Charting the Communist take over of the culture in Canada and the USA: Links 2, June 17, 2020

1. This video is allowed at the moment. I mean its still sort of OK to make fun of really rich elite hypocrites fro the moment, right?

2. Ezra discusses CBC communist propaganda kid’s show drilling in transsexual messaging to 6 year olds

3. At least one US federal representative seems to understand the end game of Democrat demands to nationalize everything.

4. More proof that BLM has nothing to do with any of its pretend reasons to exist

5. Saudi faces perilous hajj call as virus spikes

(Should the Hajj proceed, it would be interesting to see if Trudeau and Cuomo allow flights to and from New York and Canada to Saudi Arabia and back for the Covid-fest while welding shut a park for Jews)

Saudi Arabia is expected to scale back or call off this year’s hajj pilgrimage for the first time in its modern history, observers say, a perilous decision as coronavirus cases spike.


Muslim nations are pressing Riyadh to give its much-delayed decision on whether the annual ritual will go ahead as scheduled in late July.


But as the kingdom negotiates a call fraught with political and economic risks in a tinderbox region, time is running out to organise logistics for one of the world’s largest mass gatherings.


A full-scale hajj, which last year drew about 2.5 million pilgrims, appears increasingly unlikely after authorities advised Muslims in late March to defer preparations due to the fast-spreading disease.


“It’s a toss-up between holding a nominal hajj and scrapping it entirely,” a South Asian official in contact with Saudi hajj authorities told AFP.

Thank you to all who have managed to find this site today!

It has been frantically busy trying to find out what happened to our domain, and trying to arrange an alternative for all the domains and so on that we manage. So its been hard to catch up to post. Please stay with us. We expect to be back up to normal levels of chaos and uncertainty within a few days.



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  1. Not to worry. We are not jumping ship. Vlad Tepes Blog is among the best around.

    Around 09hPM tonight, I clicked on your posts and I got error messages on all of them. Something wrong with the HTML or whatever. But it’s fine, now.

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