CBC loses one of its best PC warriors to an infraction of PC law: Links 2, June 9, 2020

1. Some prime Islamophobia right here. (Language) Mark Dice’s assessment of her motives seems both inaccurate and unkind though.

(It’s funnier the second time through)

2. Patrick Moore is being heavily shadow banned on Twitter it seems.

I had to go into his timeline to see it, but this is a good one

3. RAIR Foundation has a solid article up about the far leftist anti-police fraudster that got himself shoved by police when he was scanning their electronics, likely in order to harass, intimidate or DOXX them later.

After reading that, please consider signing this petition in support of the two officers charged with assault for pushing away the activist with a lengthy history of intimidation and other anti-Western tactics as he tried to scan their electronics.

4. This may be the tweet of the month:

5. Mayor Lightfoot Pleads With Walmart, Other Retailers To Not Abandon Chicago

(In the video, Walmart says it will reopen some stores after evaluating the situation but not all and did not specify which ones. This is the city with the mayor who is most onside with the looters and vandals and arsonists who ruined her city for days.

In this link, there is an audio of the mayor with all 50 Aldermen speaking where you can make a solid estimate of her character. If you do not already have one.)

6. Internal NYPD alert warns of concrete disguised as ice cream at NYC protests

An internal NYPD alert warned officers of containers of hardened concrete resembling “chocolate chip ice cream” found near the scene of a recent George Floyd protest in Lower Manhattan.


Three containers of the alleged hard serve — poured into what appear to be to-go coffee and soup cups and flecked with darker-colored spots — were found sitting on a window ledge near the Worth Street entrance to Manhattan Supreme Court on June 3, according to the memo obtained by The Post.


“The Cups were filled with cement and made to look like CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM,” the alert read in part.

Related: Police told to watch for concrete filled tennis balls

7. In the cycle of never ending dialectic negation, a major soldier in the war to install Neo-Marxism in Canada, a top tier voice of the COMINTERN, the woman who ambushed and in every manner she could, tried to destroy Jordan Peterson, has herself been fired from CBC for saying a no-no word, even though she was quoting someone else in an effort to defame them as far as we can tell, and presumably for saying the same no-no word.

Wendy Mesley has been shunned, even though she apologized. And now we see how the left eats itself even as it devours us. If you are foolish enough to submit to the speech and thought control rules rapidly becoming actual laws, then you have no recourse to reason. Much like how in a sharia court, you cannot present evidence of blasphemy accurately or you yourself are guilty of it.

Gotta say, so happy Mesley is gone. But the process by which it happened is sickening.

8. Cancel Culture takes another victim. The TV show Cops now over cause Floyd.

9. NPR’s double standards for left V right is laughable its so clear. Literally LOL


Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Gates of Vienna, MissPiggy, RAIR Foundation, M., ML., PePi, and all who contributed today and this week so far.

We are working on a killer video comparing how German police treated protestors against the illegal lockdown in Germany, Vs. violent rioters a week later. Its quite a thing.

Meanwhile, I wonder if these guys will get an Amazon Warehouse?



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9 Replies to “CBC loses one of its best PC warriors to an infraction of PC law: Links 2, June 9, 2020”

  1. If Peterson is so badly informed that he thinks the Nazis were “right wing” why should I bother listening to him?

    He needs to read, and think, more widely:

    “Since we are socialists, we must necessarily also be antisemites because we want to fight against the very opposite: materialism and mammonism… How can you not be an antisemite, being a socialist!”

    • “Why We Are Anti-Semites,” August 15, 1920, Hitler’s speech in Munich at the Hofbräuhaus

    “All the more so after the war, the German National Socialist state, which pursued this goal from the beginning, will tirelessly work for the realization of a program that will ultimately lead to a complete elimination of class differences and to the creation of a true socialist community.”

    Adolf Hitler’s Speech for the Heroes’ Memorial Day (21 March 1943)

    • Jordan Peterson has researched Adolf Hitler and the Nazi phenomenon extensively. What makes you think he is ignorant on the subject? He’s a veritable expert on the subject of der Fuhrer. What are you talking about…? Do you really think it escaped Dr. Peterson’s attention that “NAZI” means “National Socialist Worker’s Party of Germany…? Do you really think he never noticed that?

      Jordan Peterson is one of the smartest most articulate most intellectually honest people I have ever seen…

    • Are you suggesting that when Hitler refers to himself and his party as “socialists” he is lying?

      If someone clearly claims to be a socialist, I tend to believe them.

      • For the record, Hitler was a socialist. He quoted Marxist ideas constantly during his Nuremberg speeches.

        But the left moved the goalpost when Hitler’s actions left a stain on leftism. Its possible Peterson called Nazis right wing in order to spare himself a layer of explanations as people would have crucified him as to most people, Hitler defines right wing. Even though they are WRONG. Jefferson does.

        Peterson’s mentor on this is Steven Hicks. Petersons says that Hicks’ book, Postmodernism explained is COMPULSORY reading for everyone.

        I have made it through the book and parts of it three times. It goes to great pains to explain how Fascism is a variation of socialism that goes a bit FARTHER left than communism. So Peterson is richly aware of it.
        But like most people, its not worth the hassle of explaining all this to a large hostile audience.

  2. 3/ Bl@ckBird nailed that old commie’s routine instantly.
    He’s got a nose for this sort of thing. I always pay attention to his observations.

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