Exactly how communist does Canada have to be before we can just call it communist? Links 3, June 11, 2020

1. Excellent comparison between how White and or Christians are treated so differently than say, muslims by the media, and even the law in the West.

2. Canadian government propaganda network, CBC, makes a video about how a famous author of Children’s stories and the actor who acts out the main role, are in disagreement about the facts of biological sex. The Author, JK Rowling, believes that men cannot become women just by saying they are one. This of course is now heresy.

3. New German medical org. is started to counter the totalitarian measures implemented under false pretences over the Wuhan Flu. Also I think to promote Greek music.

4. AG Barr, Mike Pompeo, Mark Esper speaks to the Press about US executive order separating the US from the ICC and why. This is really good. For all rational thinkers, this is a source of real pride.

5. University Professor Loses Admin Job For Stating That “Men Cannot Get Pregnant”

Kathleen Lowrey is an associate professor of anthropology at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Alberta, in Canada. She is also serving as the chair of the undergraduate program – an administrative role which includes duties such as chairing a committee about courses, approving transfer credits, and running a special seminar for honors students in the department.

She’s also a feminist. However, according to some anonymous students and the higher-ups of her University, she is not the right kind of feminist. Because she believes that women are … women. Even worse, she believes that men cannot be women because they don’t have a vagina.

These extreme and radical views caused her to become “problematic” as she was pressured to leave her administrative role. When she refused to do so, she was fired.


Lowrey says she was told in meetings that complaints, made to the dean of students and the university’s Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights, were that her views on feminism were making students feel unsafe and there were concerns this was driving students away from choosing anthropology as a major. She doesn’t know exactly the nature of the complaints — or who made them — because they were made informally and anonymously, she said.

“My chair was hoping that for the good of the department I would resign from my position.”


She said she was also told she had been discouraging students from organizing Pride events, which she denies. It was this claim which led her to conclude the complaints centred around her views on gender.


Following a subsequent meeting with the dean of the faculty, she received a letter saying she couldn’t effectively continue in the role and her leaving would be in the best interests of the department. Lowrey said the letter didn’t expound upon the reasons for her dismissal, and she maintains she has never been given proper reasons for her dismissal in writing.

– National Post, University of Alberta prof loses admin role over views on gender that made students feel ‘unsafe’

6. Looks like the new communist “Autonomous zone” can count its existence in minutes.

7. Trudeau’s record of democratic process in a tweet

8. Information about Sweden’s success or failure in terms of deaths due to Covid and its Laissez faire strategy runs over itself about once a week. But it would be wrong to post material I don’t understand supporting one side and not post material I don’t understand which supports the other. This article suggests that Sweden’s failure to isolate led to a massively higher death rate than countries that did lock down. Link here.

Thank you PePi, M., Wrath of Khan, ML., Richard, Xanthippa, Yucki and all who contributed in any of a number of ways to this effort in these depressing times.



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6 Replies to “Exactly how communist does Canada have to be before we can just call it communist? Links 3, June 11, 2020”

  1. 2 & 5 It looks like some people are starting to stand up to the fascistic left and the cultural Marxist attacks on science and traditional culture. The question that springs to mind is how many people who are watching will have courage enough to stand with the two women who are insisting that science rules instead of magical thinking?

    • Way back in 2008 at CAIR’s South Central Conference in San Antonio,TX, Sarwat Husain, A National Board member said, “It is very important, media in the U.S. is very gullible OK? And we will see if you have something, especially as a Muslim, if you have something to say, they’ll come running and you take advantage of that”.

      Then years later a Muslim member of the CANADIAN parliament, Iqra Khalid, Mississauga-Erin Mills, introduced a motion, M-103, a hate speech motion that allows Muslims to spew constant hate and demands, and all the Liberals and all the NDP came running to vote in support of, as the boys from Palestine House said “ loyal, sister Khalid’s motion“.

      CBC and the rest of the media had very little to report on the motion. SHHHHH what they don’t know, WILL hurt them.

  2. 7- This is Dear Leader’s Summer of Love. No nasty opposition to answer to. Speaks to the people on his terms. No meaningful major media to criticize. No bitchy wife to listen to (separated?). His post-national, non-nation Soros-proxy dream is nearly realized without the realization of its subjects. He’s got the phantom virus as the mother of all excuses to kick back and buff his crown, blow taxpayer toil, and blow dope smoke with his “bros” up at Harrington whenever the bitch is out of town. Sweet.

    “I don’t understand,” said the Russian immigrant. “Where is the opposition? Where is the government? I can’t believe I came here to get away from all the shit in Belarus but here it is again…!”

    • If only the Belarusian and all like him or her would just speak out and help to educate Canadians on something they can’t understand because they never experienced, maybe we would have a chance.

  3. How appropriate that ‘Harry Potter’ would endorse trans-nonsense. All he has to do to make something real, is to say so in Latin; then a magical transformation takes place. Similarly academics think that by a flood of verbiage and emotion they can take away sexual fact and turn it into mere title. Brick become bread says the magician and it is so, woman become man says the gender-ideologue and it is so.

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