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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Who gets played? We all get played. Who stays played?

    Ultimately, the fiat of things is exposed to some, not all. When a pathological liar such as a communist Chinese agency says one thing, I must believe another. When power-hungry politicians lock me down unnecessarily, I fight my shock and sense of disbelief. I’m not like them. They lust for control over me. I lust for them to leave me be.

    I try to imagine the smallness of mind and character that wants me under its thumb. Imagine the squishy, femaled mind that falls for Justin Trudeau’s sanctimony. These, the femaled, are taken by his moist, soft hand and waltzed daintily to their sad oblivion by plastic words that snap when handled. These are the played who stay played. The genderless femaled. All Karens to the end.

    Who gets played? The PhD or the plumber? The lawyer or the brick layer?

    Here, IQ falls to what? This is Perfect Child’s field. Precisely here. IQ falls to what? IQ falls like an army falls, not drops in numerical value. It falls because it is missing its biggest gun. The head bows to the heart like a massive drawbridge, inviting all marauders. Inviting Islam and communism. What is that drawbridge made of, that connects the mind and the heart? How is it that some of us can control it while others cannot?

    What is it, PC?

  2. Arabic speaking men attack and insult a German mother with her 3-year-old son – see what the anti-fascist German scum journalism makes of it

    The rotten German mainstream media have once again outdone themselves. From an attack by Arabic speaking men on a German mother with her 3-year-old son, these cesspool journalists turn an attack by alleged Germans on migrants.

    The Leipziger Volkszeitung is lying as in the old GDR times:

    During an assault by three unidentified persons, a three-year-old boy was slightly injured in Dresden. One of the unidentified persons pushed the boy on Tuesday, who then fell and injured himself, according to police on Wednesday.

    Earlier, the three men, aged about 25 to 30 years, had insulted the 32-year-old mother and child on a playground. “The content of the insults suggests a xenophobic motivation”, the police report said. No information was given on the origin of the woman and child. State Security has taken over the investigation.

    The tabloid BILD is a bit more honest in this respect:

    Around 6.15 pm, three unknown German men (about 25 to 30 years old) are said to have insulted a German mother (32) and her son (3) with an Arabic swearword on a playground at Otto-Dix-Ring.

    “The content of the insults suggests a xenophobic motivation,” said police spokesman Marko Laske (45). “Shortly afterwards, one of the young men pushed the little boy who fell.” He got abrasions from it.

  3. Indian Army Soldier Killed, Two Civilians Injured in Cross-Border Firing By Pakistan (sputniknews, Jun 11, 2020)

    “A heavy exchange of fire has been taking place along the Line of Control between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan since Sunday. The border fire is also being accompanied by widespread and intesified search operations carried out by Indian forces on its side of Kashmir.

    An Indian Army soldier has been killed and two civilian injured by Pakistan firing along the Line of Control (LOC) in the Nowshehra sector of the Rajouri district in India’s Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Army has said.

    Heavy firefights have been taking place between the countries along the border in various districts. In a statement on Tuesday, the Indian Army said that “Pakistan violated the ceasefire in Mankote at about 6:30 by firing with small arms and intense shelling with mortars and the Indian Army retaliating”.

    Meanwhile, Pakistan has also accused India of “unprovoked ceasefire” violations in the Jandrot sector along the LOC claiming that four Pakistani civilians were “critically injured” in the firing…”

  4. Appeal to Remove ‘Racist’ Statues Gathers Momentum in Norway (sputniknews, Jun 11, 2020)

    “Following the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of US police, a war against monuments seen as controversial has gripped the both sides of the Atlantic, claiming legendary wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill as their biggest scalp so far.

    Thousands of Norwegians have signed an appeal to remove the statues of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Danish-Norwegian writer and philosopher Ludvig Holberg.

    According to the initiators, Churchill was a racist and a white supremacist, whereas Holberg, who is venerated as the father of modern Danish and Norwegian literature, was a slave trader.

    “It is incredible that racist white men who thought it was okay to oppress black people to such a degree have a place in our streets! We expect both the statues to be laid down! Basically, they were both racists and that should be argument enough for them not to stand in our streets in 2020. Unfortunately, all their achievements are overshadowed by the fact that they were racists”, the petition said.

    So far, the petition has gathered over 4,200 signatures.

    The three-metre-high bronze statue of Sir Winston Churchill was unveiled in 1976 to celebrate UK-Norwegian ties during World War II. The Ludvig Holberg statue was unveiled in 1939 near the National Theatre. The sculpture group shows Holberg between his comedy characters Henrik and Pernille.

    Haboon Hashi of the minority think tank Minotenk is concerned that the very placement of the statues contributes to veneration.

    “I am concerned that all statues must be placed in a more appropriate context. For example, Churchill, who undeniably had a racist attitude, is located in central Oslo, and it gives a symbolic effect that honours him”, Hashi explained. According to her, the statues belong in museums where they can be placed in a more fitting context.

    By contrast, art historian Tommy Sørbø is critical of the initiative and believes that removing the statues could lead to polarisation.

    “I do not defend them and what they did, but I defend freedom of speech. If we are to have freedom of expression, we must also have the ability to withstand utterances that we do not like, such as works of art from the past. Otherwise, you could end up as [Daesh]* terrorists. Some have said that where you burn books, you end up burning people”, the art historian told TV2.

    This is not the first attempt to purge Norway of “racist” art. Earlier this week, the Green Party called for the 1762 painting “Justice”, where a goddess of light treads on a dark-skinned man, to be removed from Bergen City Hall.

    Henrik von Achen, the director at the Bergen University Museum, cautioned against removing memories of the past.

    “If you edit history to adapt everything into the current situation, you can’t learn from history, as it no longer exists”, he warned.
    In recent weeks, the death of African American George Floyd in police custody in the US has sparked massive demonstrations against racism worldwide. Recently, several statues of Winston Churchill and King Leopold II in the UK and Belgium were vandalised by protesters and removed. In Bristol, a statue of 16th-century merchant and philantropist Edward Colston was demonlished and thrown into a nearby river over his role in the slave trade.

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan seized the opportunity to claim that all statues of former slave traders should be removed from public places. However, the acts of vandalism were condemned by the country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Interior Minister Priti Patel, among others.

    * Daesh (ISIS/ISIL/”Islamic State”) is a terrorist organisation banned in Russia and others”

  5. Haftar Air Forces Strike GNA Positions in Northwestern Libya, Spokesman Says (sputniknews, Jun 11, 2020)

    “The air forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA) launched an airstrike on troops and military supplies of the Government of National Accord (GNA) based to the south of the northwestern city of Misrata, despite a ceasefire initiative recently announced by Egypt, LNA spokesman Brig. Gen. Khaled Mahjoub has told Sputnik.

    “The Libyan air forces targeted a car, loaded with ammunition, and military personnel of the GNA forces in a severe airstrike in As-Saddadah area, south of the city of Misrata”, Mahjoub said, adding that there were casualties in the strike.

    According to the LNA military information division, the air forces managed to destroy a Turkish air defence system in the attack.

    Ankara has given its support to the GNA during the ongoing conflict with Haftar’s army. Turkish troops and military equipment have been shipped to Libya after the GNA made an official request for military assistance at the end of 2019…”

  6. Another 44 migrants are caught crossing the English Channel one day after four tried to get to UK using windsurf boards with shovels as oars (dailymail, Jun 11, 2020)

    “Another 44 migrants were today picked up in small boats off the Kent coast – meaning nearly 2,000 migrants have now reached Britain this year.

    They were rescued in three boats this morning and were seen being taken into the Port of Dover by the Border Force vessel Seeker around 11am.

    One vessel is thought to have been carrying 13 refugees, another 15 and the third was holding 16. The migrants were mostly men.

    A breeze and a drop in temperatures at sea mean they would have been very cold as they made the trip across the perilous Dover Strait shipping lane.

    The crossings – which come a day after 40 people in three boats arrived in the UK – will take the year’s total to 1,980, eclipsing the 1,850-odd who landed in the whole of 2019.

    Of that figure, 1,609 have illegally crossed the Channel since lockdown.

    So far in June, 250 migrants have reached Britain by boat – including a record single-day figure of 166 last week.

    On Wednesday, four migrants were dramatically rescued three miles off the French coast – after they tried to paddle across the Channel on two windsurf boards tied together with rope and using shovels as oars.

    The group, who were picked up by a French patrol boat at 6.35am after attempting the crossing in a make-shift vessel, had used shovels as oars.

    They were picked up around three-miles from the Calais coast after being spotted in difficulty by the crew of cross-channel ferry Dunkirk Seaways.

    A Prefecture de Maritime spokesman said: ‘Arriving in the area at 6.45am the VCSM Escaut took charge of the four shipwrecked people and their boats in tow.

    ‘They were actually two interconnected “windsurfing” boards, which they tried to propel with shovels as oars.’

    The four men were taken to Dunkirk suffering from mild hypothermia, where they were taken in by the border police.

    The latest crossings will nudge this year’s tally closer to the 2,000 mark. Of the figure, 1,525 have illegally made it to Britain since lockdown began in March. Last month 741 reached the UK – a record for a single month.

    The staggering milestone is a body blow to Home Secretary Priti Patel, who has repeatedly vowed to clamp down on crossings since taking up her post last year.

    The Home Office has pumped millions of pounds into security measures to prevent migrant crossings from France, funding drones to patrol the country’s coastline – but the crisis has continued to worsen.”

  7. European Court Backs Anti-Israel BDS Protest Movement (breitbart, Jun 11, 2020)

    “The European Court of Human Rights ruled Thursday that France violated the freedom of expression of pro-Palestinian activists who were convicted for campaigning against Israeli goods.

    The court ordered the French government to pay 101,000 euros ($115,000) in overall damages to a group of 11 activists. The global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement hailed the court’s decision as a major victory.

    The protesters, led by French activist Jean-Michel Baldassi, were convicted of incitement to economic discrimination after taking part in a 2009 demonstration at a hypermarket in the eastern French town of Illzach and handing out leaflets calling for a boycott of Israeli products. France’s top court upheld the conviction.

    But the European human rights court found that the criminal conviction “had no relevant and sufficient grounds” and violated the freedom of expression of the protesters. The court is based in the French city of Strasbourg, and countries that signed the European Convention on Human Rights – including France – are bound by its rulings.

    “This momentous court ruling is a decisive victory for freedom of expression, for human rights defenders, and for the BDS movement for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality,” Rita Ahmad from the Palestinian-led BDS movement said in a statement.

    BDS activists say other governments have also tried to use discrimination laws to unfairly target them as the movement has grown in global popularity. The movement urges boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israeli businesses, universities and cultural institutions. Supporters say it uses nonviolence to resist unjust policies toward Palestinians.

    Israel says the movement masks its motives to delegitimize or destroy the Jewish state and has called for a tougher European response to BDS activities, citing anti-Semitic attacks in western Europe in recent years. German lawmakers approved a resolution last year describing the BDS movement’s methods as anti-Semitic and reminiscent of Nazi-era calls to boycott Jews.

    In the French case, the human rights court described the protesters’ actions as a form of political expression and a subject of public interest. It noted that Article 10 of the human rights charter, which guarantees freedom of expression, allows for such protest action as long as it doesn’t “cross the line and turn into a call for violence, hatred or intolerance.”

    The French government has three months to appeal the decision, but did not immediately comment Thursday.

    Amnesty International expressed hope that the ruling would “send a clear message to all European states that they must stop the prosecution of peaceful activists.””

  8. Polish President Vows to Protect Children from ‘LGBT Ideology’, Support Traditional Families (breitbart, Jun 11, 2020)

    “Andrzej Duda has vowed to “defend children from LGBT ideology” if he wins a second term at presidential elections in Poland later this month.

    The Polish president promised to ban the propagation of LGBT ideology in public institutions and the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

    “It is a foreign ideology. There is no consent for this phenomenon to happen in our country in any way.” Duda said, stressing that “parents are responsible for the sexual education of their children”.

    On Wednesday, he unveiled a ‘Family Charter’ of proposals which includes pledges to preserve and expand popular schemes subsidising pensioners and families who have children.

    The Law and Justice (PiS) party politician promised to “protect the interests of the family” from dangers such as pornography and to “defend the institution of marriage”, stressing that the nuclear family is rooted in Polish tradition and is the institution on which society is built.

    The national-conservative party’s Family Charter is in sharp contrast to the ‘LGBT+ Charter’ previously signed by Duda’s main opponent in the June 28th presidential race, the liberal Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski.

    Included in this declaration was the demand that Polish schools must adopt ‘LGBT-inclusive’ teaching, which adheres to World Health Organization (WHO) and UN-produced ‘comprehensive sex education’ guidelines.

    Breitbart London previously reported on the content of these guidelines, which promote transgender ideology, homosexual lifestyles, and “safe access to abortion”. It also encourages the so-called sexual ‘rights’ of children, including that infants under the age of four should be given information about “early childhood masturbation” and “the right to explore gender identities”.

    Duda’s promise to protect children from gender ideology has been described by the globalist international media as an “attack on the LGBT community”, and as the president “portraying gay people as enemies”.

    Portraying the president and his PiS allies as aggressors in a culture war, Reuters featured a quote from far-left presidential candidate Robert Biedron –who is himself gay — likening the Family Charter to policies favoured by former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

    “This is a radical document which divides Polish society, introducing standards reminiscent of the most brutal…times of Polish and European history,” he said.

    Duda has suffered a decline in popularity over recent months due to economic fallout from coronavirus, but still holds a lead of two per cent over Trzaskowski, according to the latest opinion polls.”

  9. Vatican Calls for More Attention to Migrants During Pandemic (breitbart, Jun 11, 2020)

    “The Vatican said Wednesday that migrants and refugees are subject to “numerous types of injustice and discrimination” and deserve special attention during the coronavirus pandemic.

    “During this COVID-19 pandemic period, migrants, refugees, displaced persons and victims of human trafficking are more than ever at the heart of our concerns,” the Vatican’s office for migrants and refugees states on its website. “Already vulnerable before the virus appeared, they are now subject to numerous types of injustice and discrimination that threaten their rights, their security and their health.”

    The Vatican office has established a weekly news bulletin to keep readers informed about the problems encountered by migrants during the pandemic as well as proposed solutions “to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within and beyond their communities.”

    “In the poorer corners of the globe — in refugee camps, slums and Indigenous communities — the Church is emerging as a critical line of defense against COVID-19,” the office states in this week’s issue of the bulletin.

    The text highlights work being done by Catholic organizations around the globe, such as “a lifesaving humanitarian response” provided by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and local Caritas partners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s eastern Tanganyika Province.

    The program includes the distribution of food, household items, and tools to repair damaged homes, “while respecting social distancing and sensitizing communities on how to protect themselves against COVID-19.”

    Similarly, the Commission for Migrants of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI) and the Archdiocese of Delhi have intervened to assist and protect stranded migrant workers, the bulletin states.

    CCBI and its partners have been advocating for migrant workers’ rights, it says, “rallying politicians, lawmakers and eminent citizens to stand up for migrants.”

    The organization has also distributed food kits to migrant workers and their families living in temporary, informal settlements in Delhi and at the border of the neighboring state of Faridabad, and all 124 Catholic parishes in the archdiocese of Mumbai have brought food to people in difficulty, allowing some 7,000 people to receive two meals a day.”

  10. Swedish Black Lives Matter Protesters Demand Abolition of Police (breitbart, Jun 11, 2020)

    “Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters in the multicultural Swedish city of Malmö handed out flyers calling for the abolition of police, according to local reports.

    The flyers were handed out on Tuesday evening during the latest BLM protest in the city at the Möllevångstorget square. The pamphlets demanded that “the police must be abolished” in Sweden, while also mentioning support for migrants set for deportation.

    “No matter where on the scale, a capitalist and racial/white supremacy policy is being driven and the structures are the same,” the flyer stated, according to a report by news website Nyheter Idag.

    “Although the history of the Swedish police does not have the same relation to slavery as the United States, it is the same structures that have emerged: institutionalised racism, where it is clear who is most persecuted, stopped and controlled, abused, locked up and even murdered,” the flyer stated.

    “To put an end to this, we can’t just cut off some ‘rotten branches’; we have to dig up the entire tree with the roots, we have to get rid of the police completely,” the group added.

    Swedish newspaper Expressen stated the protest lasted just 30 minutes and was attended by around 500 people, in violation of Wuhan coronavirus measures that state gatherings of more than 50 people are prohibited.

    Over the last week, Sweden has seen several protests in solidarity with BLM activists in the United States following the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd. Many demonstrations have also demanded defunding or abolishing the police.

    One protest in Gothenburg that took place over the weekend saw the demonstration turn to riots as police lost control of the crowd. Rioters smashed shops and went on to loot not only businesses but the moving van of a local Swedish family as well.

    Sweden, which already has one of the smallest police forces per capita in Europe according to Gothenburg police chief Erik Nord, has previously had major problems with officers quitting the profession.

    A 2016 report claimed that as many as 80 per cent of Sweden’s police were considering a career change. Police have struggled to find recruits, as the government has called for more officers from diverse backgrounds.”

  11. Italy Deploys State of the Art Technology to Track Illegal Migration in the Mediterranean (breitbart, Jun 11, 2020)

    “Italian authorities have begun to deploy a new specialised camera aboard helicopters to track illegal migration and people smuggling operations in the Mediterranean sea.

    The new camera is placed aboard helicopters belonging to the Guardia di Finanza, an Italian law enforcement agency under the command of the Minister of Economy and Finance.

    Lorenzo Manganini, captain of the Flight Department of Palermo, told Italian newspaper Il Giornale that the new camera “is both an electro-optical and infrared camera at the same time”.

    “The operator seated behind, through a console, can manage the turret that is located in front of the helicopter. With this camera we can get enough advanced videos and photographs,” he added.

    The Palermo flight department boasts seven helicopter pilots and a total of 27 staff. The unit deals not only with illegal migration but also with illegal smuggling of drugs and other merchandise into Italy. Along with the high-tech camera, the helicopters are fitted with a radar system that has a range of 160 miles.

    In the last several weeks, Italy has seen a surge in new arrivals of illegal migrants in both Sicily and on the island of Lampedusa.

    Many of the migrants who arrived, either on their own or transported by pro-migrant NGO vessels, have been quarantined in order to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

    Some of these migrants have been placed aboard rented ferries for accommodation, such as the Moby Zaza which costs Italian taxpayers 4,000 euros per migrant per month.

    Alessandro Pagano, a member of Matteo Salvini’s League, revealed the costs of the quarantine of the migrants last month.

    “We are not talking about a third-hand dinghy, but of a ship equipped with a self-service restaurant, pizzeria, ice cream parlour, pub with special wine assortment, play area and video room, double or quadruple cabins with services and even luxury suites. All this while Italian families and businesses are on their knees due to the serious economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

    Italian authorities could face an increasingly busy summer in the Mediterranean, as according to a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report, an estimated 650,000 migrants are currently in Libya awaiting their chance to head to Europe.”

  12. Turkey sentences US Consulate employee to more than 8 years (abcnews, Jun 11, 2020)

    “A Turkish court on Thursday convicted an employee of the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul of membership in an armed terror organization and sentenced him to eight years and nine months in prison, the state-run news agency reported.

    Metin Topuz, a translator and assistant for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, has been jailed since 2017, accused of links to U.S.-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen. The Turkish government blames Gulen for the 2016 coup attempt and considers his network to be a terrorist organization.

    Topuz’s arrest and subsequent prosecution had caused tensions between Ankara and Washington…”

  13. Turkey grants increased powers to neighborhood watchmen (abcnews, Jun 11, 2020)

    “Turkey’s parliament on Thursday approved a contentious government-proposed bill that will grant neighborhood watchmen powers that are almost on par with the country’s police force.

    The bill passed overnight with backing from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party and its nationalist ally, despite opposition parties’ concerns that the legislation empowers an under-qualified force and will lead to human rights violations and a further erosion of freedoms.

    It was approved after days of tense debate that culminated in violence Tuesday, with an opposition legislator saying he was punched by a lawmaker from the nationalist party.

    The watchmen, known as “bekci,” traditionally guarded neighborhoods and parks and were armed only with batons and whistles. The force was abolished and folded into the police in 2008, but Erdogan’s government revived it following a failed coup attempt in 2016.

    The bill allows the more than 21,000 neighborhood guards — which now also include women — to use firearms, to stop vehicles, carry out ID checks and conduct body searches. The guards cannot arrest or interrogate suspects.

    The government and its nationalist ally insist the neighborhood guards meet a need for an auxiliary force to assist police and that the new powers will facilitate police operations. They argue that neighborhoods have become safer since the force was revived.

    The main opposition pro-secular Republican People’s Party, or CHP, and two other opposition parties, voted against the proposal,calling it an attempt by the government to form a loyal militia force. They have also voiced concerns that the force, which operates at night, would act as “morality police” in line with the government’s conservative and religious values.

    The opposition argued that recruitment to the neighborhood guards is opaque, and has lead to suspicions that those enrolled are chosen among ruling party supporters.

    The opposition parties have also criticized the government for prioritizing the security force instead of focusing on unemployment or other negative impacts from the coronavirus outbreak.

    “People have lost their jobs and their salaries … What good is the watchmen to them?” asked pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party legislator Filiz Kerestecioglu. “An under-educated mass that will perhaps act as a morality police is being unleashed on society.””

  14. The Victor Davis Hanson Podcast
    Episode 20: General Elect Tricks – June 2, 2020

    On this week’s episode, Victor discusses the media bias, riots and coronavirus, the general election, China—No More Mr. Nice Commie, and much more.

    “One retired Marine isn’t putting up with Mattis’s nonsense”
    by Andrea Widburg – June 6, 2020

  15. CBC – White House defends Trump promoting conspiracy theory about injured protester

    The White House is standing by U.S. President Donald Trump’s assertion that a 75-year-old protester injured by police in Buffalo, N.Y., is part of a far-left conspiracy, while friends of Martin Gugino say he’s being revictimized by the comments.

  16. Come to Ghana if you’re unwanted – Tourism Minister to African Americans

    The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture in collaboration with the Ghana Tourism Authority, Office of Diaspora Affairs and the Diaspora African Forum has organised a memorial and wreath-laying ceremony at the W. E. B. Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan-African Culture in honour of George Floyd with an invitation to African Americans to re-settle in Ghana if they feel unwanted in the USA.

    The late George Floyd was an African American who was “gruesomely killed” by a white American police officer in the USA on 25 May 2020.

    Speaking at the ceremony on Friday, 5 May 2020, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Barbara Oteng-Gyasi expressed the hope that the death of Mr Floyd will put an end to racism, not only in the US but across the globe.

    “Racism in America continues to be a deadly pandemic, for which for more than 400 years now, our brothers and sisters in the United States of America have yearned for a cure. George Floyd was not the first black person to use the phrase ‘I can’t breathe’… The present situation we face today in the year 2020 with the death of George Floyd is going to result in change… One who condones evil is just as evil as the one who perpetrates it. That is why it is right not only for Chauvin to be charged but all his accomplices who, together, [killed George Floyd],” Ms Oteng-Gyasi said.

    She continued: “We gather in solidarity with brothers and sisters to change the status quo. Racism must end. We pray and hope that George Floyd’s death will not be in vain but will bring an end to prejudice and racial discrimination across the world.”

    Ghana, last year, opened up the country to receive Africans in the diaspora through a government initiative called the Year of Return. Thousands of African Americans and blacks from other countries visited the country.

    This year, the government has launched the “Beyond the Return” initiative to help Africans in the diaspora to settle in Ghana and invest in the economy.

    To this end, Ms Oteng-Gyasi noted that Ghana is ready to welcome every African in the diaspora who is ready to return to the continent away from the racial abuse they have suffered for about 400 years.

    “We continue to open our arms and invite all our brothers and sisters home. Ghana is your home. Africa is your home. We have our arms wide open ready to welcome you home. Please take advantage, come home build a life in Ghana, you do not have to stay where you are not wanted forever, you have a choice and Africa is waiting for you,” said Ms Oteng-Gyasi.

    The death of George Floyd, who told the white cop he could not breathe while he knelt on his neck, has sparked protests across the US for the past 10 days.

    The white officer David Chauvin has since been arrested and charged with 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter.

    The other three officers who did not intervene and also held Floyd down when their colleague had his knee on his neck, J Alexander Kueng, Thomas K. Lane and Tou Thao have also been arrested and charged with aiding and abetting murder.



  17. MEMRI – Miami Imam Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi: Christianity Is Responsible for the Looting in America

    In a Friday, June 5, 2020 sermon delivered at the North Miami Islamic Center, which is known also as Masjid As-Sunna An-Nabawiyya North Miami, Imam Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi said that he is saddened by Muslims who participate in Black Lives Matter protests because “every life matters.”

    He said that Christianity is the main problem in America and the West today since Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins and that as a result, they believe that they can commit crimes such as looting and repent for them later.

    He stated that the solution to America’s problems is Islam.

    Later in the sermon, Imam Kablawi said that according to Darwinism, the European race must “exterminate the savage race” of people with bigger lips and darker skin.

    The sermon, titled “This Is How We Should Look at the George Floyd Issue as Muslims,” was streamed live on the mosque’s Facebook page.

    Dr. Kablawi, who is a dentist and originally from Jordan, had written an article in Ghurabaa Islamic Magazine in 2010, saying that the Jews incurred the anger of God.

    In November 2019, Salman Rashid, who is affiliated with the North Miami Islamic Center, was arrested for plotting an ISIS attack against the deans of Broward College and Miami Dade College.

  18. CBC – Demands grow for removal of colonial statues, street names

    Monuments to historical figures tied to Europe’s history of colonialism and slavery are coming down across the continent, and calls are growing to do the same in Canada and the U.S.

    • channel 4 – Questions raised about UK landmarks after Bristol statue torn down

      The statue of Edward Colston had long been controversial in Bristol – his links to the slave trade were clear.

      Since its fall on Sunday, questions have been asked about other landmarks. Some of them depict figures who had no links to the slave trade, but have a questionable legacy.

      The hit comedy Little Britain, which pulled in millions of viewers just a few years ago, is among TV shows pulled from streaming services because even their creators recognise the offence they’ve caused with black face characters.

      So how does changing culture – high and not so high – help tackle the racism in Britain?

    • Confederate statue torn down in Richmond, Virginia

      A statue of Jefferson Davis was torn down along Richmond, Virginia’s famed Monument Avenue on Wednesday night.

      The statue of the president of the Confederacy was toppled shortly before 11 p.m., news outlets reported.

    • BBC – What do we do with the UK’s symbols of slavery?

      Millions around the world have seen the image of slave trader Edward Colston’s statue being pulled down in Bristol.

      Black Lives Matter protesters took it to the harbour and threw it into the water.

      Bristol Council have now said it will be dredged up and put into a museum.

      But what about other statues dedicated to men linked to the slave-trade? Marenka Thompson-Odlum and Sir Geoff Palmer share their views.

    • UK: Toppled Edward Colston statue retrieved from Bristol harbour

      A statue of slave trader Edward Colston was retrieved from Bristol Harbour on Wednesday after it was taken down by Black Lives Matter protesters during an anti-racism rally on Sunday.

      Bristol city council posted a video of the monument being pull out from the water. The authorities said it was removed because the city has a “working harbour.”

      The statue has been transported to an undisclosed location and will be housed in a museum, the city council announced.

      On Tuesday, hundreds of students and local residents gathered outside Oxford University’s Oriel College to demand the removal of the statue of controversial colonial figure Cecil Rhodes.

    • Tearing down statues: creating a dialogue?

      “If the Churchill statue was there for his role in WW2 then that’s one thing, but before that, his family profited from the slave trade.”

      Community advocate Saundra Glenn explains why we wouldn’t be having these difficult conversations if the statues weren’t being torn down.

    • Carolina Panthers Remove Statue of Jerry Richardson Outside Bank of America Stadium

      A statue of former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, which had stood in front of the team’s stadium since it opened
      nearly 25 years ago, was removed by workers on Wednesday.

      “We were aware of the most recent conversation surrounding the Jerry Richardson statue and are concerned there may be attempts to take it down,” the team said in a statement. “We are moving the statue in the interest of public safety.”

      In December 2017, Richardson announced he was putting the team up for sale after a Sports Illustrated report, citing unidentified sources, said he made sexually suggestive comments to women and at least on one occasion directed a racial slur at an African American team scout.

      The report stated that the settlements in the case against Richardson came with non-disclosure requirements forbidding the parties from discussing the details.

      The league also fined Richardson $2.75 million over the allegations of misconduct.

      Aerial video on Wednesday showed a huge crane lift the statue from its pedestal and place it on a flatbed tractor-trailer parked nearby.

      Traffic on a street beside the stadium appeared to have been blocked while the statue was being removed.

      Two panther statues beside Richardson’s statue also were removed.

      Richardson and his ownership group paid $206 million in 1993 for an expansion team.

      He had been the team’s only owner until David Tepper paid $2.2 billion for the club in 2018.

      The Panthers began play in 1995 but have never delivered on Richardson’s promise of winning a Super Bowl.

      They lost after the 2003 and 2015 seasons.

  19. Netherlands: Thousands attend “Black Lives Matter” protest in Amsterdam

    Organisers held the protest in the Nelson Mandela Park, in the neighbourhood of Bijlmer. Nearly 18,000 spots were marked in the venue to allow people to keep the recommended safety distance, following a similar protest in the city centre which drew many last week.

    Protesters were seen taking a knee and raising their fists, while holding signs reading reading “Ignorance is violence,” “Defund the police” and “Black Lives Matter.”

    Activist Jerry Afriyie addressed the crowd and had a message for the youth. “I will tell you the following thing: I am not going to say ‘Go to school.’ Rather than that, I’m going to tell you: ‘Go for your future.’ I’m not going to tell you: ‘Go vote.’ I’ll tell you rather, whoever you are and whoever you are with, ‘Stand up for your rights.'”

    A protester, Pearl, deplored the systematic profiling of black people by the police.

  20. FRANCE – LiLLE – None shall pass: Police fire tear gas to prevent anti-racism rally from entering French city center

    Tensions rose at a BLM protest in Lille, France as police deployed tear gas to prevent protesters from gaining access to the city center.

    • India is bragging and has a right to brag about backing down the Chinese Dragon, despite the Indian Bragging I still say China started that border problem to draw the worlds attention away from Hong Kong. Once the protests/riots started in the US China back down, other events were occurring that would keep the worlds attention off of Hong Kong.

      • This whole episode is via India propaganda.
        India is facing economic catastrophe. Mr. Modi rallys disparate communities by turning up the volume on this kind of stuff.

      • Looks India’s going to end up the worst hit of all. Their burden is staggering. So much of rural India isn’t even counted. Migrant labor was thrown out of the cities – millions and millions of people with nothing. Transportation was stopped on four hours notice. No food, many just died walking.

        Castes, karma, and reincarnation.

        “In the last blog we suggested that Sub-Saharan Africa might be hit hardest. The new GEP forecasts give a particularly sobering picture for India, which is home to many of the world’s poor. As a result, though the picture is broadly unchanged for Sub-Saharan Africa compared to our last update, South Asia may see a larger increase in the number of poor as a result of COVID-19.…”

  21. Antifa Organizer in Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone” Begs For ‘Vegan Meat and Soy’ to ‘Keep Area Operational’ After Homeless People Take All Their Food

    “The homeless people we invited took away all the food at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

    “We need more food to keep the area operational. Please if possible bring vegan meat substitutes, fruits, oats, soy products, etc. – anything to help us eat.”

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