on the sunny side everyone, there will be big bumps in the road but just remember “Only the strong survive”.

  2. You hammered this one, Chris. It really is serious. I’ve written here before about the importance of the cowboy mythology in the American landscape: rugged individualism, self-reliance, courage, all the qualities and virtues that allowed the everyman to eke out survival from the hostile environment of the wild west. The cowboy went into territories largely ahead of government. He was self-governing from necessity. He is a symbol of this, and it must make jealous and furious the collectivists, because this man is superior in every way. Another proof of his virtue is America. He is fathered and whole of conscience, and I refuse to speak of him in the past tense.

    It makes me sad and angry. Our parents’ generation of immigrant, and the society they joined were compatible with the cowboy identity. This is why it endured. He was Scottish, German, white, black, Jewish, Russian, protestant–you name it.

    Shred the cowboy and steel my resolve to resist.


    • It’s frightening to see the traitorous politicians cowering and cringing and obeying these assholes when they should be standing up to them and saying, “Make my day…”. Black Lives Matter is an evil anti-white hate cult just like the KKK and any white person who gets on their knees to the evil bastards is a vile disgusting traitor and a coward of the highest order – a real Quisling with a touch of Benedict Arnold. A worthless piece of shit.

      Anyone caught throwing a rock at a riot should do one year in prison. Anyone caught lighting fires should receive five years in prison. Do it! Arrest these criminal bastards and put them in jail. And someone needs to remind certain persons of color that “resisting arrest” isn’t just another option, it’s effing illegal and can get you killed no matter what color you are. Do not resist arrest! Have you got that? Don’t fight with the cops and do not resist arrest and there’s a lot less chance of being hurt by them… Duh…

      • Yes, arrest these criminal bastards and put them in jail, then the court system can take over and let the bastard go free and nary a word will be spoken by the cowards who call themselves politicians. Sara Anne Widholm’s life mattered to her loved ones and friends but not to the bastard, global, feckless, racist, moron who is the so-called Prime Minister of Canada.

        I am still waiting to hear what happened to the murder’s trial, where did it disappear appear to? What the hell kind of country do we live in?

        I know, I know, profanity is the way a useless and feeble mind expresses itself forcefully, but for the love of God, somebody better step up to the plate and do something about this total madness.

        Screw the email, cowards just ignore inquiries, tomorrow I will start making phone inquires and then…….

        Now I will go outside and BREAK some branches, make some kindling for the long cold winter.

    • The following movie is based on reality, it is the story of how Nelson Story brought the first herd of cattle to Montana/Wyoming. It’s been a while since I saw the movie so I don’t remember if they point out how he bought Remington Rolling Block rifles for all of his crew. They and one or two fights with the Indians who weren’t familiar with breach loaders and suffered a very nasty defeat in each fight.

    • What the detractors of the Cowboy ignore (and want us to forget) is that the idea of the cowboy was created by the authors and movie makers who spent a lot of spare time talking to the surviving Cowboy’s, Lawmen and Soldiers who had retired to LA. Wyatt Earp was a real Estate salesman and developer he was very popular among the movie people with Tom Mix, John Ford and Harry Cary Sr. being close friends. John Wayne’s western character was modeled on Wyatt Earp.

      The most popular Western Authors were Zane Grey Louis Lamour, both studied the west and the people and at times wrote about real incidents. Lamour bragged about how his terrain was always correct and how if he mentioned a river, creek or spring it was real and he had drank from it. If you study the history of the west and read his books you will discover a lot or stories that are based on reality. He moved them to a different location but kept the main story intact.

      You can also find the old half hour TV show Tombstone Territory (the complete show on DVD, about half of the shows were based on reality and I have identified 3 and possibly 4 different law men whose exploits were shifted to the fictional Marshal in the show.

      Getting back to the Story of the Cowboy the men were products of their time and grew from the Mountain Men and the Frontiers men that preceded the Civil War. As I have mentioned before the Frontier attitude and actions continued until the mid to late 1930s and didn’t really end until after WWII.

      As the race war that is talked about above moves into the kinetic stage new myths will arise as the decedents (genetic and mental) revert to the survival mode of their ancestors. The Cowboy of legend isn’t dead, just sleeping until he is once again needed.

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