Its commies, commies, commies all the way down: Links 2, June 11, 2020

1. It really does look like during the remnants of the lockdown, the one profession that can still work triple shifts is the one exemplified by Winston Smith in 1984. The guy who trudges to work each day to change history to whatever Dear Leader says it is that day. And in that spirit, we see that Bugs Bunny cartoons have been redone to get rid of all guns. Not violence, blowing up stuff is fine and zany ACME devices also good.

But instead of a gun to shoot Bugs Bunny, a long curved blade is drawn in. Somehow cutting someone’s head off with something like a Saudi Scimitar is OK for kids while shooting at them with what, if memory serves, is a cork firing shotgun, that is ok. And yes I know its a scythe. But interesting how much it is basically a Muslim head cutting implement with a longer handle though, isn’t it?

2. Portland communists are building their own “Autonomous Zones”. Should be fun to see how that goes once Starbucks runs out of the stuff they need to make chocolate mochachinos.

3. How anti-racism hurts Black People – John McWhorter

4. Project Veritas newly released footage showing among other things, the Soros connection with ANTIFA

5. The full Winston Smith gang hard at work. Yanking down Columbus statues all over the place, this one draped in a burning US flag

Thank you M., ML., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Gates of Vienna, and many more who sent in materials.

There is a lot more to come.


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  1. We knew that there were a bunch of billionaires who are funding the far left, they want to be the only rich people around and to achieve that goal the rest of us have to be kept in chains.

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