Police told to stand down, More evidence Hydroxychloroquine bans are political not medical: Links 2, June 22, 2020

1. Mayor of Columbus Ohio told police to “Stand down” during riots. Then lied about giving the order.

2. German intel notices an increased radicalization from the left. But thats not really the news. The news is that German intel found a way to say that when they have to have known it the whole time Merkel was forcing them to pretend the “far right” was some kind of problem in Germany.

3. One hour and fifteen minute video of film from the 1960s discussing the communist revolution planned for the USA. I believe this was from the xxxx Society.

4. Reading terror attack victims were beautiful and proud members of the LGBT+ community who wanted equality for all

(Just so we are all clear. When it comes to politically correct poker, muslims have so much of a higher hand than LGBTQETC identity people, that when they are slaughtered in broad daylight in an act of Islamic jihad for being gay by a muslim jihadi, the British government and media will cover it up to the extent that they wont say the victims are gay or that the attacker was muslim but invent a Christian identity for him. They did the FULL Winston-Smith on the event in order to force the narrative. Had the killer really been Christian, then we would hear about the gay-hating Christian till the sun went cold and dead. Also this is far from the first time Muslims have attacked gay people in the UK and the media covered for them.)

Two of the three Reading attack victims have been named as Joe Ritchie-Bennett and James Furlong – both were members of the LGBT+ community.


In the early evening of Saturday (June 20), a lone man began sporadically stabbing people, wounding several, in Forbury Gardens, Reading, according to the Thames Valley Police.

James Furlong and Joe Ritchie-Bennett were among countless people sat in the park, enjoying the sunny weather as an earlier Black Lives Matter protest petered out, when the assailant began his attack, The Mirror reported.


Reading attack victim James Furlong was a ‘proud gay man who wanted equality for all’.

Furlong, 36, was a teacher from the Reading area, his family said in a statement issued via the local police agency.

5. Mississauga Ont. Muslims and the left disrupt traffic over shooting of the knife armed man described in the previous post today.

6. Two more highly accredited doctors speak on Hydroxychloroquine

7. A victory for Freedom of speech in of all places, France.

EFF and Partners Said the Bill Would Have Empowered Government and Platforms to Censor Online Speech

Paris, France—In a victory for the free speech rights of French citizens, France’s highest court today struck down core provisions of a bill meant to curb hate speech, holding they would unconstitutionally sweep up legal speech.

The decision comes as some governments across the globe, in seeking to stop hateful, violent, and extremist speech online, are considering overbroad measures that would silence legitimate speech. The French Supreme Court said the bill’s requirements—that online posts, comments, photos, and other content deemed hateful by potential plaintiffs must be taken down within 24 hours of being reported—would encourage social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, in their haste to avoid hefty fines, to remove perfectly legal speech. The provisions “infringe on freedom of speech, and are not necessary, appropriate and proportionate,” the court said.

It also rejected a provision that required speech related to terrorism and child pornography be removed within an hour of being flagged. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Nadine Strossen, the John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law, Emerita at New York Law School, and the French American Bar Association (FABA) urged the court in a brief submitted earlier this month to reject the bill.

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2 Replies to “Police told to stand down, More evidence Hydroxychloroquine bans are political not medical: Links 2, June 22, 2020”

  1. 1 – I wonder how many of the Mayors who ordered the police to stand down realize that when we manage to reestablish the rule of law in the US there is a decent chance they will be brought up on charges of malfeasance of Office? The leftist always think they are above the law and thus commit many crimes while in office, the cowardice of the American Conservatives have allowed this to go on for way too long.

  2. 6. Two more highly accredited doctors speak on Hydroxychloroquine

    This makes my blood run cold. The people we are dealing with are literally psychopathic murderers, just as comfortable with letting millions of African children die of malaria as they are with seeing thousands of COVID-at-risk seniors die of the virus because they didn’t take Hydroxychloroquine with Z-pac and zinc. Why? Why would they be so unbothered by such hideous crimes? Somewhere, there is a room with a few powerful men in it and they can alter the entire planet by simply picking up the phone and making a call. Like, who phoned Governor Cuomo up and told him to skip the properly-prepared hospital ship – sent by the bad orange man – and put the sick old people back into the nursing homes where they died like Auschwitz victims gasping for their last breaths? Who told Cuomo to do that? Who could be that effing powerful or that scary that the Governor didn’t tell him where to go?

    And so the powerful men have succeeded in completely discrediting Hydroxychloroquine and the average person has absolutely no idea it even happened. Aren’t they clever…?
    And all out of hatred of Donald Trump and a determination that he lose the upcoming election.

    And they’re still dying of malaria in Africa and the leftists are still denying they had anything to do with it just as they still deny that their failure to react to the obvious threat of Adolf Hitler caused the horror of World War II – not our fault… Didn’t happen. Not true. Fake news. We didn’t do nothin’…

    We are in a hot war and the bodies are piling up…

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