Break down of law and order across the west- Links 1, June 17, 2020

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The story will be told.

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I hope you all find us alright. Crazy scary times.

1. Enrichers target a 16 year old girl on public transit on a bus in Australia

(So, about rule of law now?)

2. Boris Johnson’s car hit by security SUV in convoy as protestor runs in road in front of Johnson and forces car to a stop

3. Israel thwarts a weapons shipment into Gaza

(This is what the blockade is about. No actual supplies are stopped for things other than military or terrorism related)

4. Trudeau suffers blow to security council dreams as India supports competitors

Justin Trudeau’s ambition of having a seat on the UN Security Council suffered another blow today as India looks certain to vote for either Ireland or Norway.


The Security Council vote, which is being held on Wednesday, is a culmination of a four-year-long campaign for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, entering the contest only months after Trudeau was first elected into office.

Despite Trudeau assuring the Indian prime minister that he would vote in favour of their country having a seat at the table, the support doesn’t seem to be reciprocated.

Indian government officials explained to the Hindustan Times that Trudeau did not have a basic understanding of international diplomacy: “reciprocal arrangements [were] in place with Ireland and Norway even before Canada entered the UNSC race.”

Related: Canadian FM owes China a million dollars:

5. Norway suspends virus-tracing app after privacy concerns

Norway’s health authorities said on Monday they had suspended an app designed to help trace the spread of the new coronavirus after the national data protection agency said it was too invasive of privacy.


Launched in April, the smartphone app Smittestopp (“Infection stop”) was set up to collect movement data to help authorities trace the spread of COVID-19, and inform users if they had been exposed to someone carrying the novel coronavirus.
On Friday, the data agency, Datatilsynet, issued a warning that it would stop the Norwegian Institute of Public Health from handling data collected via Smittestopp.
Datatilsynet said the limited spread of coronavirus in Norway, as well the app’s limited effectiveness due to the small number of people actually using it, meant the invasion of privacy resulting from its use was disproportionate.

Thank you Coram Deo, Richard, ML., M., Xanthippa, Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, and MANY more who both are sending in materials and out there frantically searching for us. Things will get better. But maybe worse first for a bit.

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